Almost "R" Rated

Yesterday was so long at work. All the bosses are in Beliez scuba diving and there wasn't a lot going on. One of the salesmen has a profile on "adultfriendfinder.com" and when I went into his office he had all these pictures of exposed women in what had to be the most uncomfortable positions I have ever seen. And he was turned on by this. Seeing her with another guy was a turn on and he wanted to have a turn... I just don't get the male mind.

He, of course, tried to get it off the screen so I couldn't see---but he just wasn't fast enough. So we are going thru them discussing what he thinks is hot on certian ones and what's a turn off and then we got the bright idea that I should get a profile...it's free.

So -- finally got all that done. I swear every guy in this area on there put a picture of their penis up for their profile picture. Men really should realize that women aren't as much "visual creatures" as men are--seeing a possible mates penis inbetween the breasts of another woman isn't a turn on..... and then seeing all these half (or more) naked women at the bottom of your profile say how great you were ....isn't a turn on....or at least not for me.

Show me your chest!!! your eyes!!!! Your Teeth!!! well maybe I'm old fashion...but geesh. What the really funny thing is -----the salesman was looking at them with me and every now and then I could see him measuring himself up to these guys....

I do realize that this is a site for people just looking for sex.....but do they really do that stuff??? I mean what about STD's, AIDS, cooties, scabies, other unmentionable things. Could you honestly talk to someone on the internet and then meet them in a hotel and have sex and then walk away???
I don't think I could and I don't want to and I don't even want to try....


I actually took a good picture....well good for me anyway...
It's off of my web cam...but I'm impressed....
I know you all are shocked, but I didn't respond to the letter in my first post.
I have been a horrible blogger the last few days....just been hooked up.
Our office celebrated "Administrative Professionals Day" which in reality is "Take Female Worker's to Lunch" day.... We went to lunch....yeah!!!!
Saw I guy I've known for years....and he said Hi....it killed Biker Chick that I was talking to a guy and she wasn't so she had to but in.....so he just left......
But, you would be proud....I didn't spill anything on my chest!!!!!
That's right.....spot free...
I will attempt a better post tomorrow.....I promise


Please Freak With Me!!!

I just got the below e-mail on my yahoo account.....

Greeting and Good morning to you
Compliment of the season to you
My name is Chantal I,m a single . I come from in Sierra Leone dear I,
m interesting to be your friend after seeing your profile as you are
the kind of person i need toknow and have decided to confide in you
all about me as i strongly believe you can be honest, faithful and
kind to me when i relocate and you can take good care of me..can we
about it.you can send me through What about me!
I am gentle, kind, considerate, generous, attentive, affectionate
faithful, trusting, truthful and diligent.
I want you to know that it is God almighty that connects people and
out of them whatsoever he desires, and this my having to write you in
the first place regarding this project is from God?s own direction as
I never knew you before nor have we meet in any where before but may
Gods name be praised for his ways are not like the ways of men, for
perfect and never miss leads his loved ones.I know that when God is
with one
no one can be against him or her, and I know that my having made you
the one to carry on this cross will bring joy in our life once the
fund is transfered.
My name is Chantal Veroniq, i saw your profile details and decided to
confide in you all about me as i prayed and fasted over getting the
rightul person that will understand my position based on what is
happening in the world today. I am seeking that one special friend
who will be my best ., ! always a person, kind, affectionate,
and considerate. ,honest, gentle, faithful, and compassionate and
saw your
details i strongly believe you are the rightful person to discuss
our condition and position here in Benin which we arrive few days now.
I am the above named person from Sieara Loene. I am Daughter to Mr..
Pattison Kamga who is the most non exporters of gold and diamond in
Abdijan for years before he died in the year 2rd september 2005
during the war. We are two in our family and i lost my mother too
during the
war and my father. He died after a brief illness that lasted for only
four days after he sustained a sever injuries during the time the
rebels attachked our home while we are out of the home.
Since the death of my father and mother ,we have been looking for a
way to come over to a country called Benin where he left something
for us which we arrived with ship now. When my late father was alive
deposited the sum of $9.5Million (Nine Million Five Hundred Thousand
U.S. Dollars) with a Reserve/ Security company. Presently, this money
is still
under the safe keeping of the Reserve /Security company.
Recently, my Doctor told me that it would be better for me to move
out of here because of the spiner cord inury i sustained in the war
for proper medication out side here. Though what disturbs me most is
my health and how to get the fund cleared and transfered out here.
Having known my condition, to look for a God fearing individual that
will utilize this money the way I am going to instruct here in and
assist to relocate over there to have a better life and living before
anything happen to me here.I want a fellow that will use some of our
fund on investment,
orphanages and widows propagating the word of God and to ensure that
the house of God is
maintained and to invest the rest in profitable business venture. The
Holy book made us to understand that blessed is the
hand that giveth. Hence the reasons for taking this bold decision.
I am not afraid of death hence I know where I am going. I know that I
am going to be in the blossom of the Lord. Exodus 14 VS 14 says that
the lord will fight my case and I shall hold my peace.
With God all things are possible. As soon as I receive your reply and
details i will submit to the finance company for the clearance and
transfer as empowered and nominated.. My happiness is that I lived
worthy life as a God fearing person.Whoever that wants to serve the
Lord must serve him in spirit
and truth.
Please always be prayerful all through your life.
Please assure me that you will act accordingly as I stated here in.
Once I hear from you I will give to you all the necessary details on
how to
proceed, as to be able to do the needed and i will send you my
Identity passport and photo for you to know me properly upon your
reaponseHoping to hear from you as soon as possible for me to tell
is required for the commencement.
My Very Best Regards,
Mrs. Chantal Veroniq
and attached is the website for your perusal how people are been
killed and brutalised in the war turn zone and thank lord for saving
me from dieing accidentally in the war..


