Wordless Wednesday (yes I'm a bit early)

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Man ‘divorces’ wife in his sleep

Man ‘divorces’ wife in his sleep - Peculiar Postings - MSNBC.com

Now isn't that just weird.

Man is talking in his sleep and says talaq 3 times and poof...they are divorced.....

If she wants to remarry your husband of 11 years..she must seperate for 100 days and the chick has to sleep with another man and get him to divorce her before she can re-marry her other husband.....

Islamic "traditions" (for lack of a better blog acceptable word) has some weird rules.

Make A Joyful Noise!!!

Have you ever noticed that the songs you really like to sing outloud--
you really shouldn't be singing??
I love "Independance Day" by Martina McBride and yes I sing it outloud.
Outloud and Very Off Key.
I couldn't match her pitch if I tried--and believe me I TRY!!!
When ever the song starts and we are in the car Alec says
"No Singing Mom, No singing"
Feel the love....feel the love
But, nonetheless, I sing it out loud and very off key.
The Bible says "Make a Joyful Noise"!. It says Nothing...I repeat Nothing about being in tune!!!
My parents never listened to music my mom doesn't like noise....geesh..... I am guessing (or blaming) that is why I can't sing in tune to save my life. I love music, my kids are surrounded by all types of music and I encourage any participation they can muster.
My musical murdering isn't limited to Martina McBride. I like 80's stuff, Big Hair Bands, some of the new top 40, select heavey metal and my new music fetish is Country (not the old twangy stuff but some of the new artists and some of the all time classices)
What songs do you like to sing OUTLOUD???
"Sing with me Palo" (name that movie)


Chair Babies.....

That is Alec's new beach towl for when we go to the beach......

He has been carrying it around since Friday night....
Wanting to go to the beach

Cheese and Rice!!!!

I have finally be allowed to log into blogger and post.....
been trying since Friday night!!!!
So let's see how much of my weekend so far it will let me post!!!!!
No Road Rage here....

Road insanity...Yes...but no rage!!!

Well...that is all that blogger is going to let me upload.....

I will try again later....

Maybe one of their techies read my Friday post and is seeking revenge




Chaps My Fanny Friday!!!

(He is an animated gif and is supposed to moon you...doubt Blogger will let him though)
Today's Topic
Yep, I'm gonna go there....
For the past about 2 weeks I have been having MAJOR problems with blogger. Not letting me upload pictures and now I can upload pictures but not all of them and they can't be large they have to be medium. Then we have the whole I can't blog or update or anything for 4 days and now some of the blogs I am blog rolled on aren't showing I've updated because I was one of the lucky blogs that blogger moved....GO TEAM... I am semi-venting....I don't want to get my blog destroyed by a blogger techie...
Anyway......I have signed up with WORDPRESS and I have been talking to Stephanie who was a renter of mine before Ed. I actually discovered that she did blog design thru Ed....anyway, she has given me some guidance and in a few weeks, I will move my blog.
I will update everyone when it gets closer to reality!!!!!

A Day In The Life of An Alec

It's definitely not a good sign when you walk onto the daycare playground and the teacher comes running toward you.

It was one of his classroom teachers--the one he doesn't like!!! She said that Alec punched a little boy in the head. She was quite upset over the deal. I asked her what the little boy did to Alec to cause him to punch him. She stammered and then said that the little boy bit Alec. I just looked at her and then she said that he bit Alec because Alec pushed him and Alec pushed him because the little boy pushed Alec off the stool while he was using the urinal. (have you ever seen little kid urinals??? they are so cute).

Anyway she said that she told Alec that he should of bit the boy back not hit him. I got a bit heated and said "WE DO NOT BITE" and that he was taught if someone bites him he can hit them but we don't bite back because we can get germs.

She just looked at me with a "deer in the headlights" look.

What the heck.....telling a kid to bite!!!!!

But you can tell he has two older brothers, he didn't hesitate to fight back!!!!!

If I were a pigeon....my chest feathers would be puffed.
Goodness..I might fall over being too top heavy...

Rare circumcision ritual generates controversy - Men's Health - MSNBC.com

Rare circumcision ritual generates controversy - Men's Health - MSNBC.com

Did anybody read this?????

I did not know the rabbi sucked the wound clean...eeewwwwww

Never showed that part on TV....

