You know it's gonna be a long day when......

This is outside your work parking lot....


Yes, I am taking pictures while driving somewhere close to 55 mph.

Now "newbie" is all a flutter, there are single men out there and she stares at them out her window. She so needs to get a clue.

I have been teaching the last two nights and it leaves me completely frizzle fried--so I'm semi brain dead today and I still have class tonight.....wish me luck!!

How is your week going??


Another Sunday of Yard work

I know you guys think I'm making up the snake stories.....

But yesterday..I had witnesses

The two smallest are the bravest when it comes to "those kind of cratures"


Work Blows

(Nice Visual--huh)

At work we are doing away with the semi-annual bonuses and attendance bonuses and combining them into a higher hourly wage. So, the HR guy put out the first sheet of how much everyone's raise will be...and there was almost a riot!!!!
One guy came in and said they were all putting on their "war paint". 87% of our workers are Native American and so was he....it got kinda scary. So now, I get to go thru the past 20 months of time..that's 80 weeks at 250 employees a week and type out the reasons for the time they missed......BLEK!!! Oh well, job security I guess...it all pays the same...
Much to my surprise, the teen came home the other night and said he just asked for a reduction in hours. He asked for Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday off--always. Tuesday and Thursday mainly due to Ashton has twae-kwon doe and has to be picked up early at daycare so he can eat before he goes and most of the time the teen does that for me if he is not working.
I was shocked and almost cried....he actually put some thought into a decision and made a good decision...
How's your week going?


What to say

The teen just called--not a happy camper

He just completed the 2nd day of school and he is supposed to work tonight.

He said he wants to quit his job. He already has (and I quote) "Homework like hella".

I don't want him to flunk and I want him to do well his senior year--but should I also encourage him to take the easy way out and quit his job???

I realize it's tough working and going to school, but is he just being lazy?? or is it truely overwhelming???

What would you do?

Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

Last night while talking to O'Gherkin on the phone, there came a rapping someone gently tapping tapping at my humble adobe door. Simply this--but wait!! There is More!!

Answered the door and there were some guys men looking for AJ. When I opened the door, Handsome was there and he walked out to smell them. I told them not to worry, he won't bite them. Then the geeky guy said "That's what the owner said of the last dog that bit me". You would be so proud--I didn't say what I really wanted to say!!

Anyway, the visit was brief mainly due to Handsome not going away. Which in reality I didn't want him too. He was doing his job, he was protecting his family. He never growled or sniffed anywhere rude. But he made his presence very much known. He got double doggie treats after they left!!

All the boys survived the first day of school. The schools are still standing and the daycare bus that Alec and Ashton ride was not vandalized or hi-jacked and the driver didn't need medical attention after she got them to daycare.

So all is well in the land of tes-tos-ta-rone.

How is your week so far?



sniff...sniff.....all my babies are in school!!!!
One Senior, one kindergartener and one almost in the middle in 3rd grade!!

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What's in a name?

Would a sweet pickle by any other name taste just as sweet?

So, I've been talking to an "old flame" who lives in Tucson....he claims he reads my blog every day....gotta be boring if he really does it because I haven't been posting every day!!!
Anyway he wanted to know what his "code name" was going to be. He thought "westernman"...but he doesn't like country (yes I still talk to him, anyway)--so that doesn't really work. One of his nicknames, according to him, is "BigO" (no Mindless, no like that) because his last name begins with an "O".
Then, we were talking about all the fast food places he got "banned" from in high school and he mentioned "a little pickle fight". I start laughing and then there was some comment about "jerkin' the gherkin"....you can see where this conversation went.... I like the name "O'gherkin" he on the other hand isn't overly thrilled....
So, what's a girl to do????

That is one Big Gherkin!!!! Looks almost like a sopository or a huge light up sex toy!!! No wonder the Swiss are so happy!!!


Say Cheese!!

Went to a NEW lawyer yesterday about the child custody thing and shit (that's for you mindless).

$1,500 retaining fee...well worth it for what I consider the best family law attorney in town....Randy Roberts..(..just in case anyone local might happen to come across this...)

Why did I do this you ask.......well, meth-head's sister left her husband and moved down to Albuquerque to live with their dad and she visits meth-head alot. She is one of those pushy "do it my way" kind of females that can pretty much dominate her brother and I could just see the wheels turning -- or what wheels he has left...I think he has destroyed the "teeth" on those wheels or gears...hence the picture above....

Lawyer said is was amazed that a judge signed my divorce agreement because it was very one sided. I have "sole physical custody" of the children even though joint custody was also in there...that is just some standard mumbo-jumbo. Child support was set at $1,411.00 per month which has never been paid. I have never challenged the child support not being paid in court because the custody of my kids is more important to me than the money and I don't want to get the custody part changed...

So, now that I have a cool lawyer...watch nothing happen. Oh Well!!




What the hell heck does Dougie mean??? The teen keeps using it....

He was getting ready to go camping for 2 nights and his friend told him to take his toothbrush and a bottle of water....he said...
"Nah--2 days will be okay, I'm dougie that way" dougie means disgusting??

Then.......he (for some unknown reason) was showing me his chest hair and how in the center he has a "manly line" of hair going down *there*(whispering).

