I'm Pregnant

About 6 weeks I'm thinking. I'm tired all the time, and when I do finally get to sleep my back hurts all night. I have been crying at everything. The only thing that's missing is that my boobs aren't sore and of course the exposure to the baby making cocktail.

Now if I had done that on Sunday, you guys would of thought I was just playing a prank. So I figured if I did it today, you might actually believe me.

It snowed here last night and is still snowing now. What a spring break.....



If Only the SUN would SHINE

Rain Rain go away.....I WANT TO GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY!!!

Been raining for like 4 days now.

Since the weather sucks the little boys and I decided not to go to ABQ this week over spring break. We decided to re-do their room. They have a little room and needed more room. So We went and got bunk beds.

So yesterday everything that was in there room was moved to the front room so we could get the beds in. This time I was smart and bought them from a place that delivered and set up for FREE!!!

So two men came in yesterday, delivered and set up the beds and of course Alec was all over them!!! He stayed in there with them looking at their tools, playing with the pieces and talking non stop. I'm glad he didn't hug them when they left, that would of been weird.

He is so desperate for "a father figure" that I'm worried. So I am now thinking about looking for someone like a "big brother" or something. He has big brothers but they don't fit the "dad" profile. I really don't know what to do. I wonder if I could hire someone to hang out with them and do "guy" things???? I will look into it. Do guys do that??? I mean I know you can hire them for sex....but.....At least if I hire them I can screen them ....no "weirdos" around the little boys.....they have their dad for that position. Except I don't want them getting hurt again. They have had so many disappointing "father image" episodes.....*deep sigh* if I have ever needed help...it is with this....but there is no one to help.


Alec in the messy too crowded "old room"

"Old Room" again...they have too many toys..

What used to be the "front room" now a storage facility

Alec in the almost empty room (They have carpet??)

Alec got to be the first one on the new beds, Ashton was at a birthday party.

It's a military jeep bunk bed with toy box (engine area)

Party boy returned. They were in there beds by 7pm....that's a first!!!

What did you do this weekend????

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Columbine Relived???

This is an emergency "I have to tell someone" and since I have no one to tell.....it's here
there is a real post from last night below.
The teen came in my room last night and said he wasn't going to school today. I asked why and he said that some kid from the "Tortilla Flats" gang (yes that is their name) is going to do a Columbine thing today at school. Normally I would tell him he is full of "La PooPoo" and tell him his butt is going to school. But, due to what happened at our house last week and this (CLICK ME) I am letting him stay home. His 2 closest friends are staying home too. Hey, what's one extra day of Spring Break opposed to a possible day in the ER....right????
Honestly, I think the little gang member is talking smack....but "The Teen", no matter how annoying at times, isn't worth the risk.
I will update with any news--if there is any.

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Turning Over A New Leaf

someone might go blind!!

  • We have the whole new healthy protein based family diet going on.
  • I have decided that I need to do something about the extra "fluff" on my body so I am doing Billy Blanks. Well not him personally or physically but his tae-bo work out stuff. I'm gonna be at my ideal weight!!!
  • Started jogging well actually fast walking right now every morning around 5AM. There are less people out to laugh at me at that time!!!
  • I'm gonna be happy no matter what!! My depressed mood is affecting and effecting my children and I can't allow that. So sad things are being pushed to the bottom dealt with or not and I am pushing thru.

Okay...those are my mini goals. I did go walking fast this morning. I felt great all morning until some office person got moody and then I just sat and stared at my screen.

I also played virtual greeting card tag with the contractor guy. I haven't heard from him in 2 weeks and it was fun, until it suddenly stopped. I know he probably got busy but my loneliness is overwhelming at times. I need to learn to not take what people say to heart and realize that most of the time sweet words are just ways of flirting not true reflections of what they truly mean or feel. Just because I say what I mean or feel and am honest about it all doesn't mean that everyone is that way. I just need to chill--I'm working on it.

What is the purpose of a FWB?? I mean can you tell me that women can have a sexual relationship with a guy and not get emotionally attached in some degree?? I don't think either partner can actually do that....but who knows. I need to be schooled in modern life I guess.

I cancelled the trip to Vegas due to Alec's blood sugar issues. But my boys will see Hoover Dam in the year 2007!!! As Bob as my witness they will!!