Behind The Scenes Update

After reading Kdubs (who is just stopping by for a brief visit) I have not properly kept this thing up-to-date on everything......

Wine update...I tried Reisling....gross. I then tried Yellow Tail....gross. I just don't like wine or beer. I do like some "chick drinks" but drinking really does nothing for me...just makes me sleepy and then I wake up with a headache. So I am giving up...... If who ever I am with, romantically or whatever, is uncomfortable with me not drinking then it's their problem. (this experiment was my half-a$$'d attempt at sucombing (I have no idea if I spelled that right..sorry) to peer pressure....no wonder I was never invited to parties as a teen...I am no fun at all) I don't have a problem with them drinking as long as they don't drive and don't get violent. Still don't like smoking and am incredibly ANTI-DRUG.........and ANTI-DOM/SUB.... I put that in my profile on yahoo personals in January....and I didn't get one hit...I know you are surprised by that.......

Concerning meth-head (I don't consider him a man (by my own definition)) he is in a half-way house in Albuquerque. He is in an apartment complex community thing and has a room mate. According to him he has lots of counseling sessions and he is supposed to get a job. He has to pay for rent, utilities the whole "real life" stuff. He has been there over a month and still no job. I know I am shocked. He hasn't worked since September 2002...... Anyway, he has called 3 times. Called Easter night at about 10 pm and wanted me to wake up the boys. He got a rather rude response. Then he called last Sunday and talked to both of them and then when it was time to get off he said that he "loved us" I just said...well gotta go...bye... and hung up. I am not and am not going to pursue child support, if the state wants to that's their deal. But I don't need it and I will be damned if I am going to ask for it!!!!!

My mom went to the doctor today to get the results on some tests that he did last week. He told her that he is prescribing her some memory pills because he has noticed things. He didn't directly say Alzhiemer's and she seems okay with it. She said "he thinks I'm losing it"...and then later on in the conversation she said "I'm just taking it as it goes and it's up to you to put me in a rest home when the time comes." I'm not sure if she was kidding or not, but at least she is in good humor.

I e-mailed my worthless brother about the tests last week and asked him to call her and just talk to her about anything other than her condition....did he?? HELL NO!!! but of course because he is the "golden child" it will be over looked and he will still be perfect in their eyes.

I still haven't seen "JarHead". I guess it will be one of those movies I bought and never watched.

HERE'S A HAPPY THOUGHT!!! I haven't lost Alec in almost 2 Weeks!!!! Woo-hoo...



The Rest of the Non-Resting Weekend

Got Alec his first real non-tricycle bicycle!!!

So Friday night, alot of Saturday and alot of Sunday was spent in the street supervising him.

"watch where your going not your feet pedaling"

"keep your feet on the pedals"

"don't turn so fast you'll fall over"

"No you can't go around the block yet"

"Watch where you are going"

All of these were answered with

"I know"

We live on a semi-dead end street. There is another street that "u's" up...and there is never any traffic except when he is riding his bike!!!