"Check this out (he points to it)--It's Dougie" dougie meaning--hairy? manly? looks in the mirror too much???

"Mom, check out this belt buckle--It's dougie"

"Mom, you're so Dougie..........can I stay out till 2 am?"


KITTEN UPDATE....his life is hard!!
School starts the 22nd here....the two little boys can't wait.....I think the teen might even be excited...this is his first high school year girlfriend free.....and he has been loving summer!!

Sorry I've been a suckie blogger (and I mean truly suckie....with both lips even)
...this summer has kept me busy......

What's your news for the week???



it's almost 9pm here...and it's finally almost quiet!!!!

Saturday I was doing laundry all day--trying to catch up on what I missed while teaching a class--which BTW I am doing again next week...oh joy!!! If I could get a date as much as I teach...I might be happy---or at least I would have better things to blog about!!

Had a rather loud discussion Saturday night with the teen and the last few weeks. It's mainly about having 4-8 people over here at all times. Some spend the night there are massive numbers of girls over here with the boys when I am not home and while I was teaching and he was supposed to be babysitting---there were girls and his friends. Monday night I had bought 8 frozen pizzas. Mainly so he could feed the boys something nutritional while I was teaching. When I get home Tuesday night they are all gone. The next morning I asked Ashton what they had for dinner and he said "a popsicle". Then I asked the teen what happened to the pizzas and he said his friends ate them and drank all of the gatoraide (3 8-packs). Then we discussed the mess through-out the house and outside. TRASH EVERYWHERE!! dirty dishes everywhere and empty gatoraide bottles everywhere..... and all of the bathtowls were dirty---we have a gobb of them and he sure didn't give the little boys baths.....Do I want to know????

I asked him if they all acted this way at the other kids' houses and he said "no, we aren't aloud to be over at anyone elses house in groups"....Now I know why. Hopefully going without the cell phone for 24 hours and being grounded for a Friday and Saturday night will impress upon him my eternal and internal moodiness when it comes to this subject again....

Today....we were doing yard work. Teen mowed the lawn. Screamed 3 times--saw 2 snakes and was overly lucky enough to see the same big one TWICE!!! Little boys pulled up morning glories....I SERIOUSLY THINK THOSE THINGS ARE WEEDS!!!. I trimmed back the grape vines and only found 3 earwigs and 2 centipedes and 2 daddy longlegs. Then I sent everyone inside while I did the poison thing from mosquito's and ticks. Since we have been having all this rain.....we are getting different creatures to make me scream.

Then the little boys and I took my mom to the mall to do some back to school clothes shopping. My mom has tons of gift cards to JC Penny's so we went there first. Got some cool stuff and then we had to face the rest of the mall for the teen. He wanted a black Jansen backpack from Anchor Blue. They had a black one at Penny's but the shoulder thingies were curved and he would of hated it...so got the back pack. Little boys noticed that there is now a motorcycle dealership in the mall....and they saw all the really cool colored 4 wheelers...."note to self...avoid that part of the mall at all costs!!!" Then we had to go to Pac-Sun to get Valcom shirts for the teen....Only found 3 in Size L. I think he should wear a medium --- (hell, I think he should wear whatever anyone gets him that is decent---IT'S FREE!!!) But he says they shrink up too much...so I bought the "L". (aren't you glad I shared all of this boring stuff)

My mom was wiggin' out in the mall. Freaking out on the little boys---her aging is taking it's toll. But she is always complaining about not being able to "get out" I think we've cured her of that for a while!!!

We get home...I start washing the new clothes--except for the Teen's because he has to put his seal of approval on them before I do....just in case I have to return them.

Then for some odd reason, I think I should go pull some more weeds. So I am in the rock part of the yard---gravel, not boulders--and I'm pulling up stray elm trees and weeds and something darts out of a weed and hits me on the hand. I look down and "IT'S A DAMN SNAKE!!!" in the rocks!!!!! I wasn't even looking for them...because I wasn't near the grass---It was a garder snake reacting to my reacting to my pulling and tried to scare me away with a "rattlesnake" imitation....IT WORKED!! I threw the weeds I had in hand at in and went inside---and freaked out for a while......I know I am going to have snake dreams tonight....


p.s. anyone know any snake repellent tricks???



Whew!!! (wipes sweat from brow)

I am glad this week is over....

Started off with biker chick being a b*tch Monday, One of my classes made so I taught MicroSoft Access Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights so I didn't get home those 3 nights till around 10 pm and the teen was babysitting--and I learned he was babysitting with several friends over--so messy messy house, no food and one angry MAMA!!!

Had to take the teen's truck in to get the brakes fixed--even though his dad is a mechanic, his dad won't fix them even if I pay for it all....so $600.00 there for both front and back breaks, turn drums and roters, seals and fix a broken tail light....GREAT!!! there goes my extra money from teaching!!!!

I guess the most stressful part was dealing with "The Teen". I've been trying to be a cool and understanding parent--more so than usual because this is the summer before his senior year and I remember how I was.....

But....I have finally reached the end of my rope...he pushed too many buttons...


I was gonna say "blow" but Mindless and Mr. Fab read this at times...and well... If you don't know....you need to go read their blogs and then you will so understand....

so if any of you would like a teenager...CHEAP...might I add....I might have one for you very soon if his attitude doesn't improve!!