I can't even think of a great title...other than I'm still whining

My icky week continued thru the weekend. Saturday morning (8:00 am)we went to Alec's game and it was good. He even kinda paid attention and only did 3 karate moves on the court the whole game!!!! They don't keep score on the little ones, but I think it was pretty close.

I got home and my pellet stove was making this horrible squeaking noise. I went to take the back off of it to see what it was and all the threads on it were cross-threaded and stuck so it took me forever. Finally got that done and wrote down the auger motor numbers and headed to "Raindrops" which is a stove and spa place. Talked to one guy who looked at me like I was from Mars and then another guy came up an knew what I was talking about. But they don't service that brand of stoves. I did take in my manual and showed him the layout of the stove. He said that "Englands Stoves" could only be repaired in the factory and I would have to mail it to Canada. LIKE HELL!!! I could buy a new stove cheaper than doing all of that. So, I am researching their website now to look for an auger motor. While I was there I asked him about cleaning the chimney on it. Since the people I bought this house from told me nothing, I'm a total worm when it comes to the pellet stove. We found the brush and the stick to clean it out and then he told me how the chimney pipe should have a clean out and he showed me how it worked. I got home and it did have a cleanout. I took the bottom off and a ton of crap came out. Then I looked at the top vent dealie and it look just flat out nasty. Pellet stove have some gross residue. I got it all cleaned up and then I headed for the shower cause I still had to coach Ashton's game. About half way thru my shower the bathroom door opened and I heard

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" in a rather snotty voice--It was my mom.
"I'm taking a shower. I will be out in a minute." I said in a rather irritated voice.

She shut the door and I finished rinsing out the conditioner from my hair. I get to take one non-rushed shower a week and she totally ruined it. Oh well.

Now as I have a towel on my head and one wrapped around me I walk out into my room, thinking my mother would be in the living room with the boys.....WRONG. She was standing right outside the bathroom door holding a Target bag. She held it out too me and asked "Did I get the right tea kettle?" While trying to keep my towel around my body I looked in the bag and inspected the bottom of the boxed tea kettle and told her yes. She said okay and left. As she walked down the hall she mummered "I don't know why anyone would want to take a shower in the middle of the day." Must of been one of her not so good or nice days.

The game went well, they don't keep score on them either but the teen said it was 18 to 20...we lost but it was a really good game!!!!! We go by my parents to pick up Alec (impossible to watch that beastie and keep him out of trouble and coach a game) my dad answers the door and said my mom has fallen to pieces cause the checks she ordered haven't come in yet. He is not very sympathetic to her moods. So I go find her and she is crying and said that everything she touches goes bad.....I just looked at her and said "Mom, it's been doing that to me for over 3 years....you'll get used to it" She just looked at me weird and I helped her hang up the clothes.

Then my dad came up and said they had no groceries in the house and wanted to know if I could take her to wal-mart cause his back was hurting....this was at 3:45 pm. We drive to wal-mart while the little boys stay with my dad. She got lost 3 times in wal-mart mainly due to all the people and them getting between us. She stood in front of the eggs and just stared. I got my purse and went over there and started talking to her and opening cartons finally found one that didn't have any broken ones and asked her if she thought they looked okay. She just shrugged her shoulders and took them. Did you know that wal-mart carries Grade A eggs and the grocery store carries Grade AA eggs?...... Finally get her home at 6:33 pm and groceries unloaded and then I get to go home and unload my groceries.

This morning my mom called around 10:30 am and said my dad can't get out of bed. Thursday he was having muscle spasms in his neck and went to the chiropractor. Seem to be getting better but this morning it was on the other side of his neck. I got over there, cleared out everything from around his side of the bed and got him to his feet. He could walk but very very slow. He got in the shower and stuff and seemed to be doing better, so I left. About 4 pm ish Alec and I walked over there to take them some cheese cake made from the filling mentioned in the previous post. He was in his recliner and I had to help him up to get him to the table. I honestly think he needs to be moving more instead of just laying there, but he wouldn't listen to me when I tried to tell him. Then I went to take their trash cans to the curb because tomorrow is trash day and I just about killed myself on all the ice in there side yard. So when I went in I told them I was going to get some rock salt at the store and would be right back. Salted the walk way and then my dad's oxygen was on empty so I changed it out and headed home.