I think we will take a overnight trip to Albuquerque next week during spring break. It will be just me and the little boys--AJ doesn't want to go there. I called their dad to see if there was a night that we could all have dinner or something short and simple. He now wants to skip some of his classes and hang out the entire time we are there.

I told him no. He said why. I basically told him that this is my vacation too and my idea of a vacation is not hauling my ex-husband and his wife around all over Albuquerque and being made to feel uncomfortable in my own vehicle!!! He didn't get it. I guess he thinks I should feel privileged to be seen with him or something. Or maybe because I am still alone I should just accept my place. I don't know.....but I do know that I am not spending all day with him and methwife on MY vacation. I will do one meal for the boys sake.

When O'Gherkin and I were on speaking terms I told him that if I ever get married again I will have a real wedding dress. (I've never had one) and he actually understood. I've told other guys that and hey just look at me like I'm talking like the teacher from Peanuts. It's funny that the people that truly understand you are the ones you get in the most fights with. You know each other so well that you can push the buttons or do like I did and avoid the fight and hide.

Okay...I think my flashback is over........I'm gonna watch CSI Las Vegas


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Stop This Ride--I Want To Get Off!!!

Happy thought first....I got my laptop back!!! YEAH!!!
But now I have to reinstall EVERYTHING!!! boo!!

Medium Roller Coaster Ride

Still don't have the results of Alec's blood tests. His blood sugar was 42 Monday morning, which isn't good, so I called the doctor and they never called me back. I called again late Monday and she said the test results weren't back I told her that wasn't why I was calling and then we talked about the blood sugar. It was the nurse of course and she said she would call me back Tuesday after she talks to the doctor. She did call back Tuesday and they want to send Alec to a specialist in Albuquerque that deals with metabolism. An Endocrinologist.

The glucose meter I bought was an off brand so I asked if they could write a prescription for a better one so the insurance would pay for it and the supplies. They did and we have a better one that doesn't hurt when you poke yourself to get the blood out and it doesn't take as much blood. The readings seem much more accurate. I think alot of my worries were due to a faulty meter. I bought it new but it wasn't one of the high dollar ones. That's what I get for trying to be conservative I guess. Lesson learned.


I got a call Friday at work about 1:35 pm.

"Hello, this is police and fire dispatch is this Elizabeth Bridges?"


"Do you live at #$%^ North Bla Blah Street?"

"Is your phone number 555-5555?"

"Ma'am there has been an incident at your house and police officers are on the scene we need you to go home. What kind of vehicle do you drive?"

"Blue Santa Fe. Can you tell me what happened?"

"No Ma'am I can't how long will it take you to get home?"

"About 10 minutes"

"I will let the officers know. Thank you" hang up.

First thought in my head. AJ dead on the bed with gun shot to the head. I grab my purse and head home. I'm freaking. I have two guns at home and AJ has one. Was there a teen fight??? Calm down Beth, maybe someone just drove into your back yard. I can't call my parents they would be more hassle than help. I figure out someone to call and of course no answer, it's the middle of the day everyone is working. I do text him and he calls me as I am meeting the police officer.

Some teenager had the holy crap beaten out of him. The police had received reports of a bloody teen in different locations around Farmington High School which is kinda close by. Then they had a call about someone throwing a rock thru a beauty salon window that is pretty close to my house. Then they had a 911 call from my house. The beaten teen came in thru my back gate that the roofers left unlocked last week. Came in thru Handsome's doggie door and the door from the garage to the house had been left unlocked. He came in called 911 and then waited. He didn't take the cash on the counter, still the Xboxes or anything. As I pull up, the ambulance is driving off, there are 4 police cars, one ladder fire truck and a blue ambulance thing. I have no idea what it was. My neighbors must just love me. Been here 6 months and I must look like a drama case.... I am glad that nothing happened to my kids or my house and I am sorry that the mystery teen had to result to what he did in order to get help. I still think he could of went into 7 to 11 and asked them to call 911. But when beaten and scared, one doesn't always think logically.

Freak me out ride

My boss at work has made three references about me not being married yet in the last 2 weeks. They aren't mean, they are usually like "Beth, I don't know why you aren't married yet your fun to be around." or "You are so accepting of male actions (meaning burping and gross stuff) why aren't you married?"


Is what I wanted to say, but I just shrugged my shoulders and kept working. I get it from my kids wanting a guy to hang with and to call a dad. I get it from work. And I sometimes get it from myself. Difficult to meet new people if you don't go anywhere but work. There is the contractor guy....... so I guess I will just let life ride and see what happens.

