Who Put a Sign On Me???

Some one must of put a sign on me today that says...

"Please be a total A$$ to me...I like it!"

I am serious, it started right when I got to work and it is still going on. I get to work and go to clock in. I have to use the clock in the warehouse and one of the shop guys just stands there in the middle of the sidewalk and won't move. I say, "Excuse Me" and take one step forward and he doesn't move. Then he said "What's wrong doesn't the little princess want to get close to a guy like me?" Honestly, NO!! . I said, "Honey, you don't have what it takes to handle me!" And I stepped on his foot and pushed him out of the way. What the heck.....Jerk!!!

So, I get to my office and biker chick comes in and is a total biatch...

Biker Chick: "Why didn't you greet me this morning?"

I am thinking...greet you??? I said "We all have to use the time clock now, remember?? And I did say good morning!"
She said"Well, I didn't hear you.....did you wait for my response???"
"No, I have to do payroll--you do want to get paid don't you?"

She just stomped out. I don't know how her husband deals with her...maybe he has earplugs or something. Anyway she continued little snotty snips at me all day long. And then she wanted to know why I was being such a biatch.....RASPBERRIES!!!

She is one of these people that thinks you should always be there for "her" no matter what is going on or what needs to be done. But if you truly need something and she is slightly busy...she tells you that she is way to busy to deal with your petty life. Hence, I am not really in any big rush to hang with her. But she is throwing her daughter a baby shower this weekend and I am invited. When they found out the sex of the baby, I bought 4 really cute little girl outfits and gave them to her. She never even said thank you---her or her daughter. I really don't want to go to the shower. Hopefully, I will be sick enough I can't...now isn't that sad...I hope I am sick over the weekend....geesh....

Some guy I used to talk to via messenger called me a dysfunctional biatch today. (are you realizing how much I am using the "B" word today??? odd) I am dysfunctional because I won't have sex with him. He wants a woman to have sex only with him but he wants no other contact. And he will be having sex with other women but those women have to be devoted to him.......I'm thinking his tally-whacker is going to shrivel up and fall off before he gets his harem built.

Yesterday when I came home there was a plastic bag on my front door from "Tuesday Morning". There were two stuffed animals in it and one red crayon and one yellow crayon both from Red Lobster. This is still freaking me out. One- they came in my yard (I have a fenced in front and back yard with gates, two-they weren't afraid of the ferocious Sydney, three-there was no note, I have no idea where they are from and four-meth man did this type of thing once and the toys actually had meth sprinkled on them. He was trying to get me framed for drugs so I would lose the boys. He would rather the boys be in a orphanage than be with me....jerk!!!

This paragraph is the only cool thing that has happened!!!

Anyway, I contacted everyone I could think of that had my address--no one left them. I even sent an e-mail to the northern man to ask---but I haven't heard back. So, I called the police department--they thought I was nuts.....So I asked to talk to the domestic violence advocate--I know her and she went thru all of the meth-man crap with me in court. She freaked too....wondering if he had his friends stalking me again. So she sent over a k-9 cop and a regular one. The regular cop I have had crush on since 2003 when he helped me get the stuff out of meth man's house before the bank repo'ed it. He walked up and just shook his head and gave me a hug. Yes, a hugging cop.....he is so cool....if he was just a bit older and not married. He asked me if they had been bothering me again. I told him no...and he just shook his head. The k-9 dog didn't smell anything, I was glad--but I didn't want the toys. So The awesome officers dropped them off at ChildHaven...which is an orphanage/kids home.

You would think I would be over freaking out, but I am not. I guess I never will be, I just wish I could move out of this town and start over. But that is a few years away......takes alot of money to relocate a family on one salary and AJ will be a senior next year so he needs to finish school here----I'm like a Marine.....never leave a man behind!!!

Wish I was more like a Marine and could make the saying "Pain is just weakness leaving the body" an acceptable reality instead of getting freaked out and turning back into a hermit.

Someone Please Change My Sign!!


Blogger Dave said...

Tomorrow go into Biker Chicks office and sit on a chair and make sure you cut one.

Tell mr. Obnoxious at the timeclock you brought him a present, and hand a stick of deoderant.

Buy Biker Chick's granddaughter one more outfit: a onesie that says "Grammy's a Biatch!"

Tell the IM guy that you have had better things shoved in you at the doctor.

It all may not help, but it would be fun!

Give everyone a tube of crapstick.

1/11/2006 8:16 PM  
Blogger Dubs said...

How about, "WANNA A PIECE OF THIS?" With a big fist waving LOLOL.... hmm.... I don't know. I'll work on it.

The toys freak me out. :( Stay safe.

1/11/2006 8:32 PM  
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1/12/2006 12:45 AM  
Blogger drama mama said...

*BLING* (changing your sign)

Time for you to have a good day!

1/12/2006 8:14 AM  

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