Then, I'm getting ready to take a bath and Alec comes in the bathroom with just his pull-up on. Andy my, his pull up in the front seems rather shall we say "well endowed". I ask him what he has in his pant and he takes out my new digital camera with the lens open!!!! I freak...and there is a finger print on the lens....

This is the first picture!!! I still have no idea where this is in our house...but that is his book and one of his power ranger toys....
This could be "baby porn" I honestly don't know. The camera was in his pull-up and the lens was facing his body...I certianlly hope the print I found on the lens was a finger print!!

Then this one as he was handing it to me.....

Nice Curling Iron....

We also went to see Ice Age 2--The Melt Down. It was okay, the boys loved it. I could hear Alec laughter echo thru the theater. Although I am sure it was annoying to some...it was priceless to me. Ashton liked it too..but his laugh wasn't as loud...he is too cool now!


Clean the Garage!!

Yesterday, we cleaned the garage....it was in sad shape....and here it is now!!!

It was completely organized, but little boys had to take advantage of the clean floor--they skated, biked, skate boarded and tricycled....but I shut them down when it came to the "wagon demolition derby....

The weird thing is this writing on the garage walls. I noticed it when we moved in...but now I'm sharing it....very odd.....

We don't live on a farm..we live in town...very weird...

Did they really need to write it down step by step????

Any input on why the heck people do this???

Personally, I prefer a little more refined wood.

..it's called PAPER!!!


Friday Confessional

Normally this is my Chaps My Fanny section.....but today.........


I have been co-dependent on the guy up North. Or even possibly co-dependent of the thought of actually having a real relationship with the guy up North.

Early September, 2005 we began talking on the internet....don't roll your eyes...it is a good thing. Anyway about 5 days later we met and had our first and only date, it was one of the most memorable days in my life. Everything went smoothly no weird awkward moments...like we had know each other for years -- it just came natural.

Since then, we have talked on the phone, via e-mail, text messaging and instant messenger. However, when it came down to meeting again--it just never happened. Something always came up or one of us backed out.

Then in December, I wanted to be a cool "girlfriend" (at least in my head I was his girlfriend) so I bought the stuff he liked from our first date and got it to go. I packed up the little boys and we drove 50 miles north. I found his neighborhood but wasn't sure about the house so I sent a text message asking what one was his. Well that "went over like a fart in church"..... phone call came next...got semi heated....I ended up driving back home with the food and sleeping little boys. I didn't hear from him after that for a long time. I did still send up the Christmas for him and his daughter. (I had so much fun getting to buy little girl things.....that is a memory I will always treasure). Anyway......I went thru the date from hell in January.....I guess I ignored my better judgment because I was still upset about my horrible mistake. (I tried to link the post but can't find the whole address...it's on January 3, 2006 if you want to read about it.)

Anyway....we have been talking on and off since September...to put it briefly after all of that long explanation. To be honest, he has my heart...Whether he wants it or not. I have been asked out and always turned them down. I didn't even go to lunch with one of my classes for fear of what he might think. (they invited, offered to pay and it was all men).

I have been using the thought of a possibly "happily ever after" to keep myself, and my boys, reclused and away from society. Not that there is a lot going on in this town---but I am realizing that I have been doing this.

I sincerely hope that my co-dependence has not had any ill affect or effects on him.

On the happier side.....at least I haven't had anymore fetish dates!!!!

Happy Friday Blogland!!


Things My Boys Have Said--IN PUBLIC!!!

When AJ was about 3, we saw a very pregnant lady in a store....

