Snip-Snip Day!!

Despite protest, shedding, major clawing and skin crawling meowing....Buddy the cat was put in his travel crate this morning and taken to the vet. In the crate was the only way I could get a picture of him.....

We get to the vet to get checked in and she wants me to take him out and put him on the scale. Hello!!! he was just in here two weeks ago and weighed him then .......and I'm in my work clothes....and he is losing hair faster than a Chemo patient!!! Despite all of that....we weighed him and she took him back. I will check on him at 2:30pm and get his pick up time....

Yes I have to work today...so suckie....2 days off work a day and then another day off.....geesh...

We are going to do round one of the massive fireworks tonight....

How's your long weekend going?


Blogger Aiden Witmore said...

well! the fireworks have been going off at my house since saturday night. surpise, it shook my house.
tho, the sky did turn a fantastical shade of red in the balckness of everything.

either way, your floor is just way to cool!!!

thank you. my eyes are very pretty. pink and black makeup today.

and i was 42% american thankyou.

the pictures above me, they are the glass tabel top from the table on the porch. it had rained all day and almost all night, so a little before 11, i went outside and was playing with the camera, and i accidentally took a picture of the pable. when i realized how cool it looked, i was like "i have to have more of these."
pretty neat huh?

and your cat looks pissed.

7/03/2006 12:58 PM  
Blogger Kristen said...

CUTE!! I had cats when I lived with my dad (he's become the crazy cat guy LOL) and I HATED putting the cats on the scale. I mean come on, they are already pissed off enough over being there- then let's put them up on a metal counter and grab at them and try to weigh them. LOL. I hope you brought a lint roller with you! LOL.

7/06/2006 7:36 AM  
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