Tis The Season........

This is my case number for Friday, December 23, 2005. Around 10:30 pm while AJ was at work, I was in the bathtub and the little boys were asleep in their beanbags in the front room, someone broke into our house via the back door.

The dogs started barking, so I hurried and got out of the tub. I grabbed a towel and came out of the bathroom telling them to be quiet. I heard a car stereo, a car door shut and the car drive off. This is nothing new, I have a teenager and one lives across the street and another 2 houses down. Then the dogs run towards the back door, I followed. My back gate was open. Now if it would of been open long, I wouldn't have dogs in the house. They would be out visiting. So I go back in and get on a robe and slippers and grab my huge metal "I'm a cop" flash light (you know the one that takes 4 D batteries) and I head outside. Garage "people door" was open, but I had been in and out of the garage all day and I can't honestly remember if I left it open or not. So I look in there, nothing.....I look up the drive-way don't see nothing.....go around front....don't see nothing. The dogs have calmed down, so I go inside. I go get my jammies on and AJ drives in the drive way...home from work. I told him what happened...he was freaked... we try to go to sleep.

I get up bright and early on Christmas Eve...I needed to go to Big 5 to get Ashton a skateboard. I had forgot to get him one.......Can't find my purse....anywhere.....I look all over. I wake AJ up and make him look. I get my car keys out of my jacket and go check the car.....nothing. Then I look by the dinner table where I usually set my purse and the recipe for prime rib for Christmas was on the floor. So, my purse had been there.

(Sorry, DramaMama....I had to cuss)
They took my purse. I freak and start looking outside. The receipt where I had made my car payment on Friday was in the drive way....that is the way my purse went. I come in the front door and AJ uses the drive way so he comes in the back door. I freak, my house and work keys are in there, my credit cards, driver's license, Sam's Card, and all of my grocery store cards that had killer gas savings built up on them, check book, wallet with $160.00 cash.......DAMN IT!!!! I call the police...they said they would send someone. I then call Bank of America....put a hold on all accounts and all cards. Call credit card companies and report cards stolen. Officer gets here, the little boys won't leave him alone. A new male presence in our house is overwhelmed at the door. The little boys con'd him out of 2 stickers and a business card each!! The poor guy. He takes my report and drives around the neighborhood looking for the remains of my purse. I wish they had just taken the money and tossed my purse in the street, but I can't be that lucky.
No news as of yet, so tomorrow I get to go stand in line at the MVD to get a new driver's license. I can't get to my money without ID. I am lucky that I have direct deposit and didn't have my whole paycheck cashed and in my wallet, I just had part of my childsupport in there.
The scary part is......if they had came in any further, they might of hurt the little boys who were asleep in the next room. If Alec hadn't of continually unwrapped presents and forced me to keep them in my car, the thieves might of seen the presents and ended up hurting us to get to them. God was truly working in mysterious ways. I am glad that none of us got hurt....
But Wait-----There's more!!!!!
About 2 am Friday night, I couldn't sleep. I get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. I don't turn on the light....never do in the middle of the night. Sit down on the toilet, and

The hinge had falled off of the lid and stayed on the seat when I lifted it up, and I sat down on the one remaining very sharp and very pointy screw!!!!! That will teach me to not turn on the light!!!!


Then, as I was doing laundry on Monday.....I found Niki's thong in my washing machine. Great, my son and his girlfriend...... Now if I confront him or them they will just deny it and make up some great story and stumble over each other and I will just get mad.....so instead I did this...

Yep....I hung them on AJ's ceiling light and I am not going to say a word. I will just wait for his reaction.


(evil laugh)

I will post Christmas pictures tomorrow.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas holiday!!!


Merry Christmas!

May God Bless Us....EveryOne!!!


This Post is For Me--But, comments are welcome

What the heck does that mean?? It means it will be something on my blog that I will see, and it will help me remember and deal with my feelings....

No, I am not mental....I've just been doing a lot of thinking and I need to put it somewhere that I will see it for the next few days to help keep my thoughts straight.

This is on Northern Man...aka PJ....

