Unoffical Thursday Thirteen

  1. Blogger truly hates me. I couldn't post last night and I didn't get to see Mike's (mindlessdribbles) WW.
  2. I am looking to my own site for my blog, I see others doing it, but still haven't figured out how they do it.
  3. Letter from meth head telling the boys how he is looking forward to seeing them on a almost everyday basis when he gets out which is supposed to be very soon. I am tempted to actually respond to one of his letters, but still haven't decided if I should or not.
  4. I was told I shouldn't take "everything so personal". Not exactly sure what that means...if you don't then you don't care....right?
  5. Biker Chick was assigned to do some of my overflow accounting work. Basically entering bills to be paid. She has been getting 30-40 a day for the last 2 weeks. She has only been entering about 4-8 a day. Needless to say, I had to go get this huge stack and I am now entering them and they are already past due. Some help.
  6. Alec figured out how to work the caller ID last night and called my parents at 11:30 pm while I was in the computer room invoicing. He was asleep when I went in there.
  7. Ashton is so excited about vacation he is driving me crazy....I hate to spoil his jovial mood, but Advil isn't enough for all of this.
  8. I think I should ask the doctor for prozac or something before the trip so I don't go postal.
  9. I also think that I am going to need a alone vacation to recover from the vacation with the boys.
  10. My mom got mad at her office manager and came home today. She is upset because she won't have anything to do with the inventory because it will be on the computer.
  11. I am still de-furring my suitcase that the cat dibbed his bed 8 months ago. How much dang fur does this guy share????
  12. Bathroom paint job I started the first of February still isn't done. Difficult to paint with a 4 year old around--a very curious and ornery 4 year old.
  13. I still believe in "Happily EverAfter" for myself....I just think mine will need to be modernized from the traditional standard. And no it's not a Lesbian modernization...thank you very much!!!!


Anonymous Ed Bacchus said...

I change from Blogger to WordPress (WordPress.com). It will require you to get your own domain name or register on their site, but I love it. Don't have any of the problems that blogger constantly have. If you think you are having problems, just also think of all the people who try to access your blog, but can't because blogger has your site locked up. I will be glad to walk you through the steps, but look around and see what else is out there and then make your decision. Although you may have a steeper learning curve going to another provider, you will more than likely be happier.

3/23/2006 4:15 PM  
Blogger Dubs said...

I believe your happily ever after is coming. :) I'm sorry about Meth head. He really needs to go. Can you move?

3/23/2006 5:37 PM  
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