May I present......


I almost ran over him in the parking lot of Church's Chicken

I think he is barely a month old

and he wasn't really thrilled about getting a bath the second we walked in the door...but he didn't scratch me!!!

Cleo Thinks that he is her baby...and tries to nurse him and plays with him
Handsome had no comment!!!


Alec's Public 5th Birthaday Party

Here are some quick shots from Alec's Birthday party at McDonalds
We had the Pirate Theme!!
(I think the you can now click on them and they will enlarge--I didn't move these around in my blog)

Monkey See--Monkey do???

These are the teens that were supposed to be helping get ready for the party the night before...after the snail inncident--

They found the collar the vet made Handsome when I got him fixed--

This is AJ's friend trying to demonstrate that "He CAN lick his privates" even though I told him he has too many ribs!!





What is the best entertainment for us "oilfield yokels" this week???

(these are photobucket uploaded...so you can click on them for a better view)

Well, Ashton is camping out at daycare tonight--
It's been dumping rain for over an hour....

Happy Camper!!!

Alec being Alec

The MIA teen doing the "Captian" Morgan pose

And here is what we are doing--the teen and his friend found some snails at a house we were looking at earlier this week...so they brought them home....

snails and salt--yum??

rabid snail

smashed snail

I need a daughter!!

How's your weekend so far?


How True It Is--

My horoscope for today--

May 20 - June 20You should be on cloud nine for most of the day today, dear Gemini. (well..yeah I got to talk to Northern Guy yesterday...this morning ROCKED!!! ) As evening sets in, however, situations might arise that are too heavy for you to feel comfortable with. People will have had enough of your gossip by then, so give it a rest. (No gossip....my "I don't give a flying flip attitude...possibly) Kick back and plan for next week. You might also want to take a more serious approach to your romantic commitments by examining your true feelings about your partner. (Done that...I know what my true feelings are....now if I could just engage my stalker mode :P


I got to talk to Northern Guy” a couple of times yesterday (woo-hoo)…
So I’m on cloud nine, ten and eleven—and---well, feeling rather verbal…..

So brace yourselves…..I am going to do the
“Too Much Information”

  • How do you tell your boss he has a booger hanging out of his nose?

  • If you tell him this, are you then obligated to let him know that there is deodorant all over his shirt???

  • And that he has a serious dandruff problem? (at least I hope it’s dandruff)

  • Biker Chick told me that her husband asked her if he could spluge on her back and booty. (Except she used much more graphic words).

  • While on the spluge subject…My 3.4 lb Yorkie is in heat and I have a 80lb male dog that is not fixed. Since he is too big to “do her” he goes thru the motions and then spluges on her back!!! Is this a guy thing?

  • The teen and his friend were on the back porch watching the “session” and were commenting on it….again the guy thing?

  • And now I have doggie body fluids on my back porch…how do you get that off?? I mean how do you clean that stuff up?

  • Biker Chick also told me that while she was “orally pleasing” her boyfriend—her boyfriend was talking to her husband on his cell phone. (Why does she tell me these things??? Why does she tell everyone these things??)

  • Newbie had to have her armpit sweat glands lanced again—and she tried to show me the cuts…..eeeewwwwwww

  • Called an exterminator—he came over and inspected the house and gave me a written estimate. He then proceeded to tell me that he liked big chested women and that he would spray my house for free if I slept with him each time—BUT I would have to be discrete because he didn’t want his wife to find out. Needless to say---I went to Wal-Mart and bought my own bug spray.

Now, aren’t you glad I shared????



Yes, it’s true…my baby is now 5 years old.

We went to pick out cupcakes for daycare and a cake for his birthday at Wal-Mart on Sunday. Before we got there he said he wanted a chocolate cake. Well as we approached the bakery, I just knew that all the superhero and character cakes would change his mind….but they didn’t. He walked by Harry Potter, Spiderman (can you believe that??) and Sponge Bob and picked out a chocolate frosted cake with chocolate roses..
My parents came over to celebrate but didn't stay long. Ashton supervised the present unwrapping. In the picture above it's a Polar Expidation pack from Discovery Channel found at Toys-r-Us on our ABQ visit. Totally Awesome!!!! that is until I step on one of those creatures in the middle of the night

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We Survived!!! (and dang it--so did he)

Glad to be home--we actually pulled into the drive way about 9:12 pm last night. Threw little boys in the tub, scrubbed them and then tossed them into bed.....

