Mid Week Rant

It is Wednesday and I am at working, listening to Yahoo LaunchCast and I am invisible as far as Yahoo Messenger goes. I get an IM from a stranger, I know you're not supposed to talk to strangers, and he says Hi!. I am polite and say Hi back and there is the usual polite chat, then he asks me if I am single. I say yes, then he asks where are you from. New Mexico is my reply and then he asked what city. I don't answer and close the window hoping he will just go away.

Window pops back up and asks me if he can send me flowers. I told him the virtual kind would be fine, I don't think he got it cause then he asked me what kind I wanted. What weirdo would give out their address and personal information to someone on line???? What weirdo would ask for that stuff??

He then tells me he is leaving for Ghana tonight to visit his orphanage home. What is an orphanage home??? I am guessing it is supposed to either impress me or make me feel sorry for him.

What is the deal with Africa???? Why are all these people over there and on Yahoo Instant Messenger???? Is it just now reaching Africa??? and what is the deal with orphanages??? This is like the 12th person that just pops in to talk to me and they have orphanages. I don't get it. I know what an orphanage is, but why do they use it for a tool???



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