Goin to Alburturtey to See the Hipt-toes

Yep.....we are headed South to Albuquerque to go to the zoo this weekend--oh and Chuck E. Cheese!!!!

Biker chick is bummin' a ride down with us, she is meetin' some guy. But hey, she is paying for 1/2 the gas and 1/2 the hotel room that she won't be stayin' in so I'm not complaining.

We will be staying at The Plaza Inn . I have never stayed there before, but it sounds nice and the "man" that biker chick is meeting said it was a good place. They have a indoor heated pool and indoor hot tubs and room service. For Food!!! not that stuff....geesh..potty brain.

After we drop her off at the scrog fest.... we will be going to the Rio Grande Zoo. That should take up about 4-6 hours. They have a new exhibit of Hippos and Alec can't wait. He really likes the Polar Bears too. Then its off to Chuck E. Cheese (sorry they don't have a website). For food, fun and a ton of noise. Then to the hotel for swimming and hot tubbing

Sunday, I am thinking we might go on the Tram. I have lived here all my life and never been on it. So, if it's not too windy we will probably go up the mountian, scare the wild life and then come back down. Then, maybe to CottonWood Mall largest mall in New Mexico. I know....totally amazing that we even have a mall at all...

I haven't decided if biker chick should meet me at the mall or if I should just pick up and and drag her butt home. I guess I will play it by ear.

Hopefully we will have some great pictures.