The cell phone number is still disconnected, but he does have another number and it still works. I called it today. I know I shouldn't of, but I did. I have actually dialed the number hundreds of time over the last few weeks. But I hang up before it goes thru. This time, I let the call go thru. I of course got his voice mail because he was working. The sound of his voice again really rocked my world, but I kept myself together. I left a message saying I hope he got the gifts and Merry Christmas. I hope it didn't make him mad, but he isn't talking to me so I don't really know.

Before he changed his phone number or whateverhe did, he drank some. Then one weekend he decided to just go away and get his thoughts together. Can't blame him, if I could--I know I would. Anyway, that was the weekend before the END. (that sounds so gory...but I couldn't think of a better word) I talked to him onMonday or Tuesday after his trip and he said that he had decided to stop drinking or at least not like he had been. I thought this was cool, I didn't know that it was a problem. But since I'm not around him all the time--I assumed he knew what he was talking about. I have talked to him in both conditions...sober and drunk. He is much more open when he drinks--but most people are.

I'm thinking, that he had feelings for me when he was drinking but not when he was sober. I don't quite understand this, mainly because I have only been drunk 2 times in my life and that was many many years ago. But, after thinking about everything for the past few weeks--that seems to be the answer. Maybe I was the rebound skank from his ex-wife.....I don't know. I do know that the holidays are very difficult when you are divorced and have to share the kids. I can't imagine being without the boys. I guess I am lucky that the guys I married and had kids with could care less about their children. That is sad to say, but it does make things easier at times. I only have to share AJ with his dad on Christmas Eve, and I get him the rest of the time. I can't imagine being without my boys on Christmas, Easter or any holiday that is so family and faith orientated. I mean AJ goes to a totally different church than we do (when we go....need to work on that) but we still believe in the same thing and we are a family.

I guess I just don't understand the total cut off of communication and everything like a switch. I can't fathom being able to do that. I have sent him e-mails trying to express myself. (I thought I did well in most of them, but I am sure it didn't help matters any.) Then I started thinking about my friend Lisa that wouldn't just leave the guy alone. Crap....Am I being like her??? I hope I was not perceived as psycho-skank. There was just no closure. There was nothing. Just an e-mail saying pretty much thanks for being there and I will be in better contact. Oh and that we needed to meet and talk about things face to face. But then nothing else. No I'm seeing someone else, leave me the hell alone, go away or I'm calling the cops....nothing. I was just hanging there.

I don't do well with the unknown, especially when it comes to relationships. I'm not like a needy person that needs attention 24/7, but I do like to know what is going on. That way my imagination doesn't take over and make mountains out of mole hills.

I am guessing..... that once he stopped drinking the walls around his heart went back up--leaving me on the outside without the password.

When I was younger--guys were toys and very disposable--
I guess the Three-Fold Law of Return is at work....
Any energy you send out, shall return to you three-fold.

I just wish I noticed the good energy as much as I do the bad.


Holiday Cheer at Daycare!!!!

If there were ever I time I would want to be a daycare teacher, it would be this time of the year....so much fun.......

Here are Sir Ashton's Holiday Creations this year

This was Monday's project. A puzzle piece wreath with the Nativity scene on it. Some of the figures fell off so I have to hot glue them back on.

Tuesday was the beautiful Christmas Tree above. Made with 8 wire hangers, tinsel and lights. He also colored a wooden star on top.

Wednesday he made this very cool glitter bell ornament. They even wrote his name and the year on the back.....they also made....

Wooden ice cream spoon gingerbread men pins. Very cool.
Today, however, is the coolest by far.....
Yep, you guessed it, Gingerbread houses made of graham crackers, frosting and candy.

I made him wait till I took a picture before he ate it.
Master Alec's creations are as follows:
keep in mind he is only 4 so he doesn't get to do one every day.

Beautiful puzzle wreath. He really likes the Nutcracker.

Today, he brought home a Christmas Tree made from a sugar cone, frosting and M&M's

So cute, I can't imagine what that class room looked like after this project was finished...

And yes he had to eat his too...and yes that is green frosting in his hair...
I have no idea how it go there...


What do you notice???

