Darth Vader Cake!!!
I ordered this cake Monday the 5th at Smith's--
It was supposed to be ready the 10th at 12:00 pm (noon)
We get up in the morning, get dressed, open a few presents.
It's 11:45 am--so we go wash my car--Cake won't be ready till noon
Party is at 1:00 pm.
12:25pm we walk into Smith's to get the cake.
She comes out and says she is just now making it--it will be 20 to 30 minutes.
I said--it was supposed to be ready at noon.
she said--she is making it now
I said...it's 12:30 pm and I have a 1:00 pm birthday part across town.
She just looked at me.
Boys are going crazy in the store. Alec keeps putting marshmallows in other people's baskets.
(Sorry everyone who had added extra groceries)
Finally, the lady comes out and says she will take $6.00 off of the cake because they didn't have it ready. I thanked her and went and paid and we were out of there.
Only 3 minutes late to our own birthday party--
luckily no one but Grammie and Papa was there yet.

This is the Birthday Boy in the morning Pre-Party--oh and Alec's feet

Do to jealously--Alec got to wear the Birthday Kid shirt.

Can you tell he just hates being the center of attention......NOT!!

This little girl--we will talk about below...

The noise is getting to them...they didn't last long in Playland...

Kids Meals!!!! We picked Burger King because they had Star Wars Toys

Wouldn't you know it...they were out of those.....

They weren't supposed to get the toys out....this is the "Caught" picture

Alec finally got used to not being the center of attention and was a cool guy!!!

Okay...mom recap 8 boys and 1 girl in playland screaming for 2 hours....Advil please!!!

The little girl--very interesting. Her mom came in and was really nervous--semi-tweekish. Dropped her off and blazed a trail. I am talking to the little girl and she keeps saying she knows "Mikey" and that he is a good friend. I'm listening but have no idea who Mikey is, until she said that he taught her how to pop her cheek with her finger. Mikey is meth-man. Mom was a tweeker friend that hung out at the house after we moved out. When she came to pick her up she was even more nervous and forgot her daughter's coat. I had to chase them down in the parking lot--she freaked I think she thought I was gonna go postal or something. Weird!!

Biker chick was supposed to come to the party to play and to help if there were any freak outs. She went to McDonald's by the mall instead of Burger King by the mall--dang all those playlands...She thought I stood her up or something....but it's all good now....lol

Ashton came and told me last night.."This was the best Birthday Party I've ever had!!"