If Only the SUN would SHINE

Rain Rain go away.....I WANT TO GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY!!!

Been raining for like 4 days now.

Since the weather sucks the little boys and I decided not to go to ABQ this week over spring break. We decided to re-do their room. They have a little room and needed more room. So We went and got bunk beds.

So yesterday everything that was in there room was moved to the front room so we could get the beds in. This time I was smart and bought them from a place that delivered and set up for FREE!!!

So two men came in yesterday, delivered and set up the beds and of course Alec was all over them!!! He stayed in there with them looking at their tools, playing with the pieces and talking non stop. I'm glad he didn't hug them when they left, that would of been weird.

He is so desperate for "a father figure" that I'm worried. So I am now thinking about looking for someone like a "big brother" or something. He has big brothers but they don't fit the "dad" profile. I really don't know what to do. I wonder if I could hire someone to hang out with them and do "guy" things???? I will look into it. Do guys do that??? I mean I know you can hire them for sex....but.....At least if I hire them I can screen them ....no "weirdos" around the little boys.....they have their dad for that position. Except I don't want them getting hurt again. They have had so many disappointing "father image" episodes.....*deep sigh* if I have ever needed help...it is with this....but there is no one to help.


Alec in the messy too crowded "old room"

"Old Room" again...they have too many toys..

What used to be the "front room" now a storage facility

Alec in the almost empty room (They have carpet??)

Alec got to be the first one on the new beds, Ashton was at a birthday party.

It's a military jeep bunk bed with toy box (engine area)

Party boy returned. They were in there beds by 7pm....that's a first!!!

What did you do this weekend????

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Blogger easternsurvivor said...

hey, look in your area they might have the program called big brothers, big sisters. My niece has a big sister and they go places and she is there if she needs someone to talk to. They do all the screening for you. And i'm pretty sure you won't have to pay anyone. btw the bed is cool, money better spent. good luck,

3/25/2007 9:48 PM  
Anonymous Slick said...

I'd let'em hang out with me ...by the time you got him back, he'd know the best ways to embarrass ya.

3/27/2007 7:01 AM  
Blogger ChelsPuddleJumper said...

Don't listen to Slick. You really don't want your boys influenced by that perv...I mean, MAN, do you? LOL

I love the bed! Money well-spent in my opinon! They are probably enjoying the new space in their room too!

3/29/2007 7:00 PM  

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