As I type Ashton is talking to meth-head on the phone.......I hate it when Ashton is excited to talk to his dad. I know I shouldn't feel that way, but I still don't understand why he is so excited to talk to this man that has done what he has done. I of course never say anything to the boys about that.

However, about a week ago Alec said "Can I call the Replacements (cartoon network cartoon) and get a new dad?" I kind of giggled "Cause my dad is far away and that lady he lives with is weird." I literally had to bite my tongue. Ashton didn't say anything he just rolled his eyes....

I'm actually looking forward to the calmness of work!!

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Why do they do these things to me???

Yes, I saw this at Wal-mart tonight while taking my mom grocery shopping. And yes, I had to buy it. Who needs crust??? just sit down in front of the TV and dig in.

I probably should of stopped by ladies wear on the way to the check out and got a bigger pair of jeans!!!

Speaking of ladies wear.....have you ever noticed that for smaller chested women there are hundreds of styles, colors and just cool bras??? and for the larger chested women there is only white, beige and black??? Well at least on bras that will actually work???

(no, that's not me....
if they made them big enough for me you would have to wear sunglasses)

I've been looking for a teal bra. Thought I found one at target my size and everything. It's like getting two bowling balls into a marbles sack. (yes I stole Burt Reynolds quote...just different body parts). Then I found a blueish one......wore it and now I have bruises from the underwires. I hate underwires!!!!
Any input??????

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What a Freakin' Week

I've been a bad blogger......I've also been a busy bugg...

It all started last Monday.....biker chick threw a fit at work because someone answered her "direct line" which she called her "personal line" HELLO!!!! It's a work phone.....nothing personal about it. Anyway she made a huge drama scene in front of her boss then went on a 2.5 hour "walk". Then she clocked out for lunch and took about a 2 hour lunch. Upon her return, her boss sent her home for 2 days without pay. Then she did the crying thing. Harley chicks everywhere should be ashamed of her behavior.

Anyway, Thursday she came in and turned in her resignation. She spent like 45 minutes in the president's office doing the crying, whining BS stuff and then came down to get her stuff. And our redneck HR guy (aka her boss) let her clean out her own desk....And she took about $300.00 worth of company stuff.

Then the previous post "bead nose" thing happened.

Even though work is way more happy and I actually don't dread going there, it's a lot more work on me. We are just finishing up remodeling our office and I got the great project of organizing the office supplies that biker chick used to be in charge with. Let me tell you, we could supply every person in the US with a pen, pencil and ink jet ink. CHEESE AND RICE!!!

But the extra work is way worth the happy atmosphere.

I was so tired on Friday night, couldn't wait to get to sleep...yet I didn't sleep at all and this is why......

Yes, beasties took over my bed around mid-night and I slept none. But the morning brought this.....

About 2" of snow. Basketball games were cancelled.

The teen took the little boys sledding and no one got hurt!!! I was shocked.

My mother is being overly controlling and tried to demand that I tell her everywhere I go and what I will be doing. Needless to say, her demands have not been met. I do talk to her, but I told her that I have my own house for a reason and it's so I will have my own life. She still isn't very pleased with me, but she ate the dinner I took over Tuesday night.

Do to this creature....

Ashton has decided to either be a NBA player or a fry cook!! What diversity!!

However, the most wonderful and spirit lifting words I am dwelling on

"loving, learning and living"

have kept me going.

I am striving to get by every body's place tonight....so don't give up on me or blog friends.

How's YOUR week going?

