Random Bugg-y-ness

Okay.....they are still working on the bathroom....but it looks BEAUTIFUL!!!!

I will post final pictures hopefully Saturday.

Overly random thoughts have been going thru my head...and of course I have to share:

When looking for "the perfect mate" what do or did you look for????

With AJ's dad--my parents "forbid" (they used that exact word) me to see him....so of course I had to get pregnant.

With methhead.....he seemed sweet but was a social rebel. At the time AJ and I were living with my parents and they had pretty much clipped my wings and he was a breath of fresh air and AJ liked him too....

Now that I am out on my own and it's just me and the boys--I think I am looking for something more like my father....that is so weird!!! Someone that I feel safe with. Someone understanding of my stress moments and someone that won't use my weak or confused moments against me at a later time. I mean we all have bad days....if your with someone shouldn't they understand that??? and not make it worse but try to comfort you or at least try to cheer you up? And if they are having a bad day....shouldn't you do the same??? I am a big believer in the rules work both ways. And if you insist on someone doing something then you should also have to do it. In a non perverted sense of course. I mean like talking about things and being understanding and patient and that kind of jizz jazz. Is that asking too much???

Or do I have such a "fairy tale" vision on a relationship that I will always screw it up trying to make it perfect......or at least trying to understand and make it fair
I need input......help a bugg out....
p.s. I have no idea how that crab is related to this....but it is a way cool picture AND NO SLICK I DON'T HAVE CRABS....thank you very much

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Anonymous Slick said...

Heeeey, I wasn't going to say anything about your crab infested....

Blog. ;)

You've outgrown the "bad boys" Bugg...looking for more stability. Just let it go naturally!

2/23/2007 10:11 AM  
Blogger easternsurvivor said...

One day I ran across your blog because I was looking for information about my squeeking pellet stove. Low and behold I didn't find the answer but i found a wonderfly written, funny (Not to say your life is something to laugh about) story about your trials and tribulations. I got to thinking and found this would be a great way to keep our family and friends up to date about my husbands cancer without having to deal with the "how's it going" 10 million times a week! So I thank you for your inspiration and I hope that love and luck comes your way. I have the love of my life, but the luck seems to have run dry. Karen

2/24/2007 1:27 PM  

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