That's My Boys!!!!!

I was planning on posting this on Thursday night....but Ashton has been sick...so I am just now getting here...

Parent teacher conferences were Thursday for the little boys...Alec's was first. It was a student lead conference. Meaning he took me around the room and we did different stations. There was the pattern station, the picture drawing, nursery rhymes, a poem, phonic cards, number writing, calendar, and counting.


New all of his zoo-phonics flash cards, new all the nursery rhymes...he even rewrote Baa-Baa Black Sheep...it's now the little boy that lives by the lake!!!!

Finally we got to the part where we talk to the teacher. He had to move his clip from green to yellow for continually thumping a girl with his pencil (a true boy) and when he refused to move his clip, his teacher put it on orange....he was horrified.....but he recovered to discover how to stick his finger down his throat and make himself throw up!!! And then he shared it with all of his class mates...all 22 of them.....So his poor teacher had 23 kindergartner's gagging themselves....Poor lady, I should send flowers or something.......

Then it was off to Ashton's conference.....He is now in 3rd grade and still loves school. Last year when school ended his reading level was 4.2 (4th grade 2nd month) he tested this year and he is at 5.4 (fifth grade fourth month) I am so proud. He is spankin' em in all of his language skills and doing great in math....semi struggling with the whole "clock" thing. So I have bought a actual clock with the hands and everything so we can work on the clock deal instead of all the digital display clocks we have. She also mentioned that she will be watching him for possible entry into the "gifted program". My heart skipped a beat!!! I was in the gifted program in grade school and I really loved it. I hope he will have the same opportunity.

The teen has yet to seriously crash on his long board (knock on wood) and is pretty much being a high school guy not settling down with any one girl. His senior picture proofs are awesome and as soon as I get my scanner hooked back up, I will post one.....

How was every one's weekend????



Anonymous Mindless Dribbler said...

Daaang, you got a little jokester and a freakin' genuis on your hands!! :)

Had a great weekend, sounds like you did the same.

9/25/2006 7:33 AM  
Blogger Kristen said...

How cool that the boys are doing so great in school. I loved the gifted program too. It makes you feel special! LOL.

I had a great weekend and I hope yours was great too!

9/26/2006 11:01 AM  

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