Back Yard Issues

About two weeks ago this is what my back porch looked like. Cool tableand a horrible nasty messy tree branch ruining everything.....

$500.00 and 6 brown skin toned men later.......... (I'm not being racist, I promise. One I know was Navajo, two looked alot like true Mexico Mexicans the two owners/brothers were some kind of racial mixture.)

Yes....we have sun and a semi clean back porch again!!!!! This is actually my neighbor's tree, but they wouldn't trim it when I asked and to go to court to make them would cost more than it would to have it done. And since there wasn't a electrical line threat...the city wouldn't do it either..... It took 20 minutes to cut that huge sucker down and 3 hours of 6 guys cleaning up the mess......and the main chainsaw dude was sitting on the limb and cutting it at the same time....I guess he doesn't have a caffine intake problem......

Then........two days ago horrible winds started. AJ was at work and so was I and I had forgotten to put up the umbrella in the table. We had collapsed it but it wasn't in the garage........

Yeppers.......now I need to find a replacement table top.

and Mindless........ummmm I don't think the hernia squeezing thing hurts cause he doesn't claw at me or anything...he actually sits still for it....

I did try to take a picture of him but the second he saw something in my hand that wasn't a 9 lives can....he headed for the backdoor.......


Buddy The Cat aka "Damn It Cat"

Here is another issue that has delayed my blogging.....

But first...a very helpful life hint.....

Cameras, Video/camcorders, computer software and hardware need to be in the same classification
as sex toys.....
They are yours and you should not share!!!!!!!!

I let biker chick borrow my brand new camera for her vacation. She has been gone 2 weeks and I have been wiggin' about the camera since it left my possession....

Anyway...back to Buddy. About 3 months ago we noticed a small lump on his belly. Being the roaming unfixed male he is...I figured that he either got in a fight or something and I really didn't worry about it. Then on the 19th, when I went to feed him I noticed it was huge!!!! So I felt of it and it was really hard. So Monday morning I call the vet and they get him in as an emergency. That afternoon I picked him up and she said it was either an abscess or a hernia. He had a fever of 105.2 so she gave me antibiotics for him. And if the bump got smaller over the next week, he might not need surgery.

Have you ever tried to give a cat antibiotics??? It is most definitely an unnatural process and I have the claw mark scars to prove it. Had to give it to him twice a day for a week. In addition to having my flesh shredded twice daily.....I had to squeeze his lump twice a day as well. It turns out he has a hernia. So in reality I am squeezing partially digested food thru his instine......yes completely gross..... How does a cat get a hernia????

Monday, July 3, he goes in for surgery to remove the lump and to get fixed as well.....might as well remove all the lumps right?????

I hope this is less overwhelming than my last real post......

Any plans for the 4th?????



You Are 89% American

You're as American as red meat and shooting ranges.
Tough and independent, you think big.
You love everything about the US, wrong or right.
And anyone who criticizes your home better not do it in front of you!
I'm not sure what happened to the other 11% of me...maybe it was the beer question???


The Teen

Millions of things have been happening....well okay not millions..but enough to keep me way too busy....

AJ broke up with his girlfriend of 2-3/4 years. In teen time...this is forever. I am Baptist and his girlfriend Niki is Mormon and after about 1.5 years of dating AJ was baptized into the Mormon church.

This went over....well like a fart in church with my parents.....but I made them promise never to critize him on his decision. At the beginning, he learned alot and I could see a real positive influence on him and helped in guiding him in making those teen decisions that we all have screwed up on.

We had our battles over Niki and their "behavior" together. But while we were going thru the "methhead" drama she was a great listener for him and he was also for her. He would talk to her about things that he could not talk to me about at the time.

I think the down fall of their relationship started last summer when she went on a European trip with the German Club from high school. When she came back, she was overly friendly with some guys and that really upset AJ but he dealt with it. Niki tried to get AJ to ditch English class with her. They had 6 of the same classes together and English was right after lunch and she wanted to ditch to go get "high" meaning smoking pot. But, he knew that I check his attendance daily on the internet and would get caught. When we went to Disneyland, she would call him stoned and/or drunk so he turned off his phone and tried to enjoy our trip.

When we got back he confronted her and her issues and told her that if she didn't stop it he was going to break up with her. (One of the few positive things that came out of my marriage to methhead was that AJ saw the horrible side of drugs and alcohol abuse before he saw the "happy" side...as it were) Well she didn't stop and around the first of May, they broke up.

At first they were still friends, but that ended quickly.

She would skip school, go get stoned and drunk. The sad part is that I suggested that he go talk to the youth group leader at the church about it....but his son was one the main people that Niki partied with.

So AJ hasn't been back to church.

Niki keeps calling, yesterday she left a message on our house phone that said "....see what you did to me when you broke up with me. It's your fault I am like this. It's your fault that I'm drunk right now and I just had sex with Hunter!"

She said this on our house voice mail!!!!!

Anyway there is my weekend vent.


Some of My Music Tastes...Stop Laughing

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I have posted again!!!

Shocking I know......

But I have been a slacker as far as entertainment for the little boys as well...here it is the 10th of June and I just got them their wading pool!!!!
What is it about 12 inches of water in a tub that can amuse kids for hours?????

My guilt was pretty strong so they even got the one with the slide!!!!
The teen however, was not so lucky.....

He got to help and then clean up the trimming of the bushes at the front gate!!!!
His new phrase--
"Bush Man"
I told him I didn't want to know!!!
Then this morning two of my sprinkler heads were not right, so I go to inspect one that was no longer in the ground. I looked in the hole, no rocks so I try to screw it back in, and something pushes it out. I try again, something pushes it out. I'm thinking water pressure or something so I get down on all fours to get a closer look...a damn water snake comes out of the pipe....
Is what my neighbors heard at 8:30 this morning.
I hate snakes, especially those that scare me...which would be all of them!!!
So, I made the teen help me install 2 new sprinkler heads and of course
there was no snake when he was out there.
Did you have any excitement this weekend???


I'm Confused.....

I think this might be the first lesbian instant message I have received.....is this a female or a male????

johnmatty88: you seeems like a very woman and i wouldn't mind if i can know more about you ....though i work as much as i would but i get too lonely and comes back home to find no one say "how was your day, am a single lady, I am ready to meet someone to share life with..I enjoy working out fishing, golf,traveling , reading poem,and spending time reading and watching good movie.i love meeting new ppl.I also enjoy cuddling up on the couch to a fire and good movie. I consider myself a very honest and open Lady and enjoy giving and receiving affection. I have been single my life ,i work as an individual person had a local boutique,am an easy going person and easy to get along with.I am a gentle man at all times and I respect the person I am withI am looking for an attractive minded woman who loves me