Cool picture ...huh!!!
No, I'm not Hannibal the Cannibal...it's a picture of a doll's eye...
What do you notice first when you see or meet a person???? Is it the eyes or the nose???
On guys, I notice their chest first. The bigger the better...and yes, I am talking chests here. I don't know why I like them but I do. Then it's the body hair that shouldn't be showing....as in nose hair and ear hair. I saw a guy that had so much hair coming out of his ears it looked like pieces of gray broccoli. eeeww....Then I check for teeth. No I didn't have a typo....I said for teeth. My first internet blind date was a life altering experience. The guy looked normal in his photo...met him and he had no teeth....Oh my gosh!!!!!! I was wiggin. We met for lunch..so I stared a the chip basket the whole time so I wouldn't stare at the food flying out of his mouth because he was talking while eating.......
On females, I notice hair first, then make-up and jewelry. I know...I'm shallow. I just have to see if they look better than I do. I'm horrible. But usually if a girl can accessorize...she has got her act together. And you can tell their personality by what they wear---or at least kind of.
What do you notice first???

Mid Week Rant

It is Wednesday and I am at working, listening to Yahoo LaunchCast and I am invisible as far as Yahoo Messenger goes. I get an IM from a stranger, I know you're not supposed to talk to strangers, and he says Hi!. I am polite and say Hi back and there is the usual polite chat, then he asks me if I am single. I say yes, then he asks where are you from. New Mexico is my reply and then he asked what city. I don't answer and close the window hoping he will just go away.

Window pops back up and asks me if he can send me flowers. I told him the virtual kind would be fine, I don't think he got it cause then he asked me what kind I wanted. What weirdo would give out their address and personal information to someone on line???? What weirdo would ask for that stuff??

He then tells me he is leaving for Ghana tonight to visit his orphanage home. What is an orphanage home??? I am guessing it is supposed to either impress me or make me feel sorry for him.

What is the deal with Africa???? Why are all these people over there and on Yahoo Instant Messenger???? Is it just now reaching Africa??? and what is the deal with orphanages??? This is like the 12th person that just pops in to talk to me and they have orphanages. I don't get it. I know what an orphanage is, but why do they use it for a tool???



List for December 20th

  1. Gay guys have some really hot pictures on their blogs!!!!!
  2. Alec is no longer scared of Santa Clause, he spent almost 15 minutes talking to him when we went for pictures on Monday.
  3. I am going to cook a real Prime Rib for the first time this Christmas, wish me luck.
  4. All of my gifts are bought.
  5. None of them are wrapped any longer, thanks to Alec.
  6. 8 more ornaments are gone thanks to Ms. Sydney.
  7. For some odd reason, I have not got any jokes via e-mail for about 5 days. I must of made the nasty joke fairy mad or something.
  8. I have 5 new ZITS!!! or joy just in time for holiday pictures.
  9. Not heard from meth-man in almost 2 weeks Yeah!!!!!!!!!
  10. My Avon order with all the hand lotions and stuff for teachers got here today. Their party was last Friday. So I now have about 15 little bottles of assorted Avon holiday hand lotion in Christmas tree shaped bottles.
  11. My dogs pick out the dark brown and dark red pieces of their Kibbles and Chunks food and eat it first.
  12. 2 little boys 48 Christmas sugar cookies, frosting and 8 bottles of sprinkles can make a really big mess, but also put a smile on even the Grinchy-est person.


Now this is a little too true---how did they do that???

The Keys to Your Heart

You are attracted to those who are unbridled, untrammeled, and free.

In love, you feel the most alive when things are straight-forward, and you're told that you're loved.

You'd like to your lover to think you are stylish and alluring.

You would be forced to break up with someone who was emotional, moody, and difficult to please.

Your ideal relationship is lasting. You want a relationship that looks to the future... one you can grow with.

Your risk of cheating is zero. You care about society and morality. You would never break a commitment.

You think of marriage as something precious. You'll treasure marriage and treat it as sacred.

In this moment, you think of love as something you thirst for. You'll do anything for love, but you won't fall for it easily.


This has been one very long week. And now there is only one more week till Christmas.
I did get "northern" man's gifts sent up to him. I dare not deliver them!!! I know they got to his door step because I got that confirmation from Fed-ex, I just hope they were still there when he got home. I e-mailed him asking if they got there, but as usual I didn't get a reply.

