A Day In The Life of An Alec

It's definitely not a good sign when you walk onto the daycare playground and the teacher comes running toward you.

It was one of his classroom teachers--the one he doesn't like!!! She said that Alec punched a little boy in the head. She was quite upset over the deal. I asked her what the little boy did to Alec to cause him to punch him. She stammered and then said that the little boy bit Alec. I just looked at her and then she said that he bit Alec because Alec pushed him and Alec pushed him because the little boy pushed Alec off the stool while he was using the urinal. (have you ever seen little kid urinals??? they are so cute).

Anyway she said that she told Alec that he should of bit the boy back not hit him. I got a bit heated and said "WE DO NOT BITE" and that he was taught if someone bites him he can hit them but we don't bite back because we can get germs.

She just looked at me with a "deer in the headlights" look.

What the heck.....telling a kid to bite!!!!!

But you can tell he has two older brothers, he didn't hesitate to fight back!!!!!

If I were a pigeon....my chest feathers would be puffed.
Goodness..I might fall over being too top heavy...