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When I was down and feeling glum....some friends were there. Drama Mama attempted to talk some sense into me. But, I am still sending his and his daughters Christmas presents to them. I had lot of fun buying and wrapping them....I don't want to spoil the fun now.

Mike, while laying in bed sick, was talking to me while we both did The Battle of the Blogs. But he still has not revealed what #90 is on his list.

Kdubs volunteered to be my muscle, even though she is pregnant. Congratulations again by the way...I hope the morning sickness is getting better.

And Violent Haze aka Walk-My-Way has always been a great breath of fresh air. I get to relive my youth via her---and she has way more fun then I did!!!! And what are you implying with the doll comment???? I'm loud...but haven't been flashy since high school...(Drama remember my cool gold belt??? and the hot pink silk shirt???)

Violent Haze said...
you should name the doll in the corner.something flashy and loud. just like
12/13/2005 7:19 AM

I just wanted to say thanks, it's cool to have friends that listen to or read what you say and actually respond!!!


BLOG ON!!!!!!!


Blogger Dubs said...

Hey anytime girl. It's been fun to get to know you lately, you really do crack me up. But beside being a hoot, you're heart does shine through in all of your posts.

Cheers new friend!

12/14/2005 5:01 AM  
Blogger Aiden Witmore said...

give her a name! something like,

oh god did you say gold belt and hot pink silk shirt? eeeww...okay. im all for hot pink, but a hot pink silk shirt? whoa. never in a million years....

so yeah, name her!

i've been a breath of fresh air? aaww!! yay me!
i am having fun. sometimes. sometimes it just sucks.
but i get over it pretty quick when i find something else to occupy me with.
blog on peebugg!!!

12/14/2005 8:34 AM  
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