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It's Hereditary!!!

Last night I had a sleepwalking 4 year old. About 1 am I found heard someone crying. I got up and found Alec walking in circles in the front room crying for a pillow!!!!

I picked him up and put him in my bed and he was back to a sound sleep. He is very young to be doing this. AJ didn't start sleepwalking till he was about 10, I started when I was about 12...not sure about my mom but she does it too.

Read on the web that he could of had a traumatizing event before bed....He didn't see this but I did as I googled for sleepwalking....I'm traumatized by it...

However, I did make him eat one small piece of broccoli and one small piece of cauliflower at dinner. I know I should have guilt because I probably traumatized him with vegetables....but, he will just have to live with it I guess....



We have less than 30 days till our trip....boys are so excited!!!

Even AJ is ready to go....
I have pictures of this weekend....but can't get the digital camera to work...
Maybe tomorrow will be a better post!!!!


Just My Luck!!!

Bummer Post here.....

I was talking to AJ today, and there has been some major gang action last week and this weekend. According to him the "southside" gang had a member that did something to a guy in another gang...a big gang.... I am guessing the "brown pride" gang. Anyway, I guess they are shooting at each other and they tried to set a house on fire as well.

AJ was working today, and there was gang/gun action in the parking lot of Best Buy.

This used to be a quiet town.....but now....

And....I finally opened a letter that meth-man wrote the boys. I opened it yesterday. He has been moved to a lower security part of the prison in Los Lunas. This pretty much means he will be out soon.

I cannot deal with him again. And he has "connections" to these gangs or at least he did. I learned right after he was sent away, that he would do their drug runs for them for a cut of the "stuff".

I've tried really hard to occupy my mind with hopes of happily ever after...... but it is looking more like I am going to have to face hell straight on and try to push through it.

So, if anybody knows of a really cool job opening far away from here!!!

Yeah.....deep sigh.....I know!!

Sunday Scrapbook

Why I can't sleep in on the weekends!!!

These are pictures of Alec when he was 18 months to 2-1/2 years old....
I should be gray by now!!!

When at swimming pools, we had to put this suit on him because he would just run and jump in with no one around!!!!

Happy Sunday!!!


Chap My Fanny Friday!!!

I am starting my on day of the week theme......and I stole DramaMama's line to do it!!!

This week's irritant.....People who use love and guilt to control others.

Now, I have witnessed 2 accounts of this action this week alone!!! And unfortunately, I can't man bash, because it was women doing the horrible act.

AJ was sick and missed a day of school, Niki (girlfriend) called him that night and tried to lay guilt on him because she had to walk to class alone!!! Oh my gosh...how ever did she live???

Another instance was guilting a person by turning the situation around making it "their" fault. Why have you become so distant...we won't bring up that (the person making the accusation has not contacted that person for a week.) Yet they are still at fault because when the time came for that person to get the attention or they noticed the distancing--the other person wasn't able to give them 110% of their attention.

Do they offer classes in this crap??? One semester in "Love, make it your weapon" and the other semester "Guilt, how to use it to your advantage". Personally, I didn't see that one on the class offerings I signed up for "I can do it myself" and "Walk beside me--not in front and not behind!"

Why do people do this??? It's not just one sex that does it either.....it's both.

I love the quote they teach you in MaryKay classes "It's easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission" Go ahead honey, max out the credit card and when he gets mad...flash a little cleavage and say "I love you!!"


Okay, venting done...Ointment applied....whew....

What chaps your fanny this week????

Oh the shame......

As previously reported, I spent most of my night moving furniture getting ready for the new bed. I made sure that everywhere the bed guys would be was spotless.

Then, while waiting for the bed guys...I decided to call Comcast and make an appointment to have my cable checked....it's been fuzzy on a few channels.... Shocking as this sounds....she said there would be techs there in about an hour... OMG!!!! That like never happens..(sorry the valley girl was showing there)

Anyway...bed delivered without a hitch and they left and then the cable guys show up. They look at the outside and then we go in to see the tv picture. I take them to my room because it's closest. Then he wants to look at the other tv's. We go to AJ's room and there must of been 4 months of Sonic cups in there..... Then he wants to look at the front room tv....well, because of the great bed swap, I had the single bed in there with no sheets... Looked so bad!!!!

Then we have to go up stairs to the little boys' room because they have a TV too.....

You can only imagine.....I was very pre-occupied last night and didn't really keep up with them. Stickers on stuck on the tile floor. Baby carrots on the floor. They were sneaking snacks last night (sneaking like rats...as Alec would say).

I was falling over my own words with embarrassment.

So before I left for work I started a load of laundry and the dishwasher (it was filled with dishes from all three boys rooms)



is duct tape a legal and acceptable restraint????

