Chaps My Fanny Friday!!!

You know....I a mooning leprechaun is more common than you think!!!!

Parent teacher conference on Thursday. Ashton is kicking butt!!!!!

THEN---(drum roll) I bring up to his teacher that Ashton has been complaining about a boy named Eric that has been picking on him. Note: for those of you who are semi new to this blog, I'm not a great supporter of violence--HOWEVER I am a great supporter or self defense. Due to Ashton's dad's past actions with physical violence and the whole gun deal....I tread very carefully around this subject.

Ashton takes Twae kwon-do, he is being trained to defend himself.

Anyway, his teacher just took a deep breath and and shook her head. She explained to me that they (meaning the teaching staff) were all aware of Eric and he has been written up, suspended and flunked last year and that he is a bully. But, he is a very sneaky bully.

And the dip-stick school system's rule is...if a teacher doesn't see it--then they can do nothing about it. What the H E double hockey stick???? Then she said that today she told the kids that if Eric hits them, they should hit him back. But for them not to start the fight. She said in her 16 years of teaching she has never said anything like that. She is very upset with the whole situation.

So, tonight when Ashton gets home from Twae Kwon-do, we are going to go over the fundamentals of when not to take Eric's crap. He teacher even said that Eric got told two kids that if they didn't fight each other he would beat them both up and....he tells the kids he picks on that if they tell he will beat them up.

It just chaps my fanny that the principle and faculty knows this is happening and they aren't doing a thing about it....And it soils my diaper that they are leaving the resolution of this problem to 2nd graders. They are doing nothing but teaching them that the rules are only for those who are willing to follow them. Bullies are exempt from most rules because it is easier for those in charge to look the other way than it is to deal with the problem head on. Which, btw, is the way the little boys' dad works. (I am getting more mad as I am typing this, I am thinking I will be calling the school Monday morning and have a discussion with the principal. I would actually like to go find this kid's supposed parents and punch them both in the mouth and thell them to deal with their bully son--but I guess the principal will have to do.)

So I am sure an up coming blog will be about my adventures in the pricipal's office and possibly with the school board....



Blogger Kristen said...

Hi- I surfed over from Kdubs's blog-

I would definitely see if there was a way for you to contact that bully's parents. It probably won't help- they probably won't take responsibility, but it's worth a shot- since the stupid school isnt doing anything!

3/17/2006 1:40 PM  
Blogger Dubs said...

OHHHHHHHHHHHH that would make me so angry. SO VERY ANGRY. SO VERY VERY ANGRY. I hate sneaky bullies. :(

3/18/2006 3:45 PM  
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