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I Broke the Bank

Yep, I did....

After a few of painful hours this weekend at my parents' house closing in the A/C, moving furniture AGAIN, and being forced to bring to my house a 9 ton wardrobe...I, for some insane reason, decided to re-arrange my bedroom. I moved my chest-o-drawers a little to quick and my piggy bit the dust...

Do you know how far coinage can scatter when it falls off of a 6 ft resting place and hits a tile floor??? Let me tell you, I am still finding change 3 rooms away!!

Poor Piggy lost his innards...kinda like Humpty Dumpty who BTW wasn't pushed.....

I'm not really fond of Halloween for meth-head reasons. Too much to go into detail here and besides O'Gherkin has been forced to listen to me and I am fortunate he does not judge me for things in my past and, thankfully, he doesn't throw it in my face at a later date.
I really don't know why people do that, especially when it doesn't involve them, I guess it's a way of feeling superior or something.

Anyway, I am counting the bruises on my legs and arms and I'm up to 19!!
What a weekend.

How was your weekend???
Make me jealous!!! I double dog dare you!!

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The Little Boys daycare had Trunk - or -Treat at the daycare tonight...here are some pre-party pictures

Alec is a dragon

very LOUD and semi scary dragon

The boys and one of the Teen's friends....Mike

Mike before I dragged him to trunk or treat
Ashton and Mike--everyone at daycare thought he was AJ

Skeleton Ashton

Little Boys in the front yard
Candy Rewards

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Yep, this is me.....

Another suckie week at work.

I am still out of my office and waiting for my to get it's remodeling finished....we were supposed to be able to move back in last week!!! Yeah--Contractors....

More realization of what I thought would be perfect is far from.

Dealing with meth-head and his "Holier, than thou" attitude over parenting. (He has been lecturing me on getting Ashton's bike fixed--the kick stand is bent). Like he ever did any of that with AJ or Ashton when we lived with him or like he pays child support. I should of poisoned his food when I had the chance!!!

Alec asks me if it's Halloween yet about every 10 minutes and has for the past week. Thank goodness that Halloween is next week.

However, on a positive note......O'Gherkin and I are talking again...YEAH!!!!
How's your week going???


Ever Feel Like This????

I am right now.
The Teen just brought me his "senior" stuff. $287.00 for cap, gown, tassel, announcements, thank you's and the cool name cards. $57.00 for senior pictures, $60.00 for a year book. I'm not even going to bring up the season pass to Purgatory , new snowboard boots and bindings and new snowboarding suit... or the $872.78 I just spent fixing his truck...for a new power steering pump and hoses, replaced a broken fender and some kind of bearing joint shock thingie on the front driver's side.......

I have pretty much spent my whole weekend at my parents' house helping them. Took my mom to smith's yesterday and then to wal-mart today. Somehow she hurt her arm so not only am I the watch dog...but also the heavy thing lifter and reacher for stuff on the high shelves. I redid her kitchen cabinet shelves and put all the canned food on the bottom shelf. She had a lot of food on the higher shelves but neither she or my dad could reach it and they wouldn't ask for help....I just did it and didn't say anything. Then I moved back all the stuff on the outside of the house that the painters moved. My dad started to yell at me and I just snapped back "Well, you can't do it and it needs to be done!!" he then said okay and told me where he wanted things moved too.

For Christmas, I am doing a 2006 scrapbook for her of (hopefully) everyone...even my butthead brother....well maybe him, I will include my nephew though. I am also going to sneak her falling apart wedding album out of her house and hopefully get it scrapbooked without her noticing it's gone.

Have you started your Christmas Gift Adventures yet????

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What a week !!! Revisited...

Can my life PLEASE calm down!!!!!!!

Thursday at 330 pm, the big boss upstairs asked me to get a PowerPoint presentation ready for him....here is the kick....he didn't have all the data yet!!! And I wasn't working Friday because I had to go get my parents in Albuquerque at the airport..... That was a very rushed 1.5 hours!! but I gotter' dun!!

Parents made it back safely and we stopped at the "Cracker Barrel" for lunch and my mom actually cleaned her plate without me fussing at her!! They told me that they didn't have a car the whole time they were there (I knew she wouldn't share) so they pretty much spent 13 days as prisoners in my brother's house...with no JUNK FOOD!!!

Then today, for some odd reason, my dad had my mom follow him to the Ford dealership.....and he lost her. So the teen and I drove around town for almost 2 hours. She finally called and she had just arrived at the Ford dealership. She had been waiting at Webb Toyota all that time. I think I grew 8 more grey hairs. I got to her before my dad did, she was crying because she thought my dad would yell at her. When he walked up he asked her where she was, I stepped in and said "She was at Webb....where the heck were you!!" he just smiled and took the hint that she was really upset and he needed to calm down. I talked to the teen later and he said that my dad was in tears worrying about her!!! He is such a crusty marshmallow----Hard and tough on the outside and soft and gooey on the inside!!
She needed to go grocery shopping so, I took her...she seemed to do okay. Only got completely freaked out twice. So that wasn't so bad!!
The cool thing I did this weekend was work for my friend Lisa at the "Parade of Homes" The house I helped show was priced at $429,000.00. The master bathroom shower is larger than my whole bathroom!!!! It was pretty but kinda small for all that money....the land was very very high.....anyway...here is my camera tour......

can you guys see that??? I just installed the Adobe C2 suite and I still have fine tuned all of my settings....



