Bra Delima

Okay.....I went bra shopping with the boys on Friday.....(mental note to self....don't do that again...) Ashton was poking in all the padded bras and Alec was rubbing his face all over the panties.....BOYS!!!

Anyway.....I have issues with bras. I think they should make you look good and not be too painful to wear. I realize that with the load I have them carrying, they aren't going to last long, but I do expect them to keep "the girls" corralled.

I was wearing this certain style that looked good, but if I ever got cold my nipples would show thru. I would love to add saw a hot guy....but you should see the males where I work....eewwww..

Okay, so to attempt to defeat the nipple issue I switched to a style that is slightly padded. Not that I need any extra padding in that department...but it did hide the overly noticeable if it happened. But, it doesn't look as good.....

So....what do you think.....Good looks, possibly put a warning sign around my neck that all spectators need eye protection or....padded sagging????



Blogger drama mama said...

I hate bra shopping. I'd get the one that looks and feels the best. You could always use a bra pad to line the inside to prevent the nipple thing.

Bras are the devil.

9/18/2006 1:59 PM  

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