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Two friends, a blonde and a redhead, are walking down the street and pass a flower shop where the redhead sees her boy friend buying her flowers.

The Redhead sighs and says: "Oh crap, my boyfriend is buying me flowers again."

The blonde looks quizzically at her and says: "You don't like getting flowers from your boyfriend?"

The redhead replies: "I love getting flowers, but he always has expectations after giving me flowers, and I just don't feel like spending the next three days on my back with my legs in the air."

The blonde says: ........"Don't you have a vase?"




I'm working away at work and at 2:15 pm the phone rings. It is the nurse at the boys school. Today is early out and they had been out for about 30 minutes and she said she had Alec in her office with his teacher from "latch key" (after school program). Alec was trying to be cool and stuck a bead up his nose. She said she could see it with a flash light but it was so far up there she was afraid to attempt to get it out. I am trying to hold in my laughter. She was relieved I was laughing and not yelling. Anyway I head that way to get him and we went to immediate care.

So....as we are driving to the doctor I ask him "What were you doing?"

"Well, I was trying to do a magic trick. I put it up there once and it fell out so the next time I stuck it way up there so it wouldn't fall out. I made the bead disappear. But I can't make it reappear, I don't know how. Megan liked my trick"

We get to immediate care and sign in and wait about 45 minutes, Alec is actually being good and playing. We get called back to go to a room and we get the "minor surgery" room and it takes everything in me not to freak out. He is bouncing all over that room waiting for the doctor. Finally he said "It feels like it's gonna fall out" So I have him look up and I can actually see the bead so I have him blow his nose and out it pops just as the doctor walks in. She laughs and checks him out just to be sure.

We head home and for dinner we have.......STAB FOOD!!!!

Chicken, green beans, piorgies from Schwans all eaten with wooden k-bob sticks--NO SILVERWARE ALLOWED.

and for the games last Saturday, they don't keep score till they get to 5th grade but for those who counted Alec's team lost by one basket and Ashton's team lost the score was 22-12. But they had a blast.

How is your week so far???

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There is only one of Ashton because it's kinda hard to take action pictures when you are the coach. I was a sideliner during Alec's game!!

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Another Friday Night at Home

Not totally alone, I have the little boys and a mountain of laundry that is almost as tall as I am
(the teen finally cleaned up his room)


First off.....slick answered an age old question of "What women want" and he didn't even use porn or batteried operated devices.....click HERE


Received the first garnished child support check from methhead. $78.00 woo-hoo!!! I'm not trying to seem ungrateful, but we have been separated since 2002 and the divorce was final in March, 2004 (yeah the lawyer loved me). He paid $300.00 in May of 2003 and then nothing since. . okay...enough bitching about the loser I married...


I'm on the teens computer for this post cause I haven't set up my laptop yet and I felt the urge to blog!! I check my e-mail and the bank and then I start looking for the check picture and I, of course, have to save it to the hard drive to post it. Being the mom that I am....I had to look at his pictures.

One of Alec in the teens hat...very dougie if I do say so myself. AND I DO!!!

The Burger King Crown.....

That was taken in our old front yard!!! No wonder the neighbors looked at us weird!!

One of his myspace girlfriends took a picture of him and did this. I think it's cool!!!

Okay...I have invaded his privacy to a point....but oh well....all of the above pictures of him are on his myspace anyway.

Our first basketball games are tomorrow. I will post pictures after Ashton's game which starts at 4:00pm Alec's game is at 8:30 am--so no sleeping in for us tomorrow.


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Sam I Am (not)

What extremes will a mother go to get her children to eat Good for you food???

Yes, my dear bloggers, it's true....GREEN EGGS AND HAM!!

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I was hoping for .....something not a man *sigh*

Okay, I stole this off of Malnurtured Snay's site...
Your results:
You are mild-mannered, good,
strong and you love to help others.