"Look Mom.....she's rolled up like a Ball!!!"
I was and still am a fan of "Big Hair Bands" when AJ was in 1st grade...I always listened to Def Leopard......he told his first grade teacher
"You've got the peaches, I've got the cream"
She was horrified......but still brings it up everytime we see her......
Ashton went to a church daycare...Baptist.....meth-head loves Austin Powers....So, at the darling age of 3 Ashton told his daycare teacher
"Yeah Baby Yeah, you make me very horny"
Great!!! don't think I didn't get called into the principles office over that one!!!
Most recently and the loudest I might add...is Master Alec
In Disneyland at a very nice and very quiet restaurant, Alec noticed a man dining alone
"Mom, where is that man's family???"
AJ just about crawled under the table...and of course because we ssshhh'd Alec he had to ask it again and even louder.
Over the past weekend I was cleaning out under the bathroom sink. I was fixing the pull-up bag and then I straightened the feminine products up as well. Alec asked me what those were...I stammered and then he said "Diapers?". Whew...easy out I think..."Kind of, but they are for mommy only..okay??" It was all good......till we were checking out at Wal-Mart Alec tells the cashier and everyone around us...
"My Mom wears diapers!!!!"
I know...I asked for it.....
Then this morning we were at the drive up at Blake's Lottaburger getting Alec bacon because I ran out of it at home. He was watching the lady at the register and after she had taken my money and with her window still open....
"Is that a boy or a girl?"
"She is a girl"
"Then why does she look like a boy--look at her hair!!!"
Try to keep smiling at the lady and hope she doesn't spit on your food when your 4 year old is saying these things.....to his credit she was rather butchish and the first time I saw here I was confused as well.

Yeah..The universe revolves around ME!!!

Ahem--I took the test...and this is the answer I got...I didn't just pick it....

What Planet Are You From?
(You can't say Uranus.....that's not a choice)


Wordless Wednesday

My Mind at 4 am

Can't sleep...I think my last post was way too serious and mushy...

Probably should of been an e-mail to a certain person, but I shared my weird innermost thoughts with the WORLD....isn't that special??? I really don't need to listen to love songs, especially country love songs....they make me mushy.......

Mr. Fab had a very cool post yesterday. Well all of his posts are cool and usually make me laugh or at least think a bit. (you should go "bask in the fabulousness"). His post was about "Crushes" pretty much those we know we will never have a chance with--like celebrity crushes. Specifically, his was on same sex crushes--BUT the opposite sex crushes were there too.

Because these "people" are celebrities and pretty much inaccessible, there was a lot of admitting on the crush thing... I put Bill Pullman--who?? you say.....He was the good and kind brother on "While You Were Sleeping". He is very handsome, but I honestly think I have more of a crush on his character than him. And George Clooney--But not really him now as much as him when he was on "ER"--once again his character.

Same sex thing--I have never really had a "girl crush" I think a lot of females are cool and wish I had their lives, but never really wanted to have sex with them or kiss them or anything in that arena. Am I warped??? Anyway, I put Pauley Perrett as my hero...who? you say again. Abbie off of NCIS --- again it's her character not her. I know nothing about her and I am not really pressed to find anything out.

Back to the same sex thing...... It just doesn't do anything for me.....I don't want to be part of one or watch one or even hear details about an encounter.....It just freaks me out. I mean I am accepting of the fact that there are same sex relationships and that's just groovy as long as they don't include me. I am, oddly enough, more accepting of two females together than I am of two guys....I don't know why. Could it be I watched "Deliverance" and "Prince of Tides" when I was too young??? Or could it be because I was forced to watch meth head "do himself" with a 9" vibrating dildo with a girth of 8"???? I am forever scared by that and the whole scene...which would make my blog Rated R if I go any further on that subject.

I pretty much have to force myself to hug another female, except my mom...mommies don't count. I mean I am their friend and at certain times there is a need for comfort, but it doesn't come naturally for me, I have to consciencely make myself do it.

Really can't stand being touched by those I am not involved with or by family members...my brother doesn't count...we don't even talk let alone have any other form of contact. Biker Chick used to touch my arm all the time I finally had to tell her "I don't swing that way so STOP TOUCHING ME!!!" She just laughed and walked away..... We have a salesman that likes to give back rubs...took me forever to get the point across that I don't want one.....then we have the HR guy who thinks it's his job to shake everyone...not their hand, their body....One elbow to the stomach cured him of doing that with me. Why would anyone want to be shaken??? and why does he think he should be the one doing it????

Now if I happened to be involved with someone--back rubs are acceptable...the shaking thing would probably lead to a wrestling match...but it's all good fun.

My kids are smothered with hugs and kisses and all types of parental affection. Nothing weird. Hopefully they won't be as warped as I am and grow up as normal as one can this day and age....

What about you???? Accepting?? Freaked out???? Accepting but still Freaked out??? No way not gonna happen....nope not here????



Have you ever heard that song by Alabama???

That is my dream....

