Raspberries, Raspberries, Raspberries

I couldn't figure out how to type out the sound you make when you've just had enough..so


We are home this morning, Alec is on the mend but I didn't want to risk it. Ashton is home too, he is not feeling really bad. His eyes are red, and he didn't sleep much last night...but the real reason is because I couldn't take Alec outside this morning to take Ashton to school...he still had a bit of a fever. So, it is we three....

My friend Lisa called me at work and of course they told her I was at home so she called here. She also called Saturday around 3 pm, yesterday afternoon and last night and insists on talking for about 2 hours each time. Even though I tell her I have sick kids......I guess that is the difference between parents and other adults.

Anyway, lately she has been accepting that the deal with her man is over. Well I guess he came over last night and they spent the night talking and fell asleep for a few hours in each other's arms. Awwwwww you might say...I say he is a con-artist. He is supposed to pay her $10,000.00 tomorrow to buy her out of their business. How conviently he shows warm emotion to her the day before. I told her yesterday that he most likely has the money but he won't give it to her. I didn't say anything today....why ruin a happy high.

She actually keeps count of how many days since they broke up--how many of them he was good, how many of them he seemed tweaked and how many he was cold and distant. Cheese and Rice--I have a hard enough time remember when my last period started and ended let alone keeping up with someone else's moods.

I mean we have talked and talked and I have listened and listened and listened--the girl is going in circles. I guess it is the different way that people deal with things. I became an Ice Queen and pretty much still am...and to be honest...I have kinda always been that way. A few people have gotten deep into my heart and left their mark and with those...I did cry and I cried a lot....but not to anyone who would listen. Most of my crying was done alone in the bathroom or somewhere no one could find me. Yes, I have gotten on the phone with the person and been a blubbering idiot a few times......but then afterwards I feel like a fool...so I have decided not to do that ever again. If songs come on LaunchCast while I am at work that will spark an emotion...I quickly skip that song, eventhough I so much want to hear it. Certain places or times of the year still get to me....but not to the extent that I have to relive the whole episode!!! I just kinda get bummed and allow myself to reflect and remember and if a tear appears...I let it happen and then quickly wipe it away.

How do you deal with emotional outbreaks and ordeals????


Blogger Dubs said...

One of my dear friends has no kids and no real commitments. She only takes care of her dog and she says it's just like taking care of a kid.... LOLOLOLOLOLOL..... I'd be arrested if I left my kiddo alone all day locked in the bathroom... LOL....she also does that to me without reguard for my child screaming bloody murder in the back ground....LOL.. Some people just don't understand.

1/09/2006 4:40 PM  
Blogger drama mama said...

You can always call me, I'd never think you were a blubbering idiot! Cry at me all you want...but I might cry at you sometime too! :P

I lock myself in my room and sometimes throw things. I also bite my pillow really hard until my jaw hurts. Weird?? yes...but it helps me!

1/09/2006 4:43 PM  
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