How was your week???

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My boss isn't here right now...so I am going to get the pictures from last week's visit on here...

Blood work went good. We were up early and going and the second people in line. He cried a little bit but I bribed him with a new video game "Happy Feet" if he did good. And they couldn't hear him cry at the front door so he got the game.

I truly believe that all the hell I went thru with methhead was for a reason. And that reason was to make me strong enough to get thru life's happenings on my own. So I guess I should thank him for being a "dickhead"--well maybe someday......doubtful but I will keep my options open.
Any...pictures from the visit....
Alec (not feeling good) and Ashton outside the museum

Ashton and a 3-Horn

Alec and T-Rex

Outside the museum

Methhead and boys

Not as perverted as it looks, he is in a cave...

Alec still not feeling good at times in the museum

Muscle Alec

Alec (mad and not feeling good) Ashton, methwife and methhead

If you zoom in on methwife...this is what you see

How was your weekend????

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Well not that kind of a quickie....but that's what was presentable when googling "quickie"

My laptop is sick and seeing the doctor as we speak. It has been sick and limping since before Christmas and I finally gave in and took it to the shop. He said it looks like a system board. Go Team!!!

So, I am on the teen's computer.....this is his desk top

Personally, she does nothing for me...but I guess for an 18 year old male....it's awesome one might even say inspiring.
Okay....we made the trip to Albuquerque and it was okay. I did take pictures and I downloaded them off the camera to my work computer thinking I could steal a few moments and blog....WRONG!!! It's been hella chaos and doesn't look like it's gonna slow down. So the pictures will have to wait till I get my laptop back.
(Slick stop staring at her)
We go to Albuquerque around 8:30 am and went to methhead's dwelling. Then we all ( me the boys, methhead and his wife) piled into my car and went to Denny's to eat. Ashton ate his breakfast but Alec wouldn't eat his. He ate 2 grapes and drank some of his apple juice. At the time I wasn't really worried because he had a few munchkins on the way down. Then we went to the Albuquerque Museum of Natural History. AWESOME we have been there before but it's always an adventure with the boys. Methhead and methchick were hoovering over Ashton like usual and Alec was my friend. Then we went to Cornado Mall to look for Ashton some Volcom shirts. Alec was fine at the museum but kinda moody at breakfast and then became Majorly moody at the mall. He insisted that someone carry him. I only lasted a little while and then methhead carried him. We got to food court and got corn dogs and cheese sticks and french fries. Alec wouldn't eat any of it. We even when to the candy store and he picked out some chocolate stuff but wouldn't eat it. Then we went to Toys-r-us and he walked there but not very quickly. So we dropped the meth couple back at their dwelling and started home. Got Mac and Don's under the rainbow in Bernalillo and headed home. Alec seemed fine, they were watching "Open Season" in the back and laughing. Then we stopped in Cuba to go potty and get a snack. Alec started crying cause he didn't want to go to the bathroom and then he didn't want a snack. As we were paying for Ashton's snack Alec just collapsed. If Ashton hadn't been standing behind him he would of hit his head on the cement floor. So I picked him up and took him to the car and checked his blood sugar. It was 32!!!! Crap!!! So I got the glucose pills and made him take one. Then got him in the car and speeded away. 2 hours from home. Got there a bit quicker. Alec fell asleep and then as we got within 10 miles of home he started moving around. Then something smelled. He had peed and pooped his pants. He hasn't done that since like 1 year old stuff. We get home I carried him in, took off his clothes, put him in a tub of water, scrubbed him clean and washed his hair and then put pj's on him and put him in my bed and he never woke up. SCARY!! I then took his blood sugar again and it was 101 so I didn't rush to the ER. I slept all night with my hand on his chest to make sure he was breathing. The next morning he was fine. But I called the doctor anyway and Saturday I have to take him in to get blood work done at the hospital. That is not going to be fun. Yet he and I will get thru it.
Then I called methhead to reconfirm his side of the family history and I broke down. I cried and sniffed and now I feel like a total loser. But he was the only one available to talk to me so he got the horrible prize of my emotional freak out.
While in ABQ we talked to Ashton about the possibility of me having a boyfriend and methead told him that it's okay and that he trusted my judgement and Ashton shouldn't be worried. Hopefully all will be good.
I will post pictures when I can.
How was your weekend?

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