Being Graded On Being A Parent

Drama Mama (blogger won't let me put in the link...but she is in my blogroll) just posted about being graded as a parent.....

Made me think. (PAINFUL AS IT IS!!!!)

I get onto my teen for not trying harder and for not being prepared.

Yet, my bathroom isn't completely painted-laundry is never caught up-floor always needs vacuumed-sometimes dishes sit in the sink overnight-bed is rarely made neatly and I hate going upstairs into the little boys room. It's not the room it's the stairs.

We aren't even going to bring up the yard work, messy garage, I need to figure out how to change 2 breakers for the electricity, fix some the fence in parts, get garden ready for summer, get the leaves off the cement..........and on and on and on and on.....

What's your grade as a parent????

I'm thinking I'm probably a C-, boys had happy meals for dinner last night.....JOB FAILURE!!!

So I am getting back out the day planner and the Franklin-Covey tapes.....


Unoffical Thursday Thirteen

  1. Blogger truly hates me. I couldn't post last night and I didn't get to see Mike's (mindlessdribbles) WW.
  2. I am looking to my own site for my blog, I see others doing it, but still haven't figured out how they do it.
  3. Letter from meth head telling the boys how he is looking forward to seeing them on a almost everyday basis when he gets out which is supposed to be very soon. I am tempted to actually respond to one of his letters, but still haven't decided if I should or not.
  4. I was told I shouldn't take "everything so personal". Not exactly sure what that means...if you don't then you don't care....right?
  5. Biker Chick was assigned to do some of my overflow accounting work. Basically entering bills to be paid. She has been getting 30-40 a day for the last 2 weeks. She has only been entering about 4-8 a day. Needless to say, I had to go get this huge stack and I am now entering them and they are already past due. Some help.
  6. Alec figured out how to work the caller ID last night and called my parents at 11:30 pm while I was in the computer room invoicing. He was asleep when I went in there.
  7. Ashton is so excited about vacation he is driving me crazy....I hate to spoil his jovial mood, but Advil isn't enough for all of this.
  8. I think I should ask the doctor for prozac or something before the trip so I don't go postal.
  9. I also think that I am going to need a alone vacation to recover from the vacation with the boys.
  10. My mom got mad at her office manager and came home today. She is upset because she won't have anything to do with the inventory because it will be on the computer.
  11. I am still de-furring my suitcase that the cat dibbed his bed 8 months ago. How much dang fur does this guy share????
  12. Bathroom paint job I started the first of February still isn't done. Difficult to paint with a 4 year old around--a very curious and ornery 4 year old.
  13. I still believe in "Happily EverAfter" for myself....I just think mine will need to be modernized from the traditional standard. And no it's not a Lesbian modernization...thank you very much!!!!



Tyrannical Tuesday

My day truly sucked--
and most definitely with both lips....

  • Got a new computer at work yesterday....took all friggin' day to get it set the way I needed it to use it.
  • Jerk employee came in my office and demanded reprinted copies of all of his paystubs since February 1st. He tried to stare me down trying to intimidate me, then he tried getting in my face as I was sitting down. When I stood up and he was 4 inches shorter than me and I stared him down...he backed off. After I calmed down...I decided he can have them on Friday!!!
  • Biker Chic and Newbie are fighting and for some reason I am getting all the cold shoulder bitchy-ness.
  • I forgot this one....Sent out credit check letters today for new accounts..3 accounts 12 letters.....New computer...having to update fax forms and stuff....I put my home phone number in for the fax number.....yep...getting the damn hand-shake crap all night.....Major bonehead moment...(I had a bonehead picture...but blogger won't play nice)
  • Since I got my hair cut and am now leaving it down, everyone keeps looking at me like I'm in the morgue or something...very weird.
  • Discovered Ashton has a food allergy--or at least a preservative allergy...(kinda good) except he had to be sick again before I realized the whole deal.....
  • Went to the bank to cash a check and she only had $5 bills.......at the bank...WTF...

I'm actually thinking the jerk employee just set me off for the day. I really don't like situations like that and I really don't like it when they come behind my desk. For one they have no reason to be behind there and for two there is confidential stuff in my area and for three I really don't get into the touchie feelie stuff at work or with anyone who is not personally involved with me.

Anyway...enough of my whining...........

