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What a Monday....

Well....it was this time

I really avoid that....although I know I shouldn't.

The nurse had a nervous laugh thing going on which was just creepy. On the question sheet it asked about sexual partners...she looked at what I put and just looked at me funny. (don't you guys wish you knew what I put on there) I thought they were supposed to help make you not feel self conscious. Then, during the breast exam the doctor said "It takes longer on well-endowed women" I replied...."well I've always had these so I really didn't think about it." DUH!!

Anyway when the horrible part got there I'm looking up at the ceiling and the stupid poster up there has different sayings Here were the two that stood out...

"Be Delicious" (oh sure....pry me open like a clam and you want me to be Delicious)

"You are in control" (not right now I'm not)

Then why is it that they scrap until you flinch??? One time I was trying to be strong and didn't flinch for like 3 minutes...but the second I did they stopped. So this time I counted to 10 and fake a flinch.....and it WORKED!!! YEAH FOR FAKING!!!

and doesn't this look like fun.....

Looks like sex toy/peep show/black man......or like "Slick" from what he claims......


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Why do I do these things.....

Last Friday night I was trying to move my trash can from under the sink to a different cabinet. A small cabinet that was just for the trashcan, so trash would be all over the other things in the cabinet.

Anyway, I decided on which cabinet and measured and went and bought a board to make the wall in the cabinet to keep the trash in it's place. So I start to cut the section of shelf I want out. and of course it's nailed to the back wall, I get that out. Then I can't get if off the side. I start banging and cussing...it's now 12 midnight. Still can't get it off the outside wall. Finally I got pissed off and just ripped out the whole cabinet.

Yes folks, at 2 am Saturday morning....I ripped a kitchen cabinet from the wall--in anger no less. Then about 4 hours later that same morning I was at Lowe's getting the cabinets I needed to replace the old one. I got two, one for trash and one for other stuff.

(aren't they pretty??)

Came home, and shoved them under the old counter. I can't get them all the way back because they support for the counter is nailed in and I don't want to nail anything into the cabinets just yet....So I am now in the middle of a new project that I wasn't really wanting to start on my own. I actually wanted to hire contractors to do the kitchen---but I guess I screwed that one up. I am going to wait till I get all the cabinets in to replace the counter top. Hopefully by then I will be able to get a contractor in here to do that part. But knowing my luck--the sun will be shining and there won't be a contractor in site.

The next ones to go are these.....

Who the heck would make the top cabinet as deep as the bottom one...You have no real usable counter space...it just becomes a storage jungle. I want to put a 18" 4-drawer section and a 12" or 15" cabinet on the bottom and I am thinking one of those ceiling pot racks.....don't know just yet, I just want to be able to use the counter top. I would really like that to be like the "cutting board" area...but they don't make cutting boards that slide out anymore because they are unsanitary. So maybe I will just have a huge one made!!

Ya know....If I had a boyfriend....none of this would be a problem....cause I wouldn't of been in the kitchen on a Friday at midnight with a hammer.....




Bachelor #2 comes to us from Yahoo Personals.....

He claims to be a native of Farmington and really can't get out of the past. It's fun to remember, but there is much more in life then reliving the not so glorious high school years. His thought process is so slow that when talking to him the first time on the phone I had to keep asking if he was there because there was no response to the simplest questions. His sense of humor seems to be null and void and voice overly mono-toned.

If we were in the 70's (like he is) Jaye P. Morgan would of Gonged him by now.


I now remember why I gave up on dating and became a hermit.



Romeo, Romeo Where For Art Thou.....

Well, the date wasn't like that!!!
my shirt wasn't cut that low and he wasn't wearing tights!! (I think, or hope anyway)

It was fun but more like an outing instead of a date. Since we went with the old babysitter and her hubby. I did realize how much I have been missing by not going out ever with friends or otherwise. It was fun to actually get to sit down at a restaurant and have a meal without having to threaten little boys to sit down and behave. I, for once, didn't feel like I had to be on guard or was walking on egg shells. We talked, laughed and messed with each others cell phones. Then there was the bashing of the people in the restaurant that weren't keeping their children under control or paying any attention to them for that matter. It was good to laugh. I do have guilt because I left them with AJ, but I think they had fun. I hope so anyway.

I was the only one at the table without alcohol and it didn't bother any of them. Which was cool, I don't give into peer pressure so my not drinking usually pisses off whom ever I am with. The teen stayed with the little boys for 2 hours while we ate and then we all came back to my house (the heard of teens immediately vacated) and the adults watched "Blood Diamond".
Well part of it anyway. It was late and they left around 1130 pm.

Because the old baby sitter was there and the two other guys, the little boys didn't really do the whole "are you gonna marry my mom" thing. Thank goodness. Alec is on a "I want a sister" kick and I can just see him asking some guy if he will marry his mom so he can have a little sister.
5 year olds are so wonderful.

I have guilt about him paying for dinner. I have guilt with anyone paying for stuff for me or the boys. I know one must work hard for their money and I just hate for their hard work to be wasted on me. So I told him that next time I will buy. I don't know what else to do, it doesn't seem fair that the guy always buys.

This was the only date I have ever had where I didn't get a kiss.
I must be getting old or losing my touch or something.
Anyway, the Bunny was good to the boys. But no candy, they got sidewalk chalk and bubbles.

oh, and this is Alec's new bathtub toy....

Every time she hears water running in the bathtub, she finds a way to get in there. I now have to put her outside while Alec is taking a bath. When he is done I let her in and she jumps into the bathtub and plays with the wet tub. Silly puppy.

How was your Bunny Day????

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