What a week !!! Revisited...

Can my life PLEASE calm down!!!!!!!

Thursday at 330 pm, the big boss upstairs asked me to get a PowerPoint presentation ready for him....here is the kick....he didn't have all the data yet!!! And I wasn't working Friday because I had to go get my parents in Albuquerque at the airport..... That was a very rushed 1.5 hours!! but I gotter' dun!!

Parents made it back safely and we stopped at the "Cracker Barrel" for lunch and my mom actually cleaned her plate without me fussing at her!! They told me that they didn't have a car the whole time they were there (I knew she wouldn't share) so they pretty much spent 13 days as prisoners in my brother's house...with no JUNK FOOD!!!

Then today, for some odd reason, my dad had my mom follow him to the Ford dealership.....and he lost her. So the teen and I drove around town for almost 2 hours. She finally called and she had just arrived at the Ford dealership. She had been waiting at Webb Toyota all that time. I think I grew 8 more grey hairs. I got to her before my dad did, she was crying because she thought my dad would yell at her. When he walked up he asked her where she was, I stepped in and said "She was at Webb....where the heck were you!!" he just smiled and took the hint that she was really upset and he needed to calm down. I talked to the teen later and he said that my dad was in tears worrying about her!!! He is such a crusty marshmallow----Hard and tough on the outside and soft and gooey on the inside!!
She needed to go grocery shopping so, I took her...she seemed to do okay. Only got completely freaked out twice. So that wasn't so bad!!
The cool thing I did this weekend was work for my friend Lisa at the "Parade of Homes" The house I helped show was priced at $429,000.00. The master bathroom shower is larger than my whole bathroom!!!! It was pretty but kinda small for all that money....the land was very very high.....anyway...here is my camera tour......

can you guys see that??? I just installed the Adobe C2 suite and I still have fine tuned all of my settings....



Blogger peebugg said...

I don't think my photobucket works since I've switched to Beta!!!

10/21/2006 9:00 PM  
Blogger Aiden Witmore said...

Wow...that's quite eventfull.

My week is/was/will be/been fine thanks for asking.

10/22/2006 8:24 PM  

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