Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

Last night while talking to O'Gherkin on the phone, there came a rapping someone gently tapping tapping at my humble adobe door. Simply this--but wait!! There is More!!

Answered the door and there were some guys men looking for AJ. When I opened the door, Handsome was there and he walked out to smell them. I told them not to worry, he won't bite them. Then the geeky guy said "That's what the owner said of the last dog that bit me". You would be so proud--I didn't say what I really wanted to say!!

Anyway, the visit was brief mainly due to Handsome not going away. Which in reality I didn't want him too. He was doing his job, he was protecting his family. He never growled or sniffed anywhere rude. But he made his presence very much known. He got double doggie treats after they left!!

All the boys survived the first day of school. The schools are still standing and the daycare bus that Alec and Ashton ride was not vandalized or hi-jacked and the driver didn't need medical attention after she got them to daycare.

So all is well in the land of tes-tos-ta-rone.

How is your week so far?


Blogger Kristen said...

He probably antagonized the last dog!

8/23/2006 1:35 PM  

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