Who Knows.......

Did you know if you image google "weird shit" this is the first entry???

I will confess, I didn't know what a camel toe was until about 2 years ago...the teen had to explain it to me. He has also had to explain to me what a "sancho" was. Did I spell that right??? Methhead used to always refer to "sancho" (I don't think that's spelled right) and I didn't know what point he was trying to make until 2 years after our divorce. Not like it would of mattered.....but now I just laugh at his stupidness and I'm glad to be done with him in that capacity.

However, this Sunday--we are making the trip again. The boys haven't seen their dad since December but basketball season and the weather has prohibited us in making the 6 hour round trip. Hopefully it will be nice and we can do something fun in the public eye. I hate being seen in public with the jerk--but that is the only place I know he will semi behave. Hopefully his woman will have to work so I don't have to deal with all of her motherly advice. Like she has a clue both of her children have been legally taken from her due to her drug and mental problems. But she did take a parenting class in prison......ha

Now that I've touched on parenting.......A girl I work with lost her kids on January 25th. Their father had them for what was supposed to be a short visit and pulled some crap with the tribal court (they are both Navajo) and the stupid judge gave him temporary custody. Without a hearing or anything...the judge just signed the paper and he took the kids back to his home in Las Vegas, Nevada. She freaked and for 2 weeks she stressed and prepared for her hearing. The court gave them back to her, but their dad did not. He never returned them. Now dealing with Tribal Court is different than our NM courts. Things take longer and there really isn't a "checks and balances" system in place. So 1 week after she was awarded her kids she finally got a copy of the order that she gets them back. Being the strong headed females we are.....ROADTRIP!!! Yep, we left Farmington about 8 pm on a Thursday night and drove. She is a very mild person and not very out spoken...that is slowly changing especially after spending 18+ hours with me in a car and working in the same office with me everyday. Unfortunately, we didn't get her kids back that day....but we did get court papers for Vegas to file for future reference and we found out where the poophead lives...and payed him a visit. WHAT A FREAKIN' WUSS....Alec could take him in one kick!! I learned that not all people have that "survivor" instinct built it. It can be taught to some and others are just hopeless. She is not hopeless...just has a lot of learning ahead of her. She had court again on the 19th and she did get her kids back and there will be another hearing. I cannot imagine being without my kids for 3 weeks!!!

I have a new appreciation for what I have. I may question some things and don't understand them.....but I don't want to live without the feelings of love, happiness, understanding and security. We should never take those feelings for granted or the people who help us feel this way.

WoW....that was deep

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B & A

Which wouldn't get me as many hits as "T & A" but that's just not gonna happen...I would have to rename my blog to PornBugg Press....

BEFORE (from the door)

AFTER (from the door)

The before doesn't display all of it's true ugly-iness. I was a new home owner and I didn't want it to look bad and I forgot to take pictures the day the demolition started....so I will tell you all the horrible details. Had a 70's gold toilet and that lovely toilet had a wooden toilet seat with brass hardware that did the green tarnish/corrosion thing everywhere. The vanity was 32" wide and the lip of the sink was actually over the toilet tank lid. Very squished space!!! The medicine cabinet was okay, but small. The shower walls had been put in incorrectly and a the caulking job done on it Alec could of done better. Shower curtain...I'm not real fond of those. The bathtub had no finish left and the people before had put those icky flower non-slip stickers on it and when they pulled them up it had warped the bathtub. I didn't think the bathtub faucet leaked...but when they took the old shower walls down...there was water damage and there was water damage on the baseboard area because it hadn't been sealed. As you saw in previous posts...the plumbing was horrible. The flooring that was in there was some very dark gray stick on tile that was coming up.

24" Sink and the vanity, medicine cabinet and bathroom cabinet all match!!! White Toilet!!!! (very important when you have boys...trust me :) )

View if you were about to wash your hands. I forgot to replace the light bulb before I took the picture.

View from the shower. New fancy stainless trashcan so the teen will hopefully not be such a pig!!

As the contractors left they told me not to go in there till Monday...Like that was gonna happen. I did stay out of it till today. I had to take the boys to a movie last night to keep me out of it....but I kinda minded. And......I got to take the first bath in the bathtub. Then Alec had his turn 3 times!!! I had to keep draining the cold water and refilling it with warm water. I wouldn't let him take a bath in the other tub because it was so gross...he really missed his baths. He didn't fight the shower, but he probably will now!!

I had read somewhere on the Internet that the average cost of a bathroom remodel in 2002 was $9,600.00. My budget was $7,500.00 and with the help of cool contractors, we came in under budget. Even with all the unplanned plumbing replacement and water damage/termite damage replacement!!! And I got TILE!! I didn't think I would be able to afford it until they told me how much it would cost to put in linoleum. Tile was actually CHEAPER!!!!