To be with someone who understands you and who accepts you and your weird quirks...and loves you for them.

Someone who doesn't try to change you to fit them...you two just fit together...you compliment each other perfectly.

The two of your lives mixed together make a tiny universe that the other is the center of.....it's somewhere that each of you belongs and that wonderful place wouldn't exist without the two of you and your love for each other.

Even though he is laying right beside you...you still dream of him. You think of them often through out the day even though you have been together for a while-- and they aren't always sexual thoughts...there are thoughts of laying in the grass looking up at the stars and talking for endless hours and never getting tired of hearing the other's voice and never having to find something to talk about...it just happens.

Or you have a constant thought of finally getting into his arms and looking up into his sensual blue-green eyes as he leans down to kiss you. When walking into the restaurant, he reaches for your hand--you don't have to go fishing for his... When you thumb wrestle...he attempts to let you win...but can't quite do it in the end....

You give him total control of you and he respects it--he doesn't abuse it.

If only life could be like a love song.......

Why do they tell me these things!!!!

I get to work almost on time...which for me on a Monday is amazing all in it's own.

I wore my new white shirt and my chest is still stain free--
Another amazing and notable accomplishment..

Walk in the door and say good morning and head for my desk. The newbie comes in, head down semi pouting.....begging for me to ask what is wrong.......

I'm having a good day....so I take the bait......dumb--dumb-dumb me.....

She starts telling me about the zits in her armpits....


Isn't that one of those things that you wouldn't even admit on your death bed??? I know it is for me...and I sure the heck wouldn't be telling my co-workers. She has to tell me how much they hurt and how red and infected they are..... and I know if I didn't share an office with my boss she would of tried to show me........(freaky-freak crap here)

But I was dumb and I asked.....She is a "Big Girl" (not age...size) and I think it's just a hygiene issue--she lacks in some other areas of hygiene is where I get this conclusion. I mean if you are prone to break outs...wouldn't you wash, loofa, medicate and whatever else it took not to get those "things"???? I know I would.....
So now, everytime I look at her....I think of the guy off of Osmosis Jones...when his zit popped in his daughter's teacher's face.......
How's your Monday going?????
(your correct...I still haven't learned)


Huntin' fer Sumtin'


We did the egg coloring thing....actually I did the egg coloring thing...the boys were asleep by 6 pm last night....the wimps......
Note: When the directions say don't add vinager to the pink and purple...believe them....my pink ended up being orangs...which was okay and the purple was a iffy pink..

and...we were missing two eggs this morning....found the shells outside...I'm guessing Handsome had his first easter egg!!!! and the killer pork chops I had sitting out thawing....are gone. The wrapper is still there. They are too high for Handsome to reach so I am thinking that Buddy the Damn Cat pulled them down and they had chops and eggs for a midnight snack.

Since they fell asleep in their clothes.....I half-way stripped them for bed....

The stairs to their newly lighted cave...

Family tradition....each kid has an egg hid in his shoe..

Ashton actually remembered that this year!!

Easter basked stuff.....I don't buy the pre-made ones...they are all grass and foam....

They got foam rockets that can shoot up to 35 feet....I have only been on the roof 6 times so far this morning!!---What was I thinking????

Squirt guns.....Alec is holding a super soaker not the one he got........Ashton has both of the little ones and Alec is slightly out gunning him!!!

Ashton got a huge frisbee and Alec a big nerf ball....

AJ being a cool teen....wanted money to get a new set of head-phones for his iPOD..

Then they each got a pack of peeps and some sort of chocolate egg creation....


In rememberance of the real reason for this holiday.......we watched "Moses" the cartoon version because the old movie "Ten Commandments" that was showing last night was a bit much and way too long for them to sit thru.

We tried "The Passion of Christ" but was way too much for Alec and still a bit much for Ashton.



The little boys have "The Loft" for their room...it's up a very narrow set of stairs. Clearance in the very middle for standing up is about 5'7"...I'm 5'8" so I have to slouch a bit.....the roof is very very slanted and there was no lighting up there. I had 2 lamps up there that were really cool.....they melted both of them. I then put a temporary lamp up there but feared fire and the fact that it had a glass cover-shade-thingie.......
So, on my 1/2 day off yesterday....I ventured to Lowe's.
I had been looking at stuff on their website and found some "under the cabinet" lighting stuff.
I can just about anything plumbing.....but I am terrified of electricity....due to a shocking experience when I was about 7 years old.
Anyway.....I found a set that chained--5 lights one plug in......they were pretty flat....so I bought 2 sets.....I started installing them and the panneling in this house is like petrified panneling. The cable guy melted a drill bit on part of it...this is some serious stuff.....
4 hours later........

walking up the stairs....

close up I had to replace the middle board trim thingie too....had to hide the wires

yes, this room has 2 different colors of paneling.....It was like that...I didn't do it....

