Behind The Scenes Update

After reading Kdubs (who is just stopping by for a brief visit) I have not properly kept this thing up-to-date on everything......

Wine update...I tried Reisling....gross. I then tried Yellow Tail....gross. I just don't like wine or beer. I do like some "chick drinks" but drinking really does nothing for me...just makes me sleepy and then I wake up with a headache. So I am giving up...... If who ever I am with, romantically or whatever, is uncomfortable with me not drinking then it's their problem. (this experiment was my half-a$$'d attempt at sucombing (I have no idea if I spelled that right..sorry) to peer pressure....no wonder I was never invited to parties as a teen...I am no fun at all) I don't have a problem with them drinking as long as they don't drive and don't get violent. Still don't like smoking and am incredibly ANTI-DRUG.........and ANTI-DOM/SUB.... I put that in my profile on yahoo personals in January....and I didn't get one hit...I know you are surprised by that.......

Concerning meth-head (I don't consider him a man (by my own definition)) he is in a half-way house in Albuquerque. He is in an apartment complex community thing and has a room mate. According to him he has lots of counseling sessions and he is supposed to get a job. He has to pay for rent, utilities the whole "real life" stuff. He has been there over a month and still no job. I know I am shocked. He hasn't worked since September 2002...... Anyway, he has called 3 times. Called Easter night at about 10 pm and wanted me to wake up the boys. He got a rather rude response. Then he called last Sunday and talked to both of them and then when it was time to get off he said that he "loved us" I just said...well gotta go...bye... and hung up. I am not and am not going to pursue child support, if the state wants to that's their deal. But I don't need it and I will be damned if I am going to ask for it!!!!!

My mom went to the doctor today to get the results on some tests that he did last week. He told her that he is prescribing her some memory pills because he has noticed things. He didn't directly say Alzhiemer's and she seems okay with it. She said "he thinks I'm losing it"...and then later on in the conversation she said "I'm just taking it as it goes and it's up to you to put me in a rest home when the time comes." I'm not sure if she was kidding or not, but at least she is in good humor.

I e-mailed my worthless brother about the tests last week and asked him to call her and just talk to her about anything other than her condition....did he?? HELL NO!!! but of course because he is the "golden child" it will be over looked and he will still be perfect in their eyes.

I still haven't seen "JarHead". I guess it will be one of those movies I bought and never watched.

HERE'S A HAPPY THOUGHT!!! I haven't lost Alec in almost 2 Weeks!!!! Woo-hoo...



Blogger drama mama said...

I had wine a couple of times back in the day. Yuck-o! I had champagne twice....yum-o! But those days are long past and I now stick with only the hard stuff.....sparkling apple juice with a caramel sauce kicker!

4/25/2006 11:25 PM  
Blogger Dubs said...

I love love LOVE wine. Sorry. Red is my favorite. Try Boggle Merlot...one more t ime. LOL..... Martinis??? Apple tinis????

Meth HEAD--- yuck. I'm glad he isn't near you or in your home.

Mom-- I'm so sorry.

Brother-- What a looser. His loss.

You-- you rock. Hugs to you sweet girl.


4/26/2006 5:10 AM  
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