I also made spring break hotel reservations at Circus Circus in Las Vegas--that's right.....one mom, 2 little boys and 3 teenagers (yes I am insane) are gonna take on the City of Sin!!!

How was your week???

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Random Bugg-y-ness

Okay.....they are still working on the bathroom....but it looks BEAUTIFUL!!!!

I will post final pictures hopefully Saturday.

Overly random thoughts have been going thru my head...and of course I have to share:

When looking for "the perfect mate" what do or did you look for????

With AJ's dad--my parents "forbid" (they used that exact word) me to see him....so of course I had to get pregnant.

With methhead.....he seemed sweet but was a social rebel. At the time AJ and I were living with my parents and they had pretty much clipped my wings and he was a breath of fresh air and AJ liked him too....

Now that I am out on my own and it's just me and the boys--I think I am looking for something more like my father....that is so weird!!! Someone that I feel safe with. Someone understanding of my stress moments and someone that won't use my weak or confused moments against me at a later time. I mean we all have bad days....if your with someone shouldn't they understand that??? and not make it worse but try to comfort you or at least try to cheer you up? And if they are having a bad day....shouldn't you do the same??? I am a big believer in the rules work both ways. And if you insist on someone doing something then you should also have to do it. In a non perverted sense of course. I mean like talking about things and being understanding and patient and that kind of jizz jazz. Is that asking too much???

Or do I have such a "fairy tale" vision on a relationship that I will always screw it up trying to make it perfect......or at least trying to understand and make it fair
I need input......help a bugg out....
p.s. I have no idea how that crab is related to this....but it is a way cool picture AND NO SLICK I DON'T HAVE CRABS....thank you very much

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Merlin--supervising the remodel...

This is what the inside of my pipes looked like.
The pipes in my bathroom that is....you sicko's

Awesome (both of them) and Incredibly Cute (just one of them) contractors
spent a whole day cleaning out my bathroom pipes.

The Abyss that is my bathroom plumbing

Yeah...new bathtub, paint, shower walls and the cool doors!!!!!

They had those really cool yellow light heat lamp thingies.....wonder if they tan with them?

Alec not liking the unfinished floor....
However, Alec does like a certain adult male in the house!!!
Because is was President's Day today, the boys were off from school and at home. I did coax , with money of course, two teens to take the two little boys to the movies...."Night In The Museum". So the contractors got a few hours of peace. Ashton said that while home about every 10 minutes Alec would be back at the bathroom doorway talking to them. He is so starved for a "father figure" and I think this guy would be a great one. He actually pays attention to the boys when they talk and he even answers them with complete sentences not just a "uh-huh" while watching TV.
Alec has a picture of him in his top dresser drawer. And has looked at it every morning and every night night since I printed the picture on the 14th.
I just hope our wild household doesn't scare him off.
It is a wonderful feeling to have a male adult that you get along with, attracted to, can talk to about anything and think about all the time in the house.
It's hard to let him go home at night....I just want to keep him with us.

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Where to start......

Due to semi-icky weather, two very talented contractors were free for a few days for inside jobs. So YEAH!!!! I am getting the hideous front bathroom redone!!!! Here is the so far...

Ripped out the 70's toilet and way too big for the bathroom sink......

Are we in Arkansas????

And I don't care how good of a planter the toilet would be.......


The bottom part of the sink vanity....black window's egg sacks....eeewwww

oh and water damage

Merlin is chewing on the old caulking in the tub....I honestly don't know how they got the tub out, but they did.

Now for the ultimately cool part.......but explanation first. Why I, in the past, disliked Valentine's day is not because I might be alone--but because of the past methhead memories that revolve around most holidays--Valentine's Day is just a little more outstanding.

One of the contractors is a guy that I have a HUGE HUGE, did I say HUGE, crush on--so it was really really, I mean really, fun to stand outside the bathroom and watch him. (I think the other one was in there with him....but not real sure.)

Anyway, the boys got to meet him and I pretty much got booted out of the picture. Alec just adores him and even waited outside the bathroom for him. They watched cartoonnetwork, talked, read books, played catch with the football in the house, sneaked fruit from the platter I was making for Ashton for his Valentine's Day party. Then when Ashton got back from karate---he had two shadows. I have never seen those two boys happier.......it brought tears to my eyes (just like now) to see them having so much fun and me not having to worry.

Here is a picture of him

This is a picture of the candy bowl creature that he and Alec made. Alec had to put bunnie ears for the picture. It's play dough, the play dough lids for what Alec called the "pimples" I think he meant pupils and then different colored play dough and a plastic knife for the mouth.

I hope everyone had a great V-Day,

I know I'm still smiling!!!

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Okay, I feel much better now.

Well, my most unfavorite time of the year is fast approaching and will be here in 11 days. I seriously doubt I will be posting again till after that.

I will spare everyone my weirdness and just not blog....

See y'all in two weeks......


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