How was your wonderful and delightful Tuesday???


Another Blah Sunday!!!!

The weather just isn't that great around here....
so, we were pretty much home buggs this weekend.

AJ getting ready for church...

He got too much gel in his hair so he had to wash it out..... couldn't resist a "heart in crack" picture.

Below...the front room semi-clean before...........

The American Dragon-Avatar-Harry Potter brothers decided to do what ever it is that they do to destroy a house in 4.35 seconds....

Alec watched "Alice in Wonderland" Friday at daycare....

Do you remember this part?????

Well.....Alec did....

Yep, he tried to play croquet like Alice and the Queen of Hearts...except he used my flamingo acrylic statue (the ones you put clothes on for the different seasons and holidays) and a soccer ball.

He came running thru the house saying...."I'm sorry mom.....but Alice did it!!"

Oh well.......

Such is my life......


Late Night Pondering

(I actually had 2 great pictures...but blogger won't let me upload them)

Well, actually I've been pondering some of the day too......

Why is it that when someone knows something personal about you, they use it against you???

They use it as a dig....or take great enjoyment of your personal pain or find great humor and satisfaction in bringing it back up or using it against you...

Why is it that some people, if unhappy, have to attack others with bitter hatred and coldness??

I would think if you liked or respected that person, you would have the moral character to never bring it up---and if it was brought up by another...you would be supportive of you friend...

But I guess I have a different thought pattern than most.......I've had enough of anger and hate....So I guess I can't play with others...


What a Week....I've made a list.....

  • Alec had counselling.......no signs of ADD or ADHD....ALL RIGHT!!!!! (this is always the first things they test for)
  • Letter from meth head...but not a mention of parole again. Somewhat releived but now wondering what is really going on.
  • The whole thing with my Mom, still freaking on it. But I am realizing that she is going to have good days and bad days.
  • Thursday, bully Eric grabbed Ashton by the shirt and punched him in the stomach. Friday I had parent teacher conferences (as previously blogged) and today, Saturday, Ashton is at Twae Kwon-do and his instructor is aware of the situation and is going to work with him.
  • Friday---got the cool camera and a bluetooth hands free thing for my phone. I love it that AJ works at BestBuy cause he gets killer discounts.
  • Bought Bambi II today, everytime the dog scenes come on I run to the front door to see if Handsome is in a fight or something...Dang thing sounds too real.
  • Making boys help me clean the house.....wish me luck!!! AJ has already gone to the bathroom 6 times.....what a cop out....


New renter..... Welcome Ed with Parenting toys........click the renter box....

I just read the underwear entry...
still laughing and my eyes are a bit blurry with laughter tears.....




and not one of the vibrating orientation...you sicko's......

guess what I got...

not goldfish,......we've had those.....

This is just Handsome.....

Alec reading a book in the waiting room

Ashton being goofy

Isn't that an Oxy-moron??

Very difficult to take a picture while driving...

Even more difficult to take a picture of one's self while driving...These are my new Pink Ralph Loren "Elvis" glasses my Mommie picked out for me at her work....

Have you guess what I got yet?????

New digital camera.....Cannon Powershot SD550--2 gig memory card!!!


Chaps My Fanny Friday!!!

You know....I a mooning leprechaun is more common than you think!!!!

Parent teacher conference on Thursday. Ashton is kicking butt!!!!!

THEN---(drum roll) I bring up to his teacher that Ashton has been complaining about a boy named Eric that has been picking on him. Note: for those of you who are semi new to this blog, I'm not a great supporter of violence--HOWEVER I am a great supporter or self defense. Due to Ashton's dad's past actions with physical violence and the whole gun deal....I tread very carefully around this subject.

Ashton takes Twae kwon-do, he is being trained to defend himself.

Anyway, his teacher just took a deep breath and and shook her head. She explained to me that they (meaning the teaching staff) were all aware of Eric and he has been written up, suspended and flunked last year and that he is a bully. But, he is a very sneaky bully.

And the dip-stick school system's rule is...if a teacher doesn't see it--then they can do nothing about it. What the H E double hockey stick???? Then she said that today she told the kids that if Eric hits them, they should hit him back. But for them not to start the fight. She said in her 16 years of teaching she has never said anything like that. She is very upset with the whole situation.

