A Special Thought For Today....

I didn't forget Vetern's Day, I have just been trying to figure out what to say and how to say it...

Thank You to ALL that have Served!!!

To me, Vetern's Day is a day of Honor to all of those who used their lives to keep us safe and free and to defend Our Country. Every Vetern should be thanked wither they served in a war or during peace, they were there--ready and waiting.

I was born during some part of Vietnam and my father served in Korea. The only real war or "police action" I have personally followed is Iraq. I can't imagine what those soldiers went through (starting to tear up...this why I haven't posted it yet). All those men and women giving their consciences, body parts and some their lives to serve their Country. How is it possible to ever repay the debt we owe them?? Nothing can replace what they have lost and what the families of those who didn't make it back alive have lost. A simple Thank you doesn't seem enough.

I remember when I was little, I would see the Vetern's poppy on my mom's purse and always ask what it was for. She would tell me, and I didnt' quite understand the full meaning. Now, when I see them at the store I always give and I tell them thank you. My kids look at me funny and then I explain. Alec is still too young to understand, but Ashton does to a point.

It makes me angry when people put down our soldiers. It is not their choice on the wars they are sent to fight or the situations they are sent to deal with, why dis honor them with all the protests and anger??

I might not totally agree with what our government is doing all the time, but this is my country. I do have patriotism, fidelity and service in my heart and I will stand by the USA no matter the circumstances.

Please tell a Veteran "Thank You". Let them know that their sacrfices and deeds have not gone unnoticed or unappreciated.


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