After I drop the little boys off at school, I have to go thru a school zone and the last 2 days there is a "Community Service Officer" there who in reality isn't a full fledged police officer...basically a "wannabe cop" and this one also wants to be Vin Diesel....

He's got the shaved head and he tries to puff up his chest and struts around the cross-walk area. Takes everything in me not to laugh each time I see him.

Yesterday morning the light was red so I was stopped and when it turned green, I actually (shocking I know) accelerated my car ever so slightly. Mr. Wannabe grabbed his cute little orange vest that says "Police" and waved it at me like I was burning rubber or something. I looked down at the speedometer and it said...brace yourself.....5mph.... I just looked at him and drove on.

Today, once again the light was red but he was in the middle of the street. Go Figure...Mr. Power trip looked at me and started walking my way. BTW...he was wearing sock booties...and he had chicken legs... Anyway he walks up to my car and looks at the car behind me as he knocks on my window with his knuckle. How "studly" HA. I roll down my window and he starts to say "Seat belt" and then he looks at me and says "Oh, you have it on" and I said, "Yeah, I have it on--My boobs are just too big for you to see it clearly" He backs away and says "Sorry, wrongly accused" the light turns green and I drive away.

No I don't have a crush on him...there are just a ton and I mean a ton of pictures of him on the Internet.....and besides, he is too short. And actually I had more pictures but it won't let me load them....

How is your Friday so far??


Blogger drama mama said...

Did you ever have a run in with that crossing guard at 30th and College Blvd?? He threw his crossing sign at me a couple of times. Super Freak!

9/01/2006 1:11 PM  
Blogger peebugg said...

Okay...I have a correction...Vin isn't too short he about 6'1"...but I still don't have a thing for him......too vein-ie

9/01/2006 1:53 PM  
Anonymous Notorious O'gherkin said...

I would have given him the Pumpin Bird. Stupid preschool patrol.

9/01/2006 6:58 PM  

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