Friday Stuff!!!!!

I really have no theme today.....my life is just bland and not organized this week....

I think this guy IM'd me this week. I've been getting all kinds of weird IM's....some not even in English......One guy just sent me an invitation to see his cam....have no idea who he was....and I didn't look.... the one time I did accept one of those unknown invitations...it was a guy doing himself with a bannana on the cam!!!! I called "biker chick" in and we watched it for a bit laughing our butts off and then the guy ate the bannana.....we both grossed out.......I know..."TMI"......

No great plans for this weekend...I am helping my parents get ready to fly to Houston...my mom is majorly freaking out...so wish me luck.........

Any great weekend plans???


Step Away From the Crack Pipe....

At first glance...I thought this was Cher....

She looks OLD and Horrible!!!!!


That's My Boys!!!!!

I was planning on posting this on Thursday night....but Ashton has been sick...so I am just now getting here...

Parent teacher conferences were Thursday for the little boys...Alec's was first. It was a student lead conference. Meaning he took me around the room and we did different stations. There was the pattern station, the picture drawing, nursery rhymes, a poem, phonic cards, number writing, calendar, and counting.


New all of his zoo-phonics flash cards, new all the nursery rhymes...he even rewrote Baa-Baa Black Sheep...it's now the little boy that lives by the lake!!!!

Finally we got to the part where we talk to the teacher. He had to move his clip from green to yellow for continually thumping a girl with his pencil (a true boy) and when he refused to move his clip, his teacher put it on orange....he was horrified.....but he recovered to discover how to stick his finger down his throat and make himself throw up!!! And then he shared it with all of his class mates...all 22 of them.....So his poor teacher had 23 kindergartner's gagging themselves....Poor lady, I should send flowers or something.......

Then it was off to Ashton's conference.....He is now in 3rd grade and still loves school. Last year when school ended his reading level was 4.2 (4th grade 2nd month) he tested this year and he is at 5.4 (fifth grade fourth month) I am so proud. He is spankin' em in all of his language skills and doing great in math....semi struggling with the whole "clock" thing. So I have bought a actual clock with the hands and everything so we can work on the clock deal instead of all the digital display clocks we have. She also mentioned that she will be watching him for possible entry into the "gifted program". My heart skipped a beat!!! I was in the gifted program in grade school and I really loved it. I hope he will have the same opportunity.

The teen has yet to seriously crash on his long board (knock on wood) and is pretty much being a high school guy not settling down with any one girl. His senior picture proofs are awesome and as soon as I get my scanner hooked back up, I will post one.....

How was every one's weekend????



Talk is .........

I've hesitated in posting any of this for fear of what others might think, but it's my blog...so I have decided to post.

Why when you talk to most people do they make pie crust promises??? Why are things said and certain circumstances stated and if by chance that such circumstance happens, they don't stand by what they said?

O'Gherkin and I had been conversing over the phone and messenger for about 2-1/2 weeks or so......keep in mind he was a "high school flame". When we started talking again, I really stressed the "going really slow" issue. We have both been thru alot and are still going thru alot and I just didn't want things to go wrong and lose a possible rekindled friendship if a "relationship" didn't work.

To sum up 2.5 weeks in a paragraph or two.......his version of going slowly and mine are two very different things. I understand being passionate about someone or something and doing everything to get it, but you have to consider the other person. I'm very gun shy on the whole relationship thing, especially getting serious with anyone. For a few reasons I am this way, the main one is The Boys, I don't want them to ever have to go thru a separation or anything of the sort again. The second one is me....I honestly don't know if I can live with anyone again. I mean I have built up walls and have survival tactics that I have been living by for 3+ years..these habits aren't broken easily and the security of being on my own and not depending on anyone. Although this is a lonely life, it is one I feel safe in. And if pushed into a "relationship" situation...I will just Hermit out...

Then there is the safe thing just mentioned. I would feel much safer if I was with someone...what girl doesn't........but would I be so jumpy that I wouldn't be able to enjoy it?? Would I be walking on egg shells all the time and not be able to be myself????

In all honesty what happened was that he was pushing for a little more, and I would stall him...then he would push again...stall...push....stall....push...and that final push was just too much for me to handle and my response to him wasn't what he wanted and or needed to hear. So now I've lost a friend because I wasn't able to change and adapt to his needs.

I don't believe that it is possible to change people anymore. You can push them all you want and unless they are truly ready, you won't get the result that you were wanting. I believe in taking people for face value. If you think you can change them, then you will most likely lose them. In some of our final words he said he doesn't see himself changing and yet I was expected to change. Seems unfair from my stand point, but I guess we all see things differently.

I think if a relationship of any kind is going to work, you have to accept the person as they are right then. Not what they can be in 5 years or what you can talk them into, but who they truly are inside. Two people should be able to compliment each other in life. If one is shy, one might be more of a "people person". You need to have just enough differences that when you are together...you, as a couple, make one amazing team.....

Peace Out Blog Land....