Click here to take the Superhero Personality Test



Add Another Line to My Resume

In October, Ashton's bike had flat tires. I called the bike shop and they said it was a 6 week wait so I went to Wal-Mart and got some fix a flat. It was a temporary fix. Ashton had told his dad that his kick stand was wobbly and he wanted it taken off. The darling methhead told me to bring his bike down to ABQ (189 miles one way) and he would fix it. He was rather snippy and pissy about it. I told him I would take care of it myself.

Well the tires held till last week. They finally went flat again. So today we went to the bike store and asked them how long again, 9 weeks backed up. So I bought tubes and tires for the bike and he put that sealy gunk in the tubes.

On the way back home I tried calling a couple of guys that might be able to help or at least guide me thru the process. Of course they have their own lives....one didn't answer and one had his daughters cause his wife went to somewhere with her sister. His 2 daugheters are worse than 50 of my boys so I politely excused him and told him I would call if I needed phone help. Then we passed the teen and I asked him to fix Ashton's bike I had just bought the tubes and tires. He said "sure" then drove the other way. What a shocker. (I'm starting to feel like the Little Red Hen)

Anyway, we get home and we head for the garage. Flip the bike over and I take a look at my project. Ashton has one of those mountain bikes for kids.....meaning it has gears.....meaning there is a sprocket cluster on the back tire. I take off one of the guards so I can get to the nut. Get the tire loosened then it took some major finagling (did I spell that right?) to get the tire out. Finally....then there is the lovely chore of taking the tire off the rim......Got that done and got the new tire on, aired it up and all was Dougie with the world.

That is....until the front tire, which I thought would be the easiest that's why I saved it till the last. I get the nuts off and take the tire out and get the tire off. Get the new tube, put it in and start getting the tire on. It took a little longer than the back and I don't know why...but got it dun. Tried to air it up.....and it wouldn't let air go in. WHAT THE HECK!!!!! So I get a different pump, the one for the basketballs, and try it. It kinda worked but this oily stuff came out of the valve. So I load the tire in my car and head for the bike shop. And of course the bike shop was closed. I decided to try the massive air at the service station. It aired up the tire but then 2 seconds later the tire was flat. At first I had thought I had pinched the tube while getting the tire on, but I think that tube had valve issues. I blazed a trail over to K-Mart (shorter lines) and get 3 tubes....just in case.

Get home wrestle with the stupid new tire to get it off the rim. There is this slimy crap all over the inside of the tire. I am guessing it's the stop leak gunk from the other tube. Anyway, get the tube on the rim and I put a little air in it so it's more difficult to pinch the tube when getting the tire on. (I did learn something from the years of watching methhead fix AJ's bikes and dirt bikes) But, I realized I had put too much air in it. I had bought the tubes that already had the green slime in them. Did you know that when you try to let air out of tubes that are pre filled with green slime that the slime comes out the valve????

I now know this.


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Wednesday, the little boys had their dentist visits. This was Alec's first one. Yes, I know I am behind and he should of been in like 2 years ago. But until now he wouldn't of been cooperative and pleasant and I didn't want them to knock him out just to check his teeth....
Alec, poor guy, has my teeth. 6 cavities and most of them are on the inside of the tooth...some weird genetic thing I've been told.....AND he has an extra tooth growing down in the roof of his mouth by his two front teeth. So in about 6 months they are going to have to remove his two front baby teeth and then surgically remove the extra tooth which by the way in coming in backwards...another weird genetic thing that I am choosing to blame on his father. And of course we will have earlier visits to fix the cavities. He was very excited to tell his teacher that he had 6 holes in his teeth!! I tried to explain that it wasn't a good thing...but it didn't seem to work.

Ashton, has only one cavity BUT........is going to need braces. Again, about 6 months aka this summer he will be going to the orthodontist.

AJ didn't need braces, I had them though. He is kinda excited.....first question out of his mouth....."Can I choose the colors they use?"

Not concerned with pain ....but what color of rubber bands.......


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