(just kidding don't call social services on me)

Oh, I wish!!!!

Wouldn't it just be awesome to have a bedroom like this??? I mean this is mild to some of the bedrooms you see on "Cribs" but this is just cool.

Is it mine??? HECK NO!!!!!!
I was up till about midnight moving furniture around in my room. I had a queen bed and am now getting a king sized one. There is about 18 inches difference in the width. You wouldn't think that 1-1/2 feet would make a difference....but it's causing me grief!!!

I have been moving my dresser and chest of drawers around and around. I won't be able to use my usual night stand because there just isn't room on any wall. I don't want my bed under the window because -- well, it's just creepy to me--especially after our "mini break in" I just don't want to help someone break into my house.

So, I am home this morning. I think I've finally got a plan. I will start re-running the cable for the tv and hopefully be done before the bed guys get here.

One of these days, I will have a real bedroom and I won't have this issues.....




I walk into work this morning to a horrible sound......my boss making very loud puking noises...

say it with me.....


Not exactly the most pleasant thing to come to work too......especially on a empty stomach!!

And he was so loud....cheese and rice!!!!

He is staying in his office doing this stuff....and then he walks in my office to put down some paper work...my immediate boss suggests he should go home. he says he's trying but he just can't seem to get out of here. You know, it's not hard...put on your coat and walk out the door. He has the flu and that stuff is really really contagious. So everything he touched in my office got lysoled and so did the whole office......

Finally, one of the "big bosses" came down stairs (after hearing all of our calls crying to make him leave) and told him to go home.

I understand dedication, but I also understand the spreading of germs.....

I hope the rest of blog land is having a "bad germ" free day!!!!


Approachable vs. Unapproachable

How is it that some people you can just talk too and they talk back.

But others it seems very one sided and you are......

Yep....walking on eggshells. No matter what you say there is always the possibility of hitting a nerve and being banished into the realm of silence. I mean I know that everyone has their buttons and can be easily pushed but is it really necessary to be so extreme??? Normally when I get rubbed the wrong way--I try to brush it off and go on.....not execute sentencing of banishment....

Shocking I know!!!

But why would you want to hurt someone just because they said something, that wasn't intended to be hateful, that rubbed you the wrong way???

Why not just try to get along???

Some past relationships, both romantic and just friends, have caused me to

jump thru hoops.

Now I know that any kind of relationship requires a bit of this--but it's a bit from both sides and, at times, I seem to be the only one familiar with the hula-hoops....

Has anything happened to me recently to make me post this??? Nothing negative... Just interacting with other people and realizing that it is not my life's purpose to jump thru the hoops put before me.

There are people "I would turn my self inside out" (name that movie) for and it seems to be a constant thing on my side--which I find exhausting. Then there are people that I would do that for but it is not necessary because we mesh well in all areas.

What makes the difference in these people???

What makes some people approachable by some and not by other???

And why do we seem to find the unapproachable first and the approachable after we have been put thru the obstacle course???

The Great Bed Switch!!!

About 2 months ago my parents bought a king size Temper-pedic bed.....my dad decided on Sunday that he doesn't like it and they went and bought a new bed that is going to be delivered Thursday.

I am getting their old but still very new bed....(they are so cool) and AJ is getting my queen sized bed. His broken down twin bed is going to the dump. It's very broken down and needs to be put out of it's misery.

So Thursday is the great bed shuffle......I went and got my new "bedding set" last night and AJ will start looking for his...I don't think he wants my pink stuff--at least I hope not anyway....

incredibly boring post--I know......but I'm semi-brain dead...hopefully something better later...


What happens when you leave messenger on all night long!!

littleguy602001: Hello: What would you do, if you had a tiny man in your Handbag?

sir_p_arnold: Hi again,I'm Micheal,I just wanna be friends and maybe more if you so desire..I would very much love to be....we could use some chat sometime,pls i mean no disrepect but u can add me,if you feel like...I will with so much anticipation await ur reply .thanks BUZZ!!!

These are just too funny. And I don't really know what I would do if I had a tiny man in my handbag.......What would you do????



Yes, It's true it is DramaMama's Birthday!!!!

Ha!!! Your Older!!!!

Have a great one.....

And Here is Your IPOD!!!

Okay.....it's a cheesy wanna be....but the thought is there!!!


Chihuahuas Taste Like Chicken!!!

No, I'm not opening a Chinese food restaurant.......

We had our first dog fight.....of sorts....
I've got two male dogs....both with their dingle berries still in tact......one is about 70 lbs and new to us...one is like 12 lbs and thinks he is 112lbs....
Anyway....Mr. Juan Lopez, aka The Sex Bean, was grabbed by the neck and shaken not stirred.
No blood.....just a freaked out pup......so we are on major doggie guard right now......
Neutering will be scheduled for both very soon........

