Columbine Relived???

This is an emergency "I have to tell someone" and since I have no one to tell.....it's here
there is a real post from last night below.
The teen came in my room last night and said he wasn't going to school today. I asked why and he said that some kid from the "Tortilla Flats" gang (yes that is their name) is going to do a Columbine thing today at school. Normally I would tell him he is full of "La PooPoo" and tell him his butt is going to school. But, due to what happened at our house last week and this (CLICK ME) I am letting him stay home. His 2 closest friends are staying home too. Hey, what's one extra day of Spring Break opposed to a possible day in the ER....right????
Honestly, I think the little gang member is talking smack....but "The Teen", no matter how annoying at times, isn't worth the risk.
I will update with any news--if there is any.

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Blogger Blazer1234 said...

Holy crap. I think I'd let him stay home too. Were school officials/police officials warned informed of this rumor? I hope so.

3/23/2007 1:21 PM  
Blogger drama mama said...

That's crazy! I'm assuming nothing happened. Tortilla Flats?? You'd think they'd come up with a better name than that!?

Things are getting so bad everywhere. I wouldn't be surprised if homeschooling is in our future sometime.

3/26/2007 4:20 PM  
Blogger depjbrothers said...

I can't believe the horrible stuff going on in Farmington now...Were there gangs there when we were in HS?

You did a great job letting him stay home!!! I wouldn't have risked it...

Also, I live in LA now and work as a cop in Compton...Tortilla Flats is a pretty bad gang---It's soo disappointing to hear they're in Farmington, too....sigh

3/28/2007 11:24 AM  

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