Wordless Wednesday...

AJ Hilton??? Should I worry that my son is wearing one of my bras??


Yes, I''m tempted....

Not that I ever would...but this week has truly been suckie!!!!

At work the management decided to do away with all the "through-out-the-year bonuses" and just give everyone a raise. This all started August 1st and was supposed to go into effect on September 1st. But the HR leader didn't have the data evaluated properly so I had to redo it all and go back 20 months and record all absences and the reason so the raise would be fair and just. (we payed bonuses based on attendance so it was important). So, after I re-did all of his junk...then he calculated the correct raise amounts and then didn't give them to me he gave them to someone else (whom shall remain nameless) to enter them. Well the payday for Oct. 1 came up this Monday and HR geek was home sick....and his nameless helper hadn't done SHIT!! and when I asked her for the spread sheet...she finally complied and I entered all the changes in the payroll system...then Wednesday night comes around and I find out all the rates she had given me were WRONG!!! So I spent the rest of the week re-doing her BS again. I finally went and told the president that if I am to have anything to do with any more changes or updates I want to do the whole damn thing cause I don't like cleaning up other peoples messes cause it makes me look stupid and I'm the one who fixed it!!!

Today, my fridge that we got back in April stopped working!!!! I had just went grocery shopping with all kinds of frozen and cold stuff...got home to put it up...and the ice cream that was in there was melted!!! I called Sears....they will have a technician here the 23rd!!! I asked him what I was supposed to due till then, the unit is only 6 months old!!! He said "try dry ice.. DICKHEAD is what I should of said back....I just hung up

Called my parents to tell them that the painter had got to the outside of their house. My sister-in-law told me that they are on vacation and don't need to deal with all of that....HELLO!!! IT'S THEIR HOUSE!! I guess I shouldn't be surprised, 3 years ago my brother told me that they were taking a vacation from me!!! Yet I am the one that takes care of them. I saw a son yelling at his mother in Smith's today. Very mean-ly telling her that she can't take care of herself and she needs to quit thinking she can!! He was very loud in a very public place. I just walked by and said (rather loudly as well) "You should be nice to your mother, she puts up with you" he just glared at me and she smiled....

Like that's ever gonna happen to this peebugg.....

Been talking to Northern Guy this last week. Actually talking about deep meaningful crap...kinda scared me--then I started liking it. Then, of course, he disappeared again. I don't know why I don't get mad and tell him to take a flying leap. There is just something there that causes me to tolerate it and hope for his attention again.....


I've been listing to some serious country music, "Close Enough To Perfect", "Don't Take The Girl", "Can't Unlove You", "Meet Me In Montana", "Jesus, Take the Wheel" and "Angels Among Us" so what else do you think I'm doing.......

Crying even more. Wishing I was able to have and feel the way they do in these songs. I long for it, but for some reason I always destroy it.... I tried to post one of the songs on here, but I failed so if you know how...tell me....and I will try...please...please!!!

How was your week???

come on make me jealous!!!!


Southwest Airlines--Survived!!!

Yes, my parents made it safely and without incident to Houston Hobby.

We left the exciting puddle known as Farmington, NM at 6:30 am. 1/2 way down their street my mom tried to get me to go back and turn down the thermostat!! I told her I would turn it down when I got back to town. Then we had to stop by the post office to mail some bills she didn't mail the day before....finally we got to the highway!!

My dad was asleep in the back seat before we even got to the highway.

As we approached Albuquerque, the Balloon Fiesta was in full swing so we did get some entertainment. I tried to take a picture for you guys but for some reason my mother isn't very understand with me taking pictures while driving and going 70 mph...I just don't get it, but I appeased her and put the camera up.

Why isn't there a condom hot air balloon????

We got to the airport parking lot at 10:00 am. Traffic was thick due to the fiesta so it is good that their flight wasn't scheduled to leave till 12:30 pm. Got to the ticket counter after two flights of escalators and got their boarding passes and my pass to go to the gate with them. Their suitcase was 48 lbs and the limit was 50lbs...they cut it pretty close there......

Got to security and did the ID thing with the first guard. Then it was to the puffer machine line where we had to take off our shoes. My dad just about freaked, but he complied. Have you guys ever been in one of those puffer machines??? They are too funny. And even funnier when your mom gets a funny look on her face and tried to hold down her skirt. My dad jumped. I was cracking up.

Got thru that line and they had to do the explosive test on my dad's sleep apnea equipment. That took a while but the guard was pretty cool and got done before my dad got his shoes back on and my mom got all of her jewelry on and properly situated.

We got extremely lucky that there wasn't a line at security. We were thru by 11 am. As we were leaving security---there were about 100 people lined up there was only about 20 when we got in line.