Riddle Me This......

There is a saying that "You can never go back home..." meaning when you go back, it will never be the way you left it and you weren't the same as when you left.

What about rekindling an old flame????
I mean couples break up and some get back together....but if the break up or ceasing of the relationships happens...can you ever go back??
In my adult life, this has only happened once so far, in total I moved out or away from meth man a total of 17 times.....moved back 16. And honestly, I never should of moved back after the first move out....but if I hadn't I wouldn't have the two little beasts that keep me going and are a big part of my heart. So there I am guess that I was supposed to move back...it just wasn't the fairy tale ending I so much desire.
But what about a teenage romance and many years later getting back together. You have both grown up, made mistakes and learned from them......so it's not really like trying to go back to your teenage years....it's almost like meeting someone new all over again--it's just easier.
Is it possible????
Give me your thoughts, your ideas--I need massive amounts of input!!!



pharaoh_egypt16: all the woman have some beauty
pharaoh_egypt16: but you have all beauty



I went to the Aztec Animal Shelter (no control) today and found our newest family member. Well we are on our 5 day trial period anyway!!

This is "Handsome"
He is about 18 months old and his mixture from what they can tell is Husky/Rottie/Healer
He is blond and white

He is still getting used to us and we to him. But so far minds better than my kids!!!

I saw him first at the pound while Ashton and AJ were looking at the puppies. They did have some cute puppies, but he caught my eye. There are mainly female animal shelter officers at this facility and they all started calling him "handsome" so that is now his name.

Since the seperation/divorce Ashton has been in counseling and just finished up. He has had a lot of loss in his life. His old way of life/family, his snake that I just couldn't handle anymore and his dad and the disappoint that is there. This is a positive thing for him. He is Ashton's dog, eventhough he hangs out with me more right now.

Alec loves him.

Juan Lopez the sex bean....is not so sure..... Yes that little twurp growled at the big dog. AJ freaked, but Handsome is adapting well and hasn't even chased the cat.

This is my first adoption of an adult dog, so far it's going well.

The Alpa Female part is because Juan is getting jealous of Handsome being close to me. Right now as I am typing, Handsome is laying down by my chair and Juan is up on the step whining. Never had male issues because of me before.....it's rather odd.


pharaoh_egypt16: your whole body is very good , and very nice too for me and i love with you always


I am Hermit!!! Fear my SNAP!!

Well, I'm not that hairy...my eyes are blue not my feelers....but same concept!!
I have pretty much had it with people, mainly people at work but still.
Biker chick needs to be ran over with one of our fork lifts several times in the mud. She came in my office yesterday while I was in the middle of double checking a list with a part time assistant I recently acquired. She was waving a 3.5 diskette at me, "I have Pictures!! email them to me!!!" I tell her I cannot I am working. She doesn't have a 3.5 drive and I do and she wouldn't know how to get them off the diskette anyway. She flips her hair at me and walks off.
When she came in and out of my office all the day she wouldn't even look at or talk to me, but she would my office mate. So childish. Today it was the same thing, except now she listens at our door and runs and tells her boss what we say. He is only 28 and is loving all the attention she is giving him. I ordered a tape dispenser from office supply because a guy in the shop needed mine, when it was delivered she just took it!! I have no idea where it is, so I guess I will go buy my own. It's just petty crap.
We are supposed to be adults or professionals not "A" crowd wannabe's.
I didn't have time for that bs in high school--and I don't have time for it now!!
Lisa called me today at work after I asked her not too, I even lied and said I would be docked for the time of the call. I didn't talk, she asked if I was busy and I said I was very overwhelmed. I think she said something and then I just told her I had to go and pretty much hung up. She called tonight while I had the boys in the tub and just let it go to voice mail.
I don't solicit for attention, I pretty much keep to myself with the exception of this blog and a few e-mail friends. Biker chick is loud and tries to draw attention to herself. Lisa throws her "money" and "power" around to get attention. She doesn't have that much money and her power it just her being annoying but normally you will do what she wants to get her to go away. They both think that they are the sexy-ist thing on the planet and anything with a penis wants them. I guess it's what they call "a pissin' contest". I'm just not into them, so I don't even watch anymore.
I just want to be left alone to live my life with my kids. I don't want to know who they are "doing" or what thing they did to someone. I don't fell comfortable talking about biker chick's extra-marital affairs with her. I know her husband and I think he is cool and he puts up with her, she should be grateful. I don't even want to know about Lisa and her ex anymore---I'm not sure which one in that relationship is mental...possibly both.....
So, I am hermit (I don't have crabs)
p.s. no matter how cute they look on the cart at the mall...don't buy hermit crabs. They are smelly and actually quite expensive to keep up...and they don't do anything!!!