The visit was okay. Friday, we went to Peter Piper Pizza because I couldn't find the Chuck E. Cheese on Wyoming Blvd.... and then we went to Toys-R-Us and then we went to the mall by the toy store and went to the "Lady Godivia" chocolate shop. CHEESE AND RICE!!! Awesome chocolate drinks. No coffee in them...tastes like you're drinking a candy bar!!!! so awesome!!! if you see one of those stores...spend the $5 and get one..I got the milk chocolate/caramel one.

The boys asked if their dad could come back with us to the hotel to swim....so I said yes...

He looks almost normal there. Ashton is the one in the mask.

Before I get to the pictures.....meth-head smelled. I mean he smelled like he shit his pants (sorry for being vulgar but there is no other way to describe the smell) and he smelled this way all the time. I even asked him once if we needed to go back to his apartment to change and he just smiled and said "no....I'm good". His gums are rotting away and you can see the roots of his teeth and his teeth make Austin Powers' teeth good......

I took 183 pictures while there.......and they are HERE!!!! if you want to look at them...because we all know that blogger won't be that nice and let me post that many.... but here are a few...

such well behaved and well mannered children!!!

The boys and their dad.....

Well, it would only let me post two.......so look at the one's on YAHOO!!!! at the link above...

They had a great visit and when we took him back to his house....(yes he ended up in my car despite all of my pre-planning of that NOT happening)....then the emotions hit. Ashton was sulking in the chair and I asked him what was wrong and he just looked at me...almost a glare. Then I told him to hug his dad good-bye and Ashton started crying. Meth-head started to tell him not to cry and I told him to let him cry. He has got to get those bottled up emotions OUT!!

Ashton cried for about 10 minutes and was hugging his dad the whole time. Then I guess Alec felt left out and he started to cry but his was only about 2 minutes. After the tears dried we made a plan for us to go back down in 2 weeks to see their dad again. No big hotel and the whole deal...we will just leave very early in the morning and head home about 6 pm. Probably go to the museum, Mac and Don's under the rainbow and a cool park. But they will get to spend time with him--with me as the overlooking escort of course. This made Ashton feel better and he was able to say good-bye on a good note.

The amazing thing is...........when meth-head and I started having problems 4+ years ago....Ashton started wetting the bed--and he had never done that before. This morning when he woke up...his pull-up was dry... He was so proud and so am I. I know you're thinking "8 year old still wearing pull-ups!!!" But you would be amazed how a parents' divorce can emotionally and subconsciously effect/affect the children. I'm not saying it's better to stay to gather for their sake...BECAUSE IT'S NOT.....I'm saying that it really does have an affect on them as well.

I can't image what is going on in a parent's head when they won't let their children see the other parent as long as it is physically and mentally safe for the children. How a parent can be so self absorbed in their anger or hate that they cannot see the needs of their child(ren). I have talked to dads that their ex's won't let them see their kids unless they jump thru some major hoops--it's just not right. I saw the need in my kids to see their dad and I made the first move and told him we were coming. I know they need their father and/or a father figure but I don't see me "hooking" up with someone at the moment--so I had to cinch up the belt and put on my brave act and deal with one of the people I dread and despise most in my life.....

Funny how the need of your children can make you do amazing feats that were thought impossible.


The Plan Busy Weekend!!!!

This was Alec in all of his fashion glory this morning!!!!

He doesn't like the air conditioners at daycare...so he wore sweats and his winter coat...

I have no explanation for Ashton....he's just a morning person and his weird kid stuff has already kicked in.....but his swimming goggles are way cool they have holograms of killer whales on them....so cool!!!!

Tomorrow we are headed to the Rio Grande Zoo in Albuquerque, NM. Yesterday is was 104 there so I am thinking Alec will probably shed his jacket. We are also going to go to the bio park it is way cool and on Saturday they are having some cool activity to do with the dragon fly so we will go to that and then we will be going to the aquarium. It's small...but the jelly fish tanks are awesome!!! and we should be there around the time the diver goes into the tank to feed the fish..the boys should really like that...

While there we, of course, will be required to go to Chuck E. Cheese. Which has way better food than Peter Piper Pizza and they have a great security system. When we were in Phoenix last year Drama Mama and her family went with us to Chuck E. Cheese and as you walk in each family member gets a "black light" stamp on their hand. Each group has a unique number and no child can leave the building with someone who doesn't have the same stamp!!!!! Totally awesome!!!