Wordless Wednesday


The Countdown Starts

24 hours till orgasm season premier of NCIS .

I am so excited!!! I have gone all summer without watching Gibs and now...Now....NOW......the season premier tomorrow night. The phone ringers will be turned off and children duct taped in their beds.........

I don't have a real version of photo shop-(yet)....so go easy on my cut an paste....



Bra Delima

Okay.....I went bra shopping with the boys on Friday.....(mental note to self....don't do that again...) Ashton was poking in all the padded bras and Alec was rubbing his face all over the panties.....BOYS!!!

Anyway.....I have issues with bras. I think they should make you look good and not be too painful to wear. I realize that with the load I have them carrying, they aren't going to last long, but I do expect them to keep "the girls" corralled.

I was wearing this certain style that looked good, but if I ever got cold my nipples would show thru. I would love to add saw a hot guy....but you should see the males where I work....eewwww..

Okay, so to attempt to defeat the nipple issue I switched to a style that is slightly padded. Not that I need any extra padding in that department...but it did hide the overly noticeable if it happened. But, it doesn't look as good.....

So....what do you think.....Good looks, possibly put a warning sign around my neck that all spectators need eye protection or....padded sagging????



My Baby is Growing Up......(sniff-sniff)

Thursday we were on our way to school and out of no where Alec pipes up in the back...

"Mom, when I grow up can I have a motorcycle?? I want a Dragon 3000"

This was his first "when I grow up" statement.....I have no idea what a dragon 3000 is but I told him he could have one if he paid the insurance for it.

Ashton said "I want a slugbug". That's my boy!!!!

Then Friday morning he wanted jeans!!!! Alec, before Friday, hated anything that had snaps or buttons at the waist. I told him we would go get some after school. As soon as I got to daycare he ran up and said

'"We're going shopping?"

dang...he remembered... so we headed to Wal-mart and I picked out 3 different styles in his size. We find the dressing room and start the trying on process. The first pair he gets about half way up and says

"Nope, not these"

and he takes them off and gets the next pair. gets them on and I help him snap them and he turns around and looks at his booty in the mirror,

"nope not these"

and he takes them off and we go for the 3rd pair. He gets them on, and again looks at his booty in the mirror, spanks "the booty" and says...

"Yep, these!"

I have no idea what look he was going for...but I guess we found it.....

How is your weekend going so far???



Where were YOU when the world stopped turning??

(that is outside my back door on Saturday)
Where was I......I had just dropped off my kids at daycare and was inroute to the college to teach a class when the first plane hit. We didn't watch TV or listen to the radio on the way to daycare, and I was listening to a CD after I dropped the boys off. As I entered the building of the college I was amazed that there was an open computer in the cafteria. I hoped on it, logged into Blue Mountian and sent my nephew a birthday card...He was 4 years old that day.....
I walked into my classroom, where we were supposed to be doing typing class when all of my students were pale....this was amazing because the whole class was Native Americian--Navajo Tribal officials to be exact. I asked them what was wrong, and one lady just pointed at her screen. She was on the internet and there was a video of the 1st plane crash. I just stood there, mouth open in shock. About 10 minutes later, they cancelled the class so the students could go home to their families and help those who had lost loved ones.
I was still in shock, I called meth-head (he was out working on a drilling rig) and he was all psycho. He wanted me to pack up the boys and we were going to go find a cabin up in Colorado. I told him we didn't have a cabin and he said he would just take one. Screaming on the phone telling me that if I didn't do as he said he would leave me for dead and take the boys. So my shock and sadness took back seat to dealing with a psycho. So, instead of him thinking of the others that had lost their lives...he was thinking of taking stuff from others.
In 2003, I was sitting at a stop light and a fire truck drove by--written on the back was "09/11/01 we will never forget!" I started crying. The people beside me must of thought I was insane or in need of prozac or something.
Then when I heard the song by Allen Jackson "Where were you when the world stopped turning" I cried even more, and still do most times I hear the song.
It not just the horror of someone or some group attacking our soil, it's the innocient and unknowing lives that were lost, and the brave souls that risked and lost their lives helping those in need.
I have a new found respect (in addition to the one I already had) for those in the armed services and for what they do. They follow their orders even though they might not believe in them and they risk their lives to keep us free and safe. They have to live with the memories or regrets from peforming their jobs to the best of their ability.
Then there are the rescue workers at the crash site. Those who risked their lives to save others. Those who slipped away in their hands or were just out of their reach.
Then there are those that were left in the silence that followed to pick up the pieces of broken families and keep their faith in God and their country.
I got the following in an e-mail on Friday...and yes, it made me cry.....
Two thousand one, nine eleven
Three thousand plus arrive in heaven
As they pass through the gate,
Thousands more appear in wait
A bearded man with stovepipe hat
Steps forward saying, "Lets sit, lets chat"
They settle down in seats of clouds
A man named Martin shouts out proud
"I have a dream!" and once he did
The Newcomer said, "Your dream still lives."
Groups of soldiers in blue and gray
Others in khaki, and green then say
"We're from Bull Run, Yorktown, the Maine"
The Newcomer said, "You died not in vain."
From a man on sticks one could hear
"The only thing we have to fear.
The Newcomer said, "We know the rest,
Trust us sir, we've passed that test."
"Courage doesn't hide in caves
You can't bury freedom, in a grave,"
The Newcomers had heard this voice before
A distinct Yankees twang from Hyannis port shores
A silence fell within the mist
Somehow the Newcomer knew that this
Meant time had come for her to say
What was in the hearts of the five thousand plus that day
"Back on Earth, we wrote reports,
Watched our children play in sports
Worked our gardens, sang our songs
Went to church and clipped coupons
We smiled, we laughed, we cried, we fought
Unlike you, great we're not"
The tall man in the stovepipe hat
Stood and said, "Don't talk like that!
Look at your country, look and see
You died for freedom, just like me"
Then, before them all appeared a scene
Of rubbled streets and twisted beams
Death, destruction, smoke and dust
And people working just 'cause they must
Hauling ash, lifting stones,
Knee deep in hell, but not alone
"Look! Blackman, Whiteman, Brownman, Yellowman
Side by side helping their fellow man!"
So said Martin, as he watched the scene
"Even from nightmares, can be born a dream."
Down below three firemen raised
The colors high into ashen haze
The soldiers above had seen it before
On Iwo Jima back in '45
The man on sticks studied everything closely
Then shared his perceptions on what he saw mostly
"I see pain, I see tears,
I see sorrow -- but I don't see fear."
"You left behind husbands and wives
Daughters and sons and so many lives
Are suffering now because of this wrong
But look very closely. You 're not really gone.
All of those people, even those who've never met you
All of their lives, they'll never forget you
Don't you see what has happened?
Don't you see what you've done?
You've brought them together, together as one.
With that the man in the stovepipe hat said
"Take my hand," and from there he led
Three thousand plus heroes, Newcomers to heaven
On this day, two thousand one, nine eleven
Author UNKNOWN (What a shame!)


