I'm having software issues. I have been getting pop-ups alot lately, so I did an up grade on my cootie scanning software. But I am still getting pop-ups. Last night, I ran the scan and it found 43 lil buggers, then I ran it again and found another 12 then I started it before I went to bed and when I woke up this morning 28 more!!!!

Whew.....makes me look like I have been busy.

I've discussed this with my HARDWARE technician and he seems to think that I need more hard drive I think more RAM too... just kidding...I know that hard ware doesn't help the cooties...

Anyway, I will run it again tonight and see if it is any better.

I have been working on an Access database all day and my mind is french fried. Our computer geek doesn't have a clue on how to fix this problem, so it is up to me (the accounting chick) to fix the payroll/human resources database...... I guess it's good job security.....so I will hush and fry my brain a bit more and fix all this stuff......

I am so ready for Albuquerque!!!!