**deep sigh**

I had to teach a computer class today and I was checking out BE while we were on break. One of the students asked me--

"What are you doing??"
"I'm checking out a blog site, I have a blog."
"They say that sniper back east was a blogger"
"did they?"
"yes, and he wrote all about it on his blog and that was acceptable"
"Oh, they say the guy who killed Kennedy was a Methodist and that was acceptable"

She just looked at me, I am sure that evaluation didn't go over well. That is so stereotypical. I just hate stereotypes. That's like saying all people from New Mexico speak Spanish or all people from California have bleach blonde shag hair styles and talk like Spacoalie (sp?).

I have noticed that there are not as many Salvation Army "bell ringers" out this year, which is kinda sad. I always put money in their kettle. When I was leaving the dollar store on lunch break there were Marines collecting money for their Christmas Charity and I stopped and put my bags down, dug thru my purse and found a bunch of change. People just looked at me like I was weird. I just don't understand people. They seem so uncaring and unfriendly. You can really shock some people by saying "Hi!" in the store. They look at you like you are getting ready to rob them or something.

Freak Out Someone You Don't Know this Season and say
Merry Christmas!!!!


Christmas Goodies!!!!

Well, last night was Christmas Party Eve. For Alec's daycare party I made Ants on a Log, 40 of those suckers and then 40 celery sticks with Bacon and Cheddar dip in them. Dipped pretzel sticks into melted almond bark and made Fantasy Fudge without the nuts. So, Girl Fudge...lol get it??? Nevermind.....I'm warped as you all know... A double batch of the stuff....a suggestion to anyone making that stuff.....DON'T MAKE A DOUBLE BATCH!!!! This is the first time I have ever made fudge. Shocking I know...but my dad is allergic to chocolate so we never had it when I was little...and I got brave this year....I had marshmallow cream everywhere, the sugar mixture was bubbling and I went to get my candy thermometer...and it was gone. I don't want to know what thing AJ was trying to take the temperature of...(eeeww) So I had to guess. I think I did pretty good. It tastes good, really strong though.

My mom called last night just after I finished wrapping up the celery tray and was working on the sweet containers.

"What are you doing?"
"I'm getting stuff ready for Alec's party, right now I'm packing my fudge" it's okay...laugh...I know I did. My mom didn't get it. I had to hang up I was laughing so hard. After about 10 minutes of laughing I tried to resume and snickered all the way thru it. I even giggled a bit this morning as I was loading the car.

Ashton only needed to take Cheetos to school and the present for his teacher. So that was way easy. Alec and I had to take 4 presents (three for teachers and one for gift exchange) and two trays of goodies. Now that was a cool balancing act, let me tell you. But I didn't drop a thing!!

The "Hen Party" was also today. Biker chick and I went together cause she wanted to get table gifts for everyone. She went to some HR luncheon and she thought it was cool and wanted to buy 10 gifts for each person to put on the table in gift bags. She wanted to go to TJ Max, I just looked at her and said why not the $1 store. She said okay!!! We get there and we find these really cute Christmas figurines.

She picked up one and said "How much is this?"
"A dollar"
"Cool, what about this one??"
"A dollar"
"Wow...but what about this really cool Santa??"
"A dollar, this is a dollar store. Everything in here is a dollar. Get it $1 Store!! It's a Concept"
"That is so cool, I have never heard of that"

I just rolled my eyes. Then we got a pack of 20 bags for....yes you guessed it....$1 and a pack of tissue paper too. So we spent $12 at the dollar store where she was willing to spend boo-koo bucks at TJ Max....

Party went off well.
No cat fights!!!!


You Passed 8th Grade Science

Congratulations, you got 7/8 correct!

MeMe Game--TAGGED!!!!

I've been tagged by the KDUBS and I don't want to make a pregnant blogger mad!!!

so..... the rules for this particular meme are as follows:

Remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone up one place.
Then add your blog to the bottom slot.

1. Hanuman
2. Running2Ks
3. Queen of Spain
4. Kdubs
5. peebugg

Then you get to select five people to pass the love on to.
Feel the love.....oh yeah..feel the love..

1. Drama Mama
2. Phil
3. Violent Haze
4. MsDort
5.Tales North

What were you doing 10 years ago?
Ten years ago...I had just married meth-man on the 1st of December.

What were you doing one year ago?

We, the boys and I, had our very first Christmas in our "own house". No parents, no husband...just us!!!