I've been called a "Slacker".....

Me...can you imagine????

Here is my new front gate sign....

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I think it's rather fitting....

I've had another one of those weeks at work...I am tempted to bring in Midol, tequila and maybe some "ganja"(did I spell that right O'gherkin?) brownies for biker chick just so she might stop being such a "biatch"

Here is the kitten update......"Buddy" is our other cat that is about a year old and he is in some of the pictures. Buddy is not quite the social butterfly that "Merlin" or "NigNag" as the teens call her.

Here is the teen and his new "long board" I am sure we will be visiting the ER soon...

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and the teen being a "cool big brother"

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
So, O'Gherkin........(I would say "bite me" but he is keeping track) There ya go...
How is everyone's weekend so far???


I know you guys are impressed!!!!

3 days of build up......I am impressed with my own spamie-ness


Wordless Wednesday--YEAH RIGHT!!!


Laboring on Labor Day!!!!

More yard work this morning.......I ran the hose in the garden all night so the dirt would be soft....about 6 weeks s ago I took a sample of a garden plant to the local nursery to see if it was a weed or a flower.......he said "flower" six weeks later I wish I could go back and tell him that he lied....I have been watering weeds....filled up 4 55gal trash bags with weeds this morning....

I did find this ....

I screamed for the teen. I could of sworn I they were snake eggs and that I saw snake-ie skin thru one of them....as I danced around and freaking out, I gathered my strength and a shovel and scooped them out......it was part of a strand of beads....

Then.....as we were finishing up and putting stuff in the trash can...we found this....

Our big cat....prefers to hunt hummingbirds.....




After I drop the little boys off at school, I have to go thru a school zone and the last 2 days there is a "Community Service Officer" there who in reality isn't a full fledged police officer...basically a "wannabe cop" and this one also wants to be Vin Diesel....

He's got the shaved head and he tries to puff up his chest and struts around the cross-walk area. Takes everything in me not to laugh each time I see him.

Yesterday morning the light was red so I was stopped and when it turned green, I actually (shocking I know) accelerated my car ever so slightly. Mr. Wannabe grabbed his cute little orange vest that says "Police" and waved it at me like I was burning rubber or something. I looked down at the speedometer and it said...brace yourself.....5mph.... I just looked at him and drove on.

Today, once again the light was red but he was in the middle of the street. Go Figure...Mr. Power trip looked at me and started walking my way. BTW...he was wearing sock booties...and he had chicken legs... Anyway he walks up to my car and looks at the car behind me as he knocks on my window with his knuckle. How "studly" HA. I roll down my window and he starts to say "Seat belt" and then he looks at me and says "Oh, you have it on" and I said, "Yeah, I have it on--My boobs are just too big for you to see it clearly" He backs away and says "Sorry, wrongly accused" the light turns green and I drive away.

No I don't have a crush on him...there are just a ton and I mean a ton of pictures of him on the Internet.....and besides, he is too short. And actually I had more pictures but it won't let me load them....

How is your Friday so far??