So, tonight when Ashton gets home from Twae Kwon-do, we are going to go over the fundamentals of when not to take Eric's crap. He teacher even said that Eric got told two kids that if they didn't fight each other he would beat them both up and....he tells the kids he picks on that if they tell he will beat them up.

It just chaps my fanny that the principle and faculty knows this is happening and they aren't doing a thing about it....And it soils my diaper that they are leaving the resolution of this problem to 2nd graders. They are doing nothing but teaching them that the rules are only for those who are willing to follow them. Bullies are exempt from most rules because it is easier for those in charge to look the other way than it is to deal with the problem head on. Which, btw, is the way the little boys' dad works. (I am getting more mad as I am typing this, I am thinking I will be calling the school Monday morning and have a discussion with the principal. I would actually like to go find this kid's supposed parents and punch them both in the mouth and thell them to deal with their bully son--but I guess the principal will have to do.)

So I am sure an up coming blog will be about my adventures in the pricipal's office and possibly with the school board....


Oh Yeah!!

Well, it's not quite this bad!!!
Mom and dad came over last night--I went and got BBQ. So we had dinner, talked to dad and my mom just kinda sat there and ate and then she went in the front room and hung out for a while. The little boys were in there being loud and wild as usual--I do know that right now they don't want us in their house as live-ins. They are very accustomed to quiet and well my boys are very very (did I say very) I mean very loud!!!! But the visit went well.
Then, I watched part of "The Man Show". I laughed my booty off. I know I should probably be offended by some or most of their stuff, but it was too funny. But then Alec came in the room and was watching it with me and after a few "look at their boobies!!" comments I had to change channels.
I went to go put some clothes in the dryer, opened the door and out came the cat. Alec yelled at me and said he was supposed to stay in the dryer where he was in "time out" cause he scratched him. I haven't got the exact time down yet, but I think the cat was probably in there about 10-15 minutes. Good thing I didn't turn on the dryer to de-wrinkle!!!! Poor Kitty!!!
Sorry for the boring post.....
but sometimes it happens...


What to do....What to do.......

I just got a call from my mom's office manager...
She is very concerned about her. (side note...my parents work together and have for the past 45 years) She said that there have alot of errors on her billing lately and normally they are the office managers...but now they are my mom's. They did hire a girl to help her out at the office and they seem to be getting along...heck the lady can get along with my dad...she can get along with anyone.....
Lately, my mom has been very forgetful and gets disoriented easily. The other night when Alec broke out in a rash--she volunteered to go to the store and get me some Benedryll. After 25 minutes in the store, my dad went in and had to find her--she had gotten lost.
So, I called my doctor (who is an older woman and knows my mother) and left a message that I need some guidance and possibly for her to look at my mom. She does have a primary care physician but he is an internalist and rather cold--but she has been seeing him annually due to her heart thing about 11 years ago.
At first, thoughts of "oh no I will have to move back in with them" came to mind. But they are my parents and they have been there for us when the world turned it's back on me and the boys. So, I will be there!!!!!
Then, for some stupid--dumb ass reason, I call my brother. He was at home, I told them what the office manager had said and things that have been going on. I got "yeah, Dad said something about her a few months ago." No, do you need any help?--what can I do?--do we have a plan?. Nothing......total waste of my long distance.
Now, that I have calmed down--I am realizing that I don't have to move in, Dad is still there. I will just need to keep my visits more regular and never let her volunteer to go anywhere for me. I will need to be more supportive of Dad and not just blow off his complaints as him being bitchy but that he is really concerned and I don't think he could survive without her. (now I'm tearing up). I definitely cannot move too far away from here. Durango is a possibility if meth head does come back. It is only 50 miles away but is out of state and that is good for parole violations and stuff. Heck for that matter, I could move just across the state line and live in Cedar Hill--the rent is really high there though.....$1,300.00 per month before utilities.....
So, I am putting my great skills at "searching for useless knowledge" to great use and now I am searching for information on Alzhymer's and dementia. I am guessing that this is what is going on with her.


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I so don't get what "it" is trying to say....I know "it" is trying to get my bank account numbers though...and seems to only have access to wells fargo and bank of america......

I reported "it" as spam


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WKRP in Cinnancitie






Love Boat

CHiPs with HR Puffenstuff

Falcon Crest that is Angela Channing

Laverne and Shirley