Five snacks you enjoy:
  1. Bread..anything bread
  2. Chocolate
  3. Vanilla Ice Cream
  4. Ants on a log (I have been around my kids too long)
  5. Those Mint Chocolate cookie sticks by Petridge Farm...

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics:

  1. Our Lips are Sealed by the Go-Go's
  2. Jump by Van Halen
  3. Golden Band by Randy Travis
  4. Honky Tonk Ba-Dunk-a-Dunk by Trace Adkins
  5. R-E-S-P-E-C-T by PINK

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:

  1. Buy a cool house for me and my boys anywhere but Farmington NM
  2. Buy AJ a brand new car
  3. Buy me a Toyota Sequioa
  4. Pay off all of my parents bills so they can retire
  5. Invest the money so I wouldn't have to work so much. I could live off of the interest

Five bad habits:

  1. Bite my finger nails
  2. Eat too many Carbs
  3. Think too much
  4. Sometimes cuss in front of my kids
  5. Drink too much Pepsi

Five things you like doing:

  1. Singing off key loudly at work
  2. Watching NCIS (can't get enough of that show)
  3. Laughing
  4. Helping People
  5. Meeting or beating a deadline

Five things you would never wear, buy, or get new again:

  1. Bikini
  2. Hot Pink Plastic Shoes
  3. Spandex leggings
  4. Tube top
  5. Thong

Five favorite toys:

  1. My new Magenta Razor
  2. Computer
  3. Cannon PowerShot a300 camera
  4. AJ's XBox (I don't get to play the 360 just the old one)
  5. Television


Christmas Parties

( Click on the picture for the site where I got this)
And it starts. All the Christmas parties. Since I technically have two jobs...I have twice as many Christmas parties to try and get out of. San Juan College , where I teach computer classes at is having their "Christmas Gala" Thursday night. That one was easy to get out of.....I don't have a babysitter. I have worked there 5 years and have never been to one of their parties. I hate going alone. All the couples are together and introducing their significant other and then there is just me...so I just don't go. I would really like to one of these days.
Tomorrow is the work Christmas party. Which is not that bad. It's during the day and my place of employment has it catered in. I don't mind it so much and we will get our
Christmas Bonus Checks!!!!
I will go back tomorrow night and help serve the night crew, if needed.
Then, Friday is the "Hen Luncheon" meaning all the ladies from work will meet at Red Lobster, break bread and exchange gifts. It's not really that bad, except there are bunch of women. Only biker chic and I are not from "their" church so we kinda stand out. Biker chick has gone to their church so she is one up on me. But, I am more socially acceptable (lol) so I guess we are even. We drew names two weeks ago--and I got Biker Chick. We rigged that because I won an IPOD and she wants it...So I am giving her that and I stayed within the $25 limit.
Cause it was free!!!
What kind of Christmas Parties are
you attending this year????


Bloggers Are Cool

When I was down and feeling glum....some friends were there. Drama Mama attempted to talk some sense into me. But, I am still sending his and his daughters Christmas presents to them. I had lot of fun buying and wrapping them....I don't want to spoil the fun now.

Mike, while laying in bed sick, was talking to me while we both did The Battle of the Blogs. But he still has not revealed what #90 is on his list.

Kdubs volunteered to be my muscle, even though she is pregnant. Congratulations again by the way...I hope the morning sickness is getting better.

And Violent Haze aka Walk-My-Way has always been a great breath of fresh air. I get to relive my youth via her---and she has way more fun then I did!!!! And what are you implying with the doll comment???? I'm loud...but haven't been flashy since high school...(Drama remember my cool gold belt??? and the hot pink silk shirt???)

Violent Haze said...
you should name the doll in the corner.something flashy and loud. just like
12/13/2005 7:19 AM

I just wanted to say thanks, it's cool to have friends that listen to or read what you say and actually respond!!!


BLOG ON!!!!!!!


My neighbors must think I am insane.
I went out about 430am taking pictures, before the dogs got out in it.
So...there were strange flashes very early in the morning
No it wasn't aliens....it was your weird neighbor with the loud kids....
Snow by my garage---

Car in the drive way
Why don't I use the garage you ask....because I have to keep Sydney in there when we are gone so she doesn't tear up things so, it's no longer a garage...it's an elite dog spa

My sad little Christmas Lights.
We have a propannel roof so there isn't many place to put lights.

