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I just got a call from my mom's office manager...
She is very concerned about her. (side note...my parents work together and have for the past 45 years) She said that there have alot of errors on her billing lately and normally they are the office managers...but now they are my mom's. They did hire a girl to help her out at the office and they seem to be getting along...heck the lady can get along with my dad...she can get along with anyone.....
Lately, my mom has been very forgetful and gets disoriented easily. The other night when Alec broke out in a rash--she volunteered to go to the store and get me some Benedryll. After 25 minutes in the store, my dad went in and had to find her--she had gotten lost.
So, I called my doctor (who is an older woman and knows my mother) and left a message that I need some guidance and possibly for her to look at my mom. She does have a primary care physician but he is an internalist and rather cold--but she has been seeing him annually due to her heart thing about 11 years ago.
At first, thoughts of "oh no I will have to move back in with them" came to mind. But they are my parents and they have been there for us when the world turned it's back on me and the boys. So, I will be there!!!!!
Then, for some stupid--dumb ass reason, I call my brother. He was at home, I told them what the office manager had said and things that have been going on. I got "yeah, Dad said something about her a few months ago." No, do you need any help?--what can I do?--do we have a plan?. Nothing......total waste of my long distance.
Now, that I have calmed down--I am realizing that I don't have to move in, Dad is still there. I will just need to keep my visits more regular and never let her volunteer to go anywhere for me. I will need to be more supportive of Dad and not just blow off his complaints as him being bitchy but that he is really concerned and I don't think he could survive without her. (now I'm tearing up). I definitely cannot move too far away from here. Durango is a possibility if meth head does come back. It is only 50 miles away but is out of state and that is good for parole violations and stuff. Heck for that matter, I could move just across the state line and live in Cedar Hill--the rent is really high there though.....$1,300.00 per month before utilities.....
So, I am putting my great skills at "searching for useless knowledge" to great use and now I am searching for information on Alzhymer's and dementia. I am guessing that this is what is going on with her.


Blogger Dave said...

I have had experience with both Alzheimer's and Dementia, one with my Grandmother, and the other with her sister. Both have very similar symptoms, mostly of forgetfulness, My Aunt with Alzheimers got to a point were she didn't recognize me as I was grown up, but could remember me as a little boy. She would frequently repeat the same questions, and say the same things a lot.

The dementia sort of robbed my Grandmother of self. She had a difficult time remembering, and understanding things. She was very depressed.

I am by no means an authority on this, but wanted to throw my 2.3 cents in on it.

Hang in there, and consult the Lord often for strength, guidance, and comfort.

3/15/2006 10:36 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

That sucks. My mom is going through the exact same thing, as you probably already know from my blog. Good luck, I'll be sending some positive thoughts your way :)

3/16/2006 7:32 AM  
Blogger Dubs said...

Oh sweet friend. I'm so sorry I didn't read this until now!

Ok. I've been through this with many of family, they got it young. :( IT is so hard and since you are right there it's going to be that much harder. Remember to vent. Remember it's ok to be scared and do know that you can email me any time. Just learn, from the doctors, what signs to look out for for when it gets really bad. That is key.

I wish I could reach out to hug you.


3/18/2006 3:48 PM  
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