Resolutions aka Goals for 2006

Steven Covey suggests having goals not resolutions....so....

Serving and eating more organized and healthy meals Meaning, planning ahead of time and having things ready. I've been doing this for about a month and I want to continue it. Also I have cut 3/4 of the junk food out of all of our diets. The only one really protesting is AJ's girlfriend.

Daily Chores for Everyone another one the boys hate...except AJ. We have been the only two doing things around the house on a daily basis. So now, the little beast have to pitch in and help.

The last one I have changed. It was going to be, find a cool guy to hang with. Now, it's keep my life on course and tend to the boys. If I guy should happen by, then let him find a spot. I keep rearranging my life for the men, I think the right choice is to let them see if they fit with us.

Anyway...those are my goals.....

What are your goals for 2006?


Blogger Dubs said...

I have so many goals.... Mostly, I just want to move away from the D.C. area. It's so crowded and the suburbs are really little cities.. we hate them! Blak! I would also love to save more money and get this little baby's college fund set up. Those are my wishes.. oh and when wemove... near a large lake or ocean... soemthing fun to play in! :)

1/04/2006 6:45 PM  
Blogger Dubs said...

PS Great man goal. Let him find you.... pickin's are slim!!!

1/04/2006 6:45 PM  
Blogger drama mama said...

I"m doing crappy so far on the healthy meals. I've been sick and feel like crap. I'm still trying to take down all my Christmas goo!

1/05/2006 3:11 PM  

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