One of the rose bushes

The grape vine.

I'm glad I didn't get all the grapes off, because the birds are really digging the raisin concept.

More grape vine, I think it looks cool
The roads got sanded early, and then they refroze. So it was a mess coming to work. A school bus was stuck in the median on the highway, there weren't any kids in it when I passed.
When I took the little boys out to get in the car......it was like Christmas (lol) or something.
"It snowed!!"
"I love snow!!"
I have a full time four wheel drive SUV....
so I'm good as long as I don't try to climb any mountains!!!


Mumbly Monday

I am starting to agree with Elmer Fudd. I'm bummin' today.
I didn't realize how much the man up north meant and still means to me.
I guess it's the friendship that developed that I miss the most.
I had no one to text to through the Bronco's game or to
give me a hard time about my being a slacker over the weekend.
I truly hope it is not over--and that he just needs time .


I decided to try the "Rent My Blog" thing. To make it more appealing to renters....I put the spot above the Duck. I thought this would be better incase he has a accident or something.

So please welcome, Jeremy from Haunted House Dressing. I checked his references with previous BlogLords (he-he) and they said he was very quiet and didn't make a mess.

His blog is not a quick glance one, you really have to scroll down and read it to get the full effect. And it is really cool.


Woe Is Me!!

I had a dream about Elmer Fudd!!!
No, not a WET dream
I had a dream that Elmer Fudd with black hair was on my blog
talking to the doll in the upper lefthand corner.
He was talking to her. She seemed to be his counselor, helping him with his problems.
He kept saying "Woe is me, Woe is me" and holding his cheeks and shaking his head.

Very strange dream. I mean if I was going to dream about a man, why Elmer Fudd?

Yes, is a classy guy with a speech impediment!!

and the uniforms...OMG a man in uniform is HOT!!!

Knight in shining armor,

and has most of his teeth!!

What a Catch!!


Darth Vader Cake!!!
I ordered this cake Monday the 5th at Smith's--
It was supposed to be ready the 10th at 12:00 pm (noon)
We get up in the morning, get dressed, open a few presents.
It's 11:45 am--so we go wash my car--Cake won't be ready till noon
Party is at 1:00 pm.
12:25pm we walk into Smith's to get the cake.
She comes out and says she is just now making it--it will be 20 to 30 minutes.
I said--it was supposed to be ready at noon.
she said--she is making it now
I said...it's 12:30 pm and I have a 1:00 pm birthday part across town.
She just looked at me.
Boys are going crazy in the store. Alec keeps putting marshmallows in other people's baskets.
(Sorry everyone who had added extra groceries)
Finally, the lady comes out and says she will take $6.00 off of the cake because they didn't have it ready. I thanked her and went and paid and we were out of there.
Only 3 minutes late to our own birthday party--
luckily no one but Grammie and Papa was there yet.

This is the Birthday Boy in the morning Pre-Party--oh and Alec's feet

Do to jealously--Alec got to wear the Birthday Kid shirt.

Can you tell he just hates being the center of attention......NOT!!

This little girl--we will talk about below...

The noise is getting to them...they didn't last long in Playland...

Kids Meals!!!! We picked Burger King because they had Star Wars Toys

Wouldn't you know it...they were out of those.....

They weren't supposed to get the toys out....this is the "Caught" picture

Alec finally got used to not being the center of attention and was a cool guy!!!

Okay...mom recap 8 boys and 1 girl in playland screaming for 2 hours....Advil please!!!

The little girl--very interesting. Her mom came in and was really nervous--semi-tweekish. Dropped her off and blazed a trail. I am talking to the little girl and she keeps saying she knows "Mikey" and that he is a good friend. I'm listening but have no idea who Mikey is, until she said that he taught her how to pop her cheek with her finger. Mikey is meth-man. Mom was a tweeker friend that hung out at the house after we moved out. When she came to pick her up she was even more nervous and forgot her daughter's coat. I had to chase them down in the parking lot--she freaked I think she thought I was gonna go postal or something. Weird!!

Biker chick was supposed to come to the party to play and to help if there were any freak outs. She went to McDonald's by the mall instead of Burger King by the mall--dang all those playlands...She thought I stood her up or something....but it's all good now....lol

Ashton came and told me last night.."This was the best Birthday Party I've ever had!!"