We got to the gate and my mom told me she hadn't eaten yet.....I gave her "the look" and told them both to sit down and I would go find something. I got her sweet bread and a Carmel latte and my dad a cup of fresh fruit. He didn't want anything to drink cause he didn't want to have to go to the "potty" on the airplane. You know you can really embarrass your parents if you ask them if they need to "go potty" in public!!! You should try it!!

While waiting for the plane which ended up being 15 minutes, I got them pre-board status and then told the flight attendant that my dad would need a wheel chair in HOU so that way someone would take them to the baggage claim since my dearest sister-in-law couldn't meet them at the gate. My dad said he didn't need a wheel chair. I told him he could get in the chair without a hassle or I would kick him in the chin right before boarding and then he really would need one!!! He just smiled and agreed to play nice. I also had the job of "comic relief" to ease the stress. This job is incredibly easy in an airport. There are a ton of people to laugh at!!! My dad tried to pretend he didn't know me and my mom!!! Poor guy.

Finally, they boarded.

I left and called my sister-in-law and let them know they would be 15 minutes late due to late arrival.

They were in Houston and eating before I even got home....They survived!!!!

and amazing enough...so did the Airline!!!!

How's your weekend???


I know you're gonna be shocked...

But I am going to Bitch.....

Not be one, mind you....just whine and complain.....

This Saturday, my parents are going to go see my brother.....they do this every year except this year my darling brother and his bride have convinced them to fly. THEY HAVE NEVER FLOWN!!! My dad has more breathing problems than a guy in an "iron lung" and my mom has Alzheimer's!!!! So, I am in charge of getting them on the plane in Albuquerque hassle and stress free.

I think we've got everything under control, I have already fed-ex'd all of their medications. The oxygen guy has already contacted my sister-in-law and my dad's stuff will be there when they get there.

  1. I asked my sister-in-law if she could get my mom a bottle of St. Joseph's 81 mg Aspirin because she didn't give me any and I didn't realize it till the fed-ex was gone. They cost a whopping $2.57 a bottle. her response...."she can just pack hers in her luggage". What a #$$%^&!!
  2. Then I told her that someone needs to meet them at the gate and help them get to the luggage claim. She said that she would and take Riley, my nephew, well do to new security measures she can't take Riley and then she told me she wants him to be at the airport when they get there because he like the airport so they will just wait at baggage claim. My brother can't go cause he is working. And I know my parents will get lost and freaked. So I am calling "Southwest" today and see if someone can escort them to baggage claim.
  3. My parents won't have any transportation while down there because my brother needs his car and she doesn't like anyone driving hers.
  4. For the 13 days they will be there, my brother will be off of work a total of 5 days here and there. The rest of the time my parents are stuck in my brother's house with no way to go anywhere. IS THAT A VACATION????

Okay.....I think I'm done complaining. Saturday is a full moon and there is supposed to be storms in Albuquerque....so wish me luck.....and pray for my parents....you can even do a "stink eye" voo-doo dance against my brother and his wife.....I know I will be...


WORDLESS WEDNESDAY (a wee-bit early)

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September Visit with Meth-Head

Friday we went to Wal-mart and each of the boys got a movie.....Ashton picked out "RV" and Alec got "Land Before Time X" yes there are more than 10 of those suckers.....

Anyway, we all crawled into my bed and were watching "Land Before Time" and it was the one where Little Foot found his dad.....Ashton had a breakdown....crying, sobbing....trying to hide from me...the whole thing...... so right there with him in a hug I told him we would go see his dad.

Saturday morning, we packed up and headed to Albuquerque......
....and I still hadn't talked to his dad.

I really wasn't planning on going down there for quite some time because I read on the internet that his wife was out of prison and her probation was in ABQ which means they would be together. Besides she is just as much of a druggie (or was as she claims) as he was or is or whatever...I have issues with the boys being around her because she had her own children taken from her and now she doesn't not even have visitation rights to either one of them...so why should she get to see mine...right????

Anyway, we got to his house and knocked on the door and she answered...Alec freaked out.....he wouldn't look at her or anything...Meth-head was at work...so we dropped by his work and Ashton must of hugged him for 20 minutes.....he really needed to see his dad...then we went shopping till he got off of work.....

When we got back to his house...we decided to go to a new place called "ITZ" it is awesome...same concept as Chuck E Cheese....but better...except the security stamp thing....All you can pizza and stuff buffet....very good BTW...for 8.00 per adult and 4.95 per kid under 12. Then all the games took these cards, and you could refill each card so you don't have all these tokens and stuff to deal with and you can cash in your tickets to the card so you don't have a ton of tickets to deal with.....and they had a kiddie roller coaster

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and a spinny thing that even adults could ride, and a bowling alley!!!!! About 4 different themed places to sit and eat, one was a sports place with tons of TV all on a different sport, a movie theather which was playing "Grease" and a casual one...and then a Cartoon themed room.

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Then we went to a putt-putt golf course....I didn't play...I was the pack mule with cokes and the clubs and whatever else...but the boys, their dad and his skank played.

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But the best thing....besides Ashton feeling better was.....

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yes, a new spidy suit for Alec....... he said

"My Muscles are HUGE Again!!!!"

How was your weekend???