What were they thinking?????

Picture....24 4 year olds painting with their noses.....Brave Teachers!!!!
They replaced NCIS tonight with "The Price is Right" and a Dr. Phil Special!!!


a re-run would of been better than what they offered!!


I heard a song today on LaunchCast
"I'm In Love With A Stripper"
Oh, catchy toon....I would rather listen to the

Yes, the Teletubbies!!!!


maxsmith4u2003: hello,am sorry for the intrusion into your privacy.I'm max from Italy but presently leaving in Nevada.i work as a contractor.i was in a relationship with my ex,but later lost her in a motor accident.it hurt me so bad.and since then,i have not got any serious relationship again.......it is si hard to be lonely i bet you.........i have three dogs which i take out with me everywhere i go during the weekend after the cleaning of my pool......i like going to the beach,reading,dancing,swimming and anything out doorsi got into your profile and am very much interested in knowing you more.....i will ike to meet a loving,caring,faithful and honest woman on here and later meet her in person.all i am looking for is a happy home.i will like to talk to you more



Things base and vile, holding no quantity,
Love can transpose to form and dignity.
Love looks not with the eye, but with the mind,
And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.
~William Shakespeare

13/14--this one is a memory

I'm not a real big fan of Valentine's Day, and really haven't been for about 19 years---on a personal level anyway...

I mean I enjoy helping my kids get ready for it and baking cookies and anything about and for them is cool and I love it!! But as far as my own heart......it's just another day.

My last and most Happy Valentine's Day memory was when I was a sophomore in high school. The guy I was dating had made plans for us. So I went and got a white dress and a red satin belt and red shoes for the event. (I have had the shoes till last month---Sydney chewed them up)

Anyway, he came and picked me up dressed very dapper. He took me to the "Skyliner" which was a wonderful restaurant up at the tiny airport in Farmington. We were the only teenagers up there....it was so cool!!!! I got to order a virgin strawberry daiquiri and he let me order anything on the menu I wanted!!! My mom never let me do that. I order the crab enchiladas--incredibly disgusting.....So he let me order something else and then teased me the rest of the night about what I ordered.

This was of the most awesome dates in my life...and I was only 15-1/2 years old.




floccinaucinihilipilification --

Yep....it's a real word!!!! Couldn't tell you how to pronounce it or spell it ...I cut and pasted it....

Meaning is:

"the estimation of something as worthless."

would be much easier to just say......"that's bunk!!!"

11 & 12/14 (I'm a slacker)

"Sometimes I feel like there's a hole inside of me, an emptiness that at times seems to burn. I think if you lifted my heart to your ear, you could probably hear the ocean. The moon tonight, there's a circle around it. Sign of trouble not far behind. I have this dream of being whole. Of not going to sleep each night, wanting. But still sometimes, when the wind is warm or the crickets sing... I dream of a love that even time will lie down and be still for. I just want someone to love me. I want to be seen. I don't know. Maybe I had my happiness. I don't want to believe it but, there is no man, Gilly. Only that moon. "
~Sally Owens
"Pratical Magic"

The Princess and The Marine

( On the left is the real couple on the right is the couple that portrayed them in the movie)
I watched this last night on Lifetime (I think). I can't ever get enough love stories....funny, sad or whatever.
Very cool story of a young marine stationed on an island that is very close to Saudi Arabia called Bahrain. She is a princess and muslim. He was a marine with 2 chevrons...(forgot the actual rank name...sorry) and Mormon. So there is not only culture issues but also religion.
They meet at a mall and see each other "secretly" and fall in love. One day like 8 months later, he kisses her and of course her country's secret police happen to be watching and tell her mother. Her mother pretty much dis-owns her and makes her life horrible. It's a muslim practice that a woman is not to be touched by any man except her husband. So now in her mother's eyes...she is ruined. Made her have examinations to make sure she was still a virgin the whole deal. (eewww....)
I loved the part where they (as a couple) are in Las Vegas his mom said "get some rest, tomorrow is a big day." He said "No ma'am, it's my honeymoon and I don't know when I will get to see her again." It was sweet and respectful and to the point....very cool....and his mom didn't freak out. (very cool)
I really liked the movie.
at the end it told when she got her citizenship.
and then the last note was that they filed for divorce 1 day after their 5th anniversary...
That ruined the whole movie.......
There is way more to the movie...so if you get a chance to watch it....it's worth the time.
So I am baking cookies for school, daycare, work and home..and watching love movies....
I know you're jealous