Approachable vs. Unapproachable

How is it that some people you can just talk too and they talk back.

But others it seems very one sided and you are......

Yep....walking on eggshells. No matter what you say there is always the possibility of hitting a nerve and being banished into the realm of silence. I mean I know that everyone has their buttons and can be easily pushed but is it really necessary to be so extreme??? Normally when I get rubbed the wrong way--I try to brush it off and go on.....not execute sentencing of banishment....

Shocking I know!!!

But why would you want to hurt someone just because they said something, that wasn't intended to be hateful, that rubbed you the wrong way???

Why not just try to get along???

Some past relationships, both romantic and just friends, have caused me to

jump thru hoops.

Now I know that any kind of relationship requires a bit of this--but it's a bit from both sides and, at times, I seem to be the only one familiar with the hula-hoops....

Has anything happened to me recently to make me post this??? Nothing negative... Just interacting with other people and realizing that it is not my life's purpose to jump thru the hoops put before me.

There are people "I would turn my self inside out" (name that movie) for and it seems to be a constant thing on my side--which I find exhausting. Then there are people that I would do that for but it is not necessary because we mesh well in all areas.

What makes the difference in these people???

What makes some people approachable by some and not by other???

And why do we seem to find the unapproachable first and the approachable after we have been put thru the obstacle course???


Blogger drama mama said...

I don't know. People are weird. I'm fairly thick skinned, I think. I hope. And heck...I'll talk to anyone! People, strangers, always think they know me from somewhere. Happened again tonight. Do I have that familiar of a face?? Or do all fat people look the same?? My cousin says she thinks I was the "cruise director" in heaven, and that's why people think they know me. Who knows??

Oh yeah...and I can't think of the movie. I stink at the movie quote game! LOL

2/21/2006 9:55 PM  
Blogger Dubs said...

I'm with the Mama. People are nutso sometimes. You have to know who to keep beside you and who to keep at arms length. We are givers. Givers get squashed on BUT you know as a wiser giver that you just have to learn to put up those dang on walls.

Hugs to you. Wish we could chill and watch some dumb movies to get your mind off it all!


2/22/2006 5:00 AM  
Blogger peebugg said...

The movie answer...
"Hope Floats" when Birdie is talking to her soon to be exhusband....

2/22/2006 10:58 AM  
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