Trip Update!!!!!!

Finally, I have found my camera!!! It was under the passenger seat in it's case. It did have some suspicious looking fruit chew marks on it though...wonder if I should have them dusted for prints????


Yes, he is still wearing the Spiderman Costume...This is just past the front gate. I love flamingos except they really stink....so I admire them from a distance and up wind.

This monkey was so cool. He really liked Ashton.

What are they looking at you ask....



Big Damn Hamsters from Australia

Comodo Dragons!!!

Sorry for the red and the darkness...glass really messes with the camera!!!

Ashton in the reptile house, everything had thing foggy glass so I didn't take anymore pictures in there...well except below....

This guy was so cool. He even squawked at us.

He is the number one reason for zoos. I love zoo's. When he tried to fly, part of his left wing was gone. He had been injured in the wild by something or someone. I know that the animals are confined. But they are fed, taken care of and safe and a great teaching tool for the younger generation to respect wildlife and not take it for granted. (sorry, I got semi-political)


My kids relate almost everything at the zoo to a Disney movie. Alec wanted to know why there weren't singing "We're your Friend".

Polar Bear!!

Yes, singular there was only one. As I was trying to take this picture, Alec ran off. I looked up thru the glass and he was up on the wall, leaning over the water while on the safety net. Here is his view

Say it with me.....OH SHIT!!!

I had to take a break after that one.

That child is going to be the death of me.

Okay, as I am sitting down sucking down some Juicy Juice--Ashton discovered that the peacocks liked Cheez-It's. We had the Gripz (btw...very cool traveling food and the choc. chip cookies are great)

Kiara or Nalla???

Pretty lazy Kangaroos....until the big guy started roaring....

I think this is an Ocelot...but not for sure


Seal feeding time. I had actually never been to one of these, it was always so crowded. But it wasn't this time so we watched. Well worth waiting for. They do tricks and you get to see them out of the water and they are barking and messin' with the trainers. Very cool.

This little guy was so cool. There were two baby gorillas in this living space, he had the most personality and his mom knew it and kept a close eye on him.

He would clap and then he banged on the glass at us, the boys loved it.

Then we headed for the Howlin' Monkeys. Noisy, my gosh, sounded louder than my house on a Saturday morning. Didn't get a picture...cause just as I was about to take it he started peeing and we were below him and I had to grab the boys. I will say this, he drinks his 64 oz of water a day...cheese and rice.

Finally found the hippos and they wouldn't lift their heads our of the water so we could take a picture. Even when Alec was yelling at them explaining that he came all that way just to see them. He-He Kids are so cool.

We rode the train thru the park, wasn't a huge deal but gave us time to let our feet rest. Went to our hotel and checked in. Ashton and I were laying on the beds and Alec was jumping between the beds and Ashton fell asleep. A bit later I fell asleep....Alec watched TV. We got up and headed to Chuck E. Cheese in Rio Rancho....guess what.....Alec fell asleep.

After 4 hours at the zoo a 2 hour nap we then spent 3.5 hours at Chuck E. Cheese. They had so much fun, it was well worth the $57.70. $30.00 was in tokens, the pizza was even good and I have fallen in love with Raspberry Ice Tea!!!! Yumm!!!!!!!!

We then went to Toys-R-Us. They each got a toy and I did some Christmas shopping. Then we went back to the hotel and did the swimming pool. It was okay heated, a bit chilly. Then we invaded the hot tub. Alec kicked me in the eye and I still have a bump. (boys)

Back up to the room and crashed watching Star Wars III. Ashton is a Star Wars Fan. Slept great. When we woke up the next morning we got dressed and went to find the Tram. Finally after driving 45 minutes we got there and it wasn't running that day....


So, we found a park. Had to pick up biker chic at noon--and I needed to clean out the car. Found a cool park called "Kit Carson Park". Great toys and only 2 kids there. So they played in the leaves and on the equipment while I de-boyed my car. Then we took a break and had Juicy Juice and cookies. Biker chick called and sounded odd on the phone, so I packed up the boys and headed to the "shag pad". Heard yelling from the inside as I got closer to the door. So I opened the screen and banged on the door. It got quiet--fast. She opened the door and I went in. He was drunk and yelling. I grabbed her stuff and out the door we went. He was yelling at us as we left. I haven't had to do that crap since I had to pull Teesha out of the Black and White Club when I was in high school.

We went back to the park and let the boys play. Biker chick and I had a discussion. Never doing that crap again.

Then we went to Cottonwood mall, and hung for a bit and shopped. I lost Alec in Sears. He was standing right beside me and when I reached down for his hand, he was gone. I did a quick look around and didn't find him. I found a sales clerk and told her to watch the front door for a little boy in a Spiderman suit and green converses. I headed into the store. I checked the esclators, he likes those. Nothing!!! I'm freaking.... I cover the whole top floor and no Alec I am up back by the front and I see the clerk out in the mall talking to him. He saw me and ran towards me. She said shortly after I walked away he came out of a rack of clothes. 8 more grey hairs.......

Sometimes that Spiderman suit is a good thing!!!!!

Exhausting weekend....but all and all a great trip!!