Alec got $20 from meth-heads mom for his upcoming 5th birthday on the 17th and Ashton still has over $40 left from birthday and Christmas money so we will also have to make a visit to Toys-R-Us!!

We are staying at the Albuquerque Hilton which has 2 swimming pools!!!! One indoor and one outdoor. So I am sure we will be there most of Friday night. I got an awesome on-line rate that was cheaper than staying at an economy motel!!!!

The downer part is....the boys want to see their dad...so I called meth-head yesterday and he is going to meet us inside the zoo. I picked inside the zoo for a couple of reasons...one-he will have to pay his own way in and I don't look like a jerk in front of the boys by asking him to do so. two-lots of people around so he can't get too weird. I am sure he has some wierd piercings or something and it will be totally embarassing to be seen with him...but I am doing this for the boys and they haven't seen him in over 6 months. It just irritates me that he is also benefiting from it....but their feelings and needs, as always, come before mine.

So, if you hear of man being pushed into the Leopard living area in Albuquerque, NM over the weekend...you will know that he really got on my nerves and my evil twin (I am a gemini) took over and fixed the situation.....

And....I will hopefully have awesome pictures to share when I get back...

What are your weekend plans???


REASON # 2,468

Why I should have tons of gray hairs ......

morning of the 4th....I suddenly hear AJ calling my name....I scurry to the front room....he just pointed towards his room.

I'm thinking "big spider, dog poop..."

Nope....it's a wall climber....


This Looks and Sounds like one of my cousins....

The Pentagon announced today the formation of a new 500-man elite fighting unit called the United States Redneck Special Forces.

These Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas boys will be dropped off into Iraq and have been given only the following facts about terrorists:

1. The season opened today.

2. There is no limit.

3. They taste just like chicken.

4. They don't like beer, pickups, country music or Jesus.

5. They are DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for the death of Dale Earnhardt.


and EVEN MORE rain....

Last night we had a huge storm. The weather service report claimed it 's the most rain we have received here in almost 15 years......

I live on the top part of a downward slope, my driveway was a raging river and of course.....who discovered her windows were down on the Santa Fe in the middle of Noah's Ark part 2???? yes me.....

I braved the driveway and got the windows rolled up, but this morning it was major mildew smell.

and I also discovered the below this morning.....

The beautiful catopa tree.....*deep sigh* I think it was from all the wind, although it kinda looks like a lightening split but there are no burn marks anywhere. We cut off the fallen branch and put a "tree splint" on the rest of it. But it was so top heavy, we had to cut off the two big top branches. I hope it makes a recovery..........

How is your weather???


Rained OUT!!!!!

Well, we tried to light our bounty of fireworks....and got rained out on the 4th. We only set off 4 fountians before we had to come in.....

Yesterday we set off about 6 more during the daylight hours...and since my parents are now home from Missouri....we are going to torture them with setting off the rest.......

Here is some footage from the 3rd and the 4th....

I have no idea why he insisted on wearing the dirt bike helmet....

the teen thinks it's because he wasn't used to the loud noises.....

Yes, the spiderman costume is still alive and well..it now has a few burn holes...

Alec trying to light a purple smoke bomb...

dual lightings....

The teen...trying to chew peach skoal....eeewwwwwwww

How was your 4th of July???


Snip-Snip Day!!

Despite protest, shedding, major clawing and skin crawling meowing....Buddy the cat was put in his travel crate this morning and taken to the vet. In the crate was the only way I could get a picture of him.....

We get to the vet to get checked in and she wants me to take him out and put him on the scale. Hello!!! he was just in here two weeks ago and weighed him then .......and I'm in my work clothes....and he is losing hair faster than a Chemo patient!!! Despite all of that....we weighed him and she took him back. I will check on him at 2:30pm and get his pick up time....

Yes I have to work today...so suckie....2 days off work a day and then another day off.....geesh...

We are going to do round one of the massive fireworks tonight....

How's your long weekend going?

Park Sunday

Our Sunday outing.....and yes Alec is skateboarding in flip-flops....he's so manly....

Why is it more fun to climb up than to slide down?

Ashto is becoming a good skateboarder.....

After many weeks of pratice...Alec can now do the monkey bars by himself!!!

Hope your Sunday was Great!!!!