My Mind at 4 am

Can't sleep...I think my last post was way too serious and mushy...

Probably should of been an e-mail to a certain person, but I shared my weird innermost thoughts with the WORLD....isn't that special??? I really don't need to listen to love songs, especially country love songs....they make me mushy.......

Mr. Fab had a very cool post yesterday. Well all of his posts are cool and usually make me laugh or at least think a bit. (you should go "bask in the fabulousness"). His post was about "Crushes" pretty much those we know we will never have a chance with--like celebrity crushes. Specifically, his was on same sex crushes--BUT the opposite sex crushes were there too.

Because these "people" are celebrities and pretty much inaccessible, there was a lot of admitting on the crush thing... I put Bill Pullman--who?? you say.....He was the good and kind brother on "While You Were Sleeping". He is very handsome, but I honestly think I have more of a crush on his character than him. And George Clooney--But not really him now as much as him when he was on "ER"--once again his character.

Same sex thing--I have never really had a "girl crush" I think a lot of females are cool and wish I had their lives, but never really wanted to have sex with them or kiss them or anything in that arena. Am I warped??? Anyway, I put Pauley Perrett as my hero...who? you say again. Abbie off of NCIS --- again it's her character not her. I know nothing about her and I am not really pressed to find anything out.

Back to the same sex thing...... It just doesn't do anything for me.....I don't want to be part of one or watch one or even hear details about an encounter.....It just freaks me out. I mean I am accepting of the fact that there are same sex relationships and that's just groovy as long as they don't include me. I am, oddly enough, more accepting of two females together than I am of two guys....I don't know why. Could it be I watched "Deliverance" and "Prince of Tides" when I was too young??? Or could it be because I was forced to watch meth head "do himself" with a 9" vibrating dildo with a girth of 8"???? I am forever scared by that and the whole scene...which would make my blog Rated R if I go any further on that subject.

I pretty much have to force myself to hug another female, except my mom...mommies don't count. I mean I am their friend and at certain times there is a need for comfort, but it doesn't come naturally for me, I have to consciencely make myself do it.

Really can't stand being touched by those I am not involved with or by family members...my brother doesn't count...we don't even talk let alone have any other form of contact. Biker Chick used to touch my arm all the time I finally had to tell her "I don't swing that way so STOP TOUCHING ME!!!" She just laughed and walked away..... We have a salesman that likes to give back rubs...took me forever to get the point across that I don't want one.....then we have the HR guy who thinks it's his job to shake everyone...not their hand, their body....One elbow to the stomach cured him of doing that with me. Why would anyone want to be shaken??? and why does he think he should be the one doing it????

Now if I happened to be involved with someone--back rubs are acceptable...the shaking thing would probably lead to a wrestling match...but it's all good fun.

My kids are smothered with hugs and kisses and all types of parental affection. Nothing weird. Hopefully they won't be as warped as I am and grow up as normal as one can this day and age....

What about you???? Accepting?? Freaked out???? Accepting but still Freaked out??? No way not gonna happen....nope not here????


Blogger tales north said...

hahaha peebugg! Jimmy the firefighter off third watch is my tv crush - as you can imagine i was pissed when the show was cancelled! I missed the post between this one and the zitty armpits so of course when I read the first part of your post i was like "WTF". So happy to find a post between!

4/18/2006 12:21 PM  
Blogger Mr. Fabulous said...

I do not like to be shaken either. But I do enjoy being stirred :)

Thank you for the kind words. I am not worthy!

4/18/2006 5:36 PM  
Blogger drama mama said...

I am a huggy person. I also touch people when I'm talking to them. Not in a weird way, just a friendly way. I don't know why. I hope it doesn't bug them. Now I'll always wonder.

4/18/2006 8:27 PM  
Blogger Mindless Dribbler said...

I'm the uh.."no freakin' way in he#@!!" kinda guy...but you already knew that.

4/21/2006 4:43 PM  
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