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Happy Monday!!! (yeah, go team)

I'm back venting about my "friend" Lisa. I left out a bit in the post about her and her boyfriend situation because I didn't think it was relevant until now.

She told me (I don't know why) that he was very "respectful to her" on Tuesday. Meaning...Great sex. I guess that is a cow girl way of putting it, I don't know. Anyway and that it was the best that it had ever been and they were both all giggly and happy. (I don't know why people have the urge to tell me these things, it must be part of my aura or karma or something) And then the next day her world exploded.

She's on the phone crying and asking me over and over and over and over did I say over what I think. Finally, after about 1.5 hours of listening to this I said....."Lisa, did you ever think that --that night was a good-bye?" Oh Crap......let the freaking begin. She sobbed and said she never thought about it that way and she didn't know how I could be so callous when she was in pain and needing a friend. SHE ASKED ME!!!!!!! I didn't say that was what happened it was just a possibility. So she is not talking to me.....


I get an e-mail today saying that they got back together over the weekend and she made him choose between her and the other woman....big mistake...don't make anyone choose if you can't live with the results.....he left..... She asked him who was the man she was with that weekend and he said he didn't know that man anymore.....

Then she tells me that she met him while he was married and she took him from his wife....yes wife not girlfriend, sex friend, FWB his WIFE......I didn't know this.....

I didn't want to e-mail her back cause it would just piss her off more, so I just wrote "I'm sorry" and that was that.

I get out of work and my cell phone finally gets in range and I have a voice mail.......Damn it--it's not PJ.....it's HER...

Telling me that she should put the same stupid shit on her voice mail as I have on mine and people would probably believe it......

WHAT A B - WORD!!!!!!

I just don't know why she is being crappy to me, I didn't pick the guy. I just made a suggestion that she hounded me to give her.

I, personally, think she is better off without him. But I am a little disturbed at her for gettin' jiggy with a guy and causing a marriage to fall apart. But, to each his/her own I guess.


Blogger drama mama said...

Who is this Lisa girl????

11/14/2005 7:13 PM  
Blogger Aiden Witmore said...

(fyi- it's walk-my-way. changed my name.)

i know im a few posts behind, but...how old are you? how could you NOT have learned about meth? i mean, in the 90's it was THE drug of choice for like, 90 percent of the population in California. it's hitting bigger in the southern states and is sure to hit super hard up in the NY area.
did you know that meth first blew up in Cali? i mean, it's hit so hard that now, like, 98 percent of the population use meth. im not kidding.
i watched a thing on it a little while ago.
do you know what meth does to your teeth? the acid eats away at your gums, and then your teeth. and when you inject it, it's bound to eat at your bones.
a person on meth has such and accute sense it's like a paranoid schizoprhrenic? your nerves act up, and you get nervous and scared, and freaked out. why do you think this umm...math man you call him? why do you think he acted up so much? meth does these things.

im sorry if i sounded somewhat mean in the begining of this. but, when did it occur to you that he might be on drugs?
im glad that you are able to talk about these types of things. most people cant. thats a hard thing to talk about, it's hard to read too.
and if i sound weird for knowing all this stuff then i have no answer to give you as to why im so facinated. (sp?) i just am. i cant deny that some drugs are conveyed as fabulous and wonderful. i myself would never go near any type of drugs. any narcotics, it's just wrong.
okay...im done. i guess i've got no more to say. just, im happy for you.

11/14/2005 7:28 PM  
Anonymous the other lisa said...

re: violet haze

i think its admirable that she didn't know about meth. not everyone is a drug expert. it's sad that we are expected to be.

11/15/2005 7:38 AM  
Blogger peebugg said...

THIS WAS MY RESPONSE TO V.H. on her blog. I forgot to post it on mine too...ooppss

lol..you didn't sound mean or anything but you. How could I not know....well, my parents did a great job of sheltering me and Farmington is about 7 years behind everyone else. And to be honest, I guess I didn't really want to know. Everyone talked to me like I knew about it and I knew nothing so I didn't catch on to what they were saying. Those that knew the both of us well didn't want to hurt my feelings so they wouldn't explain.....But I am un educated no longer. I knew it did something to your teeth but didn't know exactly what. It also freaks your skin out. He used to get horrible boils and it was that stuff.

11/15/2005 9:25 AM  
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