Echoes in the Mist

Incredibly stupid title I know, but I was trying to work with "Haze" it was a grasp...sorry

To continue on with Violet Haze--

How could I not know about meth???

Honestly it's a good question especially for a woman with children. I should of at least been semi educated on the subject, for my children's sake. Being employed by a drilling company for 7 years, I am sure I saw my share of tweakers. Most of them always smelled of cheap booze so I guess I chalked it up to that vice. I knew there was cocaine but I also knew that it was way too high dollar for these guys. Yes, I have heard of acid but never actually saw anyone on it and still haven't.

I had heard of crack and crank but didn't know the difference and still wouldn't. I know about ecstasy and the "in" drugs that seem to circulate around the area.

But never meth--crystal--life support.

But, hey I do now. I'm pretty good at spotting tweakers too.

At times the sheltered life my parents provided for me as a child has been a draw back, but to be honest...I am trying to do the same for my boys. I do however talk to them about everything...I mean everything.

With me, the sex talk I got was from my mom--here it is--
"Elizabeth, pre-martial sex is against God."
Yep, that's it and the stupid movie we got to watch in 6th grade that I still don't really understand their point. Oh and when I watched "Grease" and the song Sandra D. the part "lously with virginity" I asked my mom "What's virginity?" her answer "The