This has been one very long week. And now there is only one more week till Christmas.
I did get "northern" man's gifts sent up to him. I dare not deliver them!!! I know they got to his door step because I got that confirmation from Fed-ex, I just hope they were still there when he got home. I e-mailed him asking if they got there, but as usual I didn't get a reply.

**deep sigh**

I had to teach a computer class today and I was checking out BE while we were on break. One of the students asked me--

"What are you doing??"
"I'm checking out a blog site, I have a blog."
"They say that sniper back east was a blogger"
"did they?"
"yes, and he wrote all about it on his blog and that was acceptable"
"Oh, they say the guy who killed Kennedy was a Methodist and that was acceptable"

She just looked at me, I am sure that evaluation didn't go over well. That is so stereotypical. I just hate stereotypes. That's like saying all people from New Mexico speak Spanish or all people from California have bleach blonde shag hair styles and talk like Spacoalie (sp?).

I have noticed that there are not as many Salvation Army "bell ringers" out this year, which is kinda sad. I always put money in their kettle. When I was leaving the dollar store on lunch break there were Marines collecting money for their Christmas Charity and I stopped and put my bags down, dug thru my purse and found a bunch of change. People just looked at me like I was weird. I just don't understand people. They seem so uncaring and unfriendly. You can really shock some people by saying "Hi!" in the store. They look at you like you are getting ready to rob them or something.

Freak Out Someone You Don't Know this Season and say
Merry Christmas!!!!


Blogger Dubs said...

I am 100% with you. We go for a walk everyday and I always try to say hi to people-- people are always stunned. It's very sad.
I like how bloggers are compared to physcho, killing, people stalking felons. Nice.

12/18/2005 6:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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3/16/2007 7:16 AM  

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