Have you ever heard that song by Alabama???

That is my dream....

To be with someone who understands you and who accepts you and your weird quirks...and loves you for them.

Someone who doesn't try to change you to fit them...you two just fit together...you compliment each other perfectly.

The two of your lives mixed together make a tiny universe that the other is the center of.....it's somewhere that each of you belongs and that wonderful place wouldn't exist without the two of you and your love for each other.

Even though he is laying right beside you...you still dream of him. You think of them often through out the day even though you have been together for a while-- and they aren't always sexual thoughts...there are thoughts of laying in the grass looking up at the stars and talking for endless hours and never getting tired of hearing the other's voice and never having to find something to talk about...it just happens.

Or you have a constant thought of finally getting into his arms and looking up into his sensual blue-green eyes as he leans down to kiss you. When walking into the restaurant, he reaches for your hand--you don't have to go fishing for his... When you thumb wrestle...he attempts to let you win...but can't quite do it in the end....

You give him total control of you and he respects it--he doesn't abuse it.

If only life could be like a love song.......


Blogger drama mama said...

I guess I'm lucky. Dave is accepting of, even now as I sit here stoned on Lortab. My tooth is still hurting...dang it! He's making us waffles for dinner with kayden even though he doesn't want to.

What a guy!

If I can find one, you can too. And you will...I just know it!

4/18/2006 8:29 PM  
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