Stop This Ride--I Want To Get Off!!!

Happy thought first....I got my laptop back!!! YEAH!!!
But now I have to reinstall EVERYTHING!!! boo!!

Medium Roller Coaster Ride

Still don't have the results of Alec's blood tests. His blood sugar was 42 Monday morning, which isn't good, so I called the doctor and they never called me back. I called again late Monday and she said the test results weren't back I told her that wasn't why I was calling and then we talked about the blood sugar. It was the nurse of course and she said she would call me back Tuesday after she talks to the doctor. She did call back Tuesday and they want to send Alec to a specialist in Albuquerque that deals with metabolism. An Endocrinologist.

The glucose meter I bought was an off brand so I asked if they could write a prescription for a better one so the insurance would pay for it and the supplies. They did and we have a better one that doesn't hurt when you poke yourself to get the blood out and it doesn't take as much blood. The readings seem much more accurate. I think alot of my worries were due to a faulty meter. I bought it new but it wasn't one of the high dollar ones. That's what I get for trying to be conservative I guess. Lesson learned.


I got a call Friday at work about 1:35 pm.

"Hello, this is police and fire dispatch is this Elizabeth Bridges?"


"Do you live at #$%^ North Bla Blah Street?"

"Is your phone number 555-5555?"

"Ma'am there has been an incident at your house and police officers are on the scene we need you to go home. What kind of vehicle do you drive?"

"Blue Santa Fe. Can you tell me what happened?"

"No Ma'am I can't how long will it take you to get home?"

"About 10 minutes"

"I will let the officers know. Thank you" hang up.

First thought in my head. AJ dead on the bed with gun shot to the head. I grab my purse and head home. I'm freaking. I have two guns at home and AJ has one. Was there a teen fight??? Calm down Beth, maybe someone just drove into your back yard. I can't call my parents they would be more hassle than help. I figure out someone to call and of course no answer, it's the middle of the day everyone is working. I do text him and he calls me as I am meeting the police officer.

Some teenager had the holy crap beaten out of him. The police had received reports of a bloody teen in different locations around Farmington High School which is kinda close by. Then they had a call about someone throwing a rock thru a beauty salon window that is pretty close to my house. Then they had a 911 call from my house. The beaten teen came in thru my back gate that the roofers left unlocked last week. Came in thru Handsome's doggie door and the door from the garage to the house had been left unlocked. He came in called 911 and then waited. He didn't take the cash on the counter, still the Xboxes or anything. As I pull up, the ambulance is driving off, there are 4 police cars, one ladder fire truck and a blue ambulance thing. I have no idea what it was. My neighbors must just love me. Been here 6 months and I must look like a drama case.... I am glad that nothing happened to my kids or my house and I am sorry that the mystery teen had to result to what he did in order to get help. I still think he could of went into 7 to 11 and asked them to call 911. But when beaten and scared, one doesn't always think logically.

Freak me out ride

My boss at work has made three references about me not being married yet in the last 2 weeks. They aren't mean, they are usually like "Beth, I don't know why you aren't married yet your fun to be around." or "You are so accepting of male actions (meaning burping and gross stuff) why aren't you married?"


Is what I wanted to say, but I just shrugged my shoulders and kept working. I get it from my kids wanting a guy to hang with and to call a dad. I get it from work. And I sometimes get it from myself. Difficult to meet new people if you don't go anywhere but work. There is the contractor guy....... so I guess I will just let life ride and see what happens.

How was your week???

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Anonymous Slick said...

You and the contractor guy talking? Good luck with that!

I'm glad your family is safe. I'd have been freaked out too recieving a call like that! Wheww....

3/18/2007 8:40 PM  
Blogger drama mama said...

I find myself replying this way to your blog over and over......


I'm so glad the boys are ok. What's the deal with that kid? You're not THAT close to the highschool. The beat up kid walked 2 miles and then picked your house?? Weird! I would have totally freaked out!

You should write a book. No...really, you should.

3/18/2007 9:45 PM  
Blogger Blazer1234 said...

God Gawd! How awful! I'm glad it wasn't one of your own kids that got beat up. But I would have totally been paniced too!!!

Hope the blood-sugar thing gets all sorted out. That's scary stuff too.

3/19/2007 11:01 AM  

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