Why do they do these things to me???

Yes, I saw this at Wal-mart tonight while taking my mom grocery shopping. And yes, I had to buy it. Who needs crust??? just sit down in front of the TV and dig in.

I probably should of stopped by ladies wear on the way to the check out and got a bigger pair of jeans!!!

Speaking of ladies wear.....have you ever noticed that for smaller chested women there are hundreds of styles, colors and just cool bras??? and for the larger chested women there is only white, beige and black??? Well at least on bras that will actually work???

(no, that's not me....
if they made them big enough for me you would have to wear sunglasses)

I've been looking for a teal bra. Thought I found one at target my size and everything. It's like getting two bowling balls into a marbles sack. (yes I stole Burt Reynolds quote...just different body parts). Then I found a blueish one......wore it and now I have bruises from the underwires. I hate underwires!!!!
Any input??????

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Blogger drama mama said...

check out Lane bryant.com. they have many sizes and colors. and cute ones too!

1/28/2007 4:39 PM  

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