Things My Boys Have Said--IN PUBLIC!!!

When AJ was about 3, we saw a very pregnant lady in a store....

"Look Mom.....she's rolled up like a Ball!!!"
I was and still am a fan of "Big Hair Bands" when AJ was in 1st grade...I always listened to Def Leopard......he told his first grade teacher
"You've got the peaches, I've got the cream"
She was horrified......but still brings it up everytime we see her......
Ashton went to a church daycare...Baptist.....meth-head loves Austin Powers....So, at the darling age of 3 Ashton told his daycare teacher
"Yeah Baby Yeah, you make me very horny"
Great!!! don't think I didn't get called into the principles office over that one!!!
Most recently and the loudest I might add...is Master Alec
In Disneyland at a very nice and very quiet restaurant, Alec noticed a man dining alone
"Mom, where is that man's family???"
AJ just about crawled under the table...and of course because we ssshhh'd Alec he had to ask it again and even louder.
Over the past weekend I was cleaning out under the bathroom sink. I was fixing the pull-up bag and then I straightened the feminine products up as well. Alec asked me what those were...I stammered and then he said "Diapers?". Whew...easy out I think..."Kind of, but they are for mommy only..okay??" It was all good......till we were checking out at Wal-Mart Alec tells the cashier and everyone around us...
"My Mom wears diapers!!!!"
I know...I asked for it.....
Then this morning we were at the drive up at Blake's Lottaburger getting Alec bacon because I ran out of it at home. He was watching the lady at the register and after she had taken my money and with her window still open....
"Is that a boy or a girl?"
"She is a girl"
"Then why does she look like a boy--look at her hair!!!"
Try to keep smiling at the lady and hope she doesn't spit on your food when your 4 year old is saying these things.....to his credit she was rather butchish and the first time I saw here I was confused as well.


Blogger Aiden Witmore said...

ha ha ha!!! thats great!
one time, when my brother was little, we were in the store and this guy with dreadlocks was standing near us, and my brother goes "is that a boy or a girl?!" and the dreadlock guy turns around, smiles and says "im a boy."
it was way to priceless!
i dont think i've ever said anything embarassing in the store. well, take that back.
when i was three i had this fixation with farting (excuse my language.) and one time, in the store i announce that i just had.
i dont think i've seen my parents that pink.

4/20/2006 7:39 AM  
Blogger Kristen said...

Gotta love it- one time, as I was giving my neice a requested push into her "big girl bed," she informed me "don't push too hard, cuz there's poop in there." Thanks for that, Neice.

I mumbled under my breath a few months ago "Your father is an ass," when peering into the fridge to see he had dripped iced tea AGAIN. I didn't think anything of it because she was only like 10 months old. Well, daddy came home and she started mubling "ass." I had to explain that one- delicately- to daddy. LOL.

4/20/2006 8:55 AM  
Blogger drama mama said...

LOL! I love the diaper one! HA! Blakes put in a drive through?? The one on 20th?? I wish I'd have known that when I was there!

4/20/2006 9:13 AM  
Anonymous dreamwalker said...

LOL! Thanks...I love starting the day with a good laugh :)

4/20/2006 2:40 PM  
Blogger Mr. Fabulous said...

Geez, if I had known kids were so much fun I would have had a couple...

4/20/2006 6:10 PM  
Blogger peebugg said...

DramaMama--Blakes on Broadway..I don't live in the rich neighborhood anymore....

Kristen: I'm with you there. Alec tells people our cat's name is "Damn Cat" and he just loves repeating my road rage terms...

WMW: Now you get to experience it with you new sibling.

Mr. Fab. You need 6 or 7 of them...

4/21/2006 9:29 AM  
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