Christmas Goodies!!!!

Well, last night was Christmas Party Eve. For Alec's daycare party I made Ants on a Log, 40 of those suckers and then 40 celery sticks with Bacon and Cheddar dip in them. Dipped pretzel sticks into melted almond bark and made Fantasy Fudge without the nuts. So, Girl Fudge...lol get it??? Nevermind.....I'm warped as you all know... A double batch of the stuff....a suggestion to anyone making that stuff.....DON'T MAKE A DOUBLE BATCH!!!! This is the first time I have ever made fudge. Shocking I know...but my dad is allergic to chocolate so we never had it when I was little...and I got brave this year....I had marshmallow cream everywhere, the sugar mixture was bubbling and I went to get my candy thermometer...and it was gone. I don't want to know what thing AJ was trying to take the temperature of...(eeeww) So I had to guess. I think I did pretty good. It tastes good, really strong though.

My mom called last night just after I finished wrapping up the celery tray and was working on the sweet containers.

"What are you doing?"
"I'm getting stuff ready for Alec's party, right now I'm packing my fudge" it's okay...laugh...I know I did. My mom didn't get it. I had to hang up I was laughing so hard. After about 10 minutes of laughing I tried to resume and snickered all the way thru it. I even giggled a bit this morning as I was loading the car.

Ashton only needed to take Cheetos to school and the present for his teacher. So that was way easy. Alec and I had to take 4 presents (three for teachers and one for gift exchange) and two trays of goodies. Now that was a cool balancing act, let me tell you. But I didn't drop a thing!!

The "Hen Party" was also today. Biker chick and I went together cause she wanted to get table gifts for everyone. She went to some HR luncheon and she thought it was cool and wanted to buy 10 gifts for each person to put on the table in gift bags. She wanted to go to TJ Max, I just looked at her and said why not the $1 store. She said okay!!! We get there and we find these really cute Christmas figurines.

She picked up one and said "How much is this?"
"A dollar"
"Cool, what about this one??"
"A dollar"
"Wow...but what about this really cool Santa??"
"A dollar, this is a dollar store. Everything in here is a dollar. Get it $1 Store!! It's a Concept"
"That is so cool, I have never heard of that"

I just rolled my eyes. Then we got a pack of 20 bags for....yes you guessed it....$1 and a pack of tissue paper too. So we spent $12 at the dollar store where she was willing to spend boo-koo bucks at TJ Max....

Party went off well.
No cat fights!!!!


Blogger Aiden Witmore said...

glad the party went well.

i've been tagged? what do i have to do?

okay, thanks for not noticing my lisp. i've got it all under control now. i was just upset at the moment because i had only had it in for like, an hour and it was driving me insane.
but over the past few days i've been able to eat and talk and swallow.

the gap is over priced for one thing. i mean, why pay 23 dollars for a shirt? it's stupid.
and as for Gay And Proud, i couldnt put it better myself.
everything in the gap says "GAP" all over it. my little cousin wears nothing but gap, so his underwear, socks, shirts, pants, shorts, pj's all say GAP.
wearing gap clothing makes you look like a moron. i dont want to walk around sporting the place i got my clothes.
if im going to wear all gap i might as well wear a sandwich board that says "I SHOP AT GAP. IM A RICH JERK."
start the boycott!!!

12/17/2005 8:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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