What do you notice???

Cool picture ...huh!!!
No, I'm not Hannibal the Cannibal...it's a picture of a doll's eye...
What do you notice first when you see or meet a person???? Is it the eyes or the nose???
On guys, I notice their chest first. The bigger the better...and yes, I am talking chests here. I don't know why I like them but I do. Then it's the body hair that shouldn't be showing....as in nose hair and ear hair. I saw a guy that had so much hair coming out of his ears it looked like pieces of gray broccoli. eeeww....Then I check for teeth. No I didn't have a typo....I said for teeth. My first internet blind date was a life altering experience. The guy looked normal in his photo...met him and he had no teeth....Oh my gosh!!!!!! I was wiggin. We met for lunch..so I stared a the chip basket the whole time so I wouldn't stare at the food flying out of his mouth because he was talking while eating.......
On females, I notice hair first, then make-up and jewelry. I know...I'm shallow. I just have to see if they look better than I do. I'm horrible. But usually if a girl can accessorize...she has got her act together. And you can tell their personality by what they wear---or at least kind of.
What do you notice first???