Alec always has to get in on the pictures...he is stringing a spool of thread around the room...

This is their window....I put up new curtians......and....

installed lights on the under-top-side of the window frame...so they also have bed lights for reading and whatever else I don't want to know about...

Handsome had to join in with Alec...though he wasn't impressed with the spool of thread...

Because the roof is so slanted....I took their beds off the frames and just have them on the floor that way Ashton doesn't hit his head when he sits up in the morning......

We are going to the my parents house today for Easter Dinner....I am putting a choker collar on Alec and will keep using the "heel" command...and hopefully I won't lose him this weekend....



Full Moon Follies

(I had a picture....but can't load it....)

This full moon has affected, effected and I believe infected me....

Truly sucks with both lips....

Here is the list.....

The Great Alec Escape......dang kids....

Tile in the tub/shower area fell off--4 tiles, about 18 more are loose.....

Refrigator decided to die yesterday. I got home, fixed the boys dinner and went to get their juice and it was just about as warm as their dinner.....Called the landlord (I am renting) and they aren't home of course. So, I make a mad dash to Sam's Club and buy a fridge on the credit card that I finally got paid off......

While AJ was helping me move the old broken one out of the house.....he accidently (yeah right) pushed a little too hard and didn't have a good hold on it while going down the stairs....yes I was on the bottom.....landed on me...pinned me between it and the Gazzell (I don't think Tony Little ever imagined that for his machine) So now I have a huge bruise on my arm and leg which don't hurt...the places that hurt don't have marks of course....

Dang new fridge is noisy and my room is right by the kitchen. That's what I get for buying a cheap one....oh well, when the replacement for the other one comes it will make a nice garage fridge for cokes and whatever.

Pissed off about spening $500.00 on the new fridge that I don't like...but I am sure I will get over it....that's what happens when you panic....

Now I have to find a way to dispose of the old one.....GO TEAM!!! next to impossible I think...we will see.....

Couldn't get on the internet at all last night......and I work from home for overtime....so there goes the bank roll.....

Everyone at work is completely annal this week.....of course it can't be me and my crappy mood....:) can it????

How many women suffering from PMS does it taketo change a light bulb????




hint....they are not cows or horses....

Signs of Spring

This was before the "Alec Escape" on Sunday

This old apple tree will never be the same!!!

Ashton loves this tree....and he has been teaching Alec how to get in it on his own....

Yes, it's finally warm out and he won't take off the ski pants.....

The spiderman costume he has worn since September is being mended and so now it's ski pants!! And the ski pants keep him from getting scrapped up by the tree....


Got an update from Pete....Juan Lopez is doing great....doesn't even miss us!!!


Reccomendations Needed

First off....a good tasting wine for a non-wine drinker....Actually for a non-drinker....

I've always wanted to be able to drink wine......but they all taste like dandelions or earwax to me.. and yes I have tasted both...

When we were in Disneyland and at a fancy smanchy restaurant at the Disneyland Hotel I asked the waiter what kind of wine he would recommend. I also told him I wanted a sweet wine. So he brought me a glass of zinfandel (however you spell it) and it was a pinky color. It was horrible...but because it was $8.00 a glass...I slammed it...and no effect what so ever.... BTW...I have been told this is the "leg opener" wine--honestly, if used for that with me, kool-aid would get you alot further...that stuff was nasty...

So, what is a good sweet wine????


I bought the movie "Jarhead", I've seen a ton of previews and it looks great. But I can't get thru the first 20 minutes of it--for two reasons. Main reason...I have two little boys that seem to be attracted to movies with cuss words in it. And the first part of the movie is filled with them...one word inparticular. Second reason, I know that the Marine bootcamp is extreme and the movie probably comes close to what it's like......but at times it's difficult to stomach it..... can I skip a few scenes and get past all of that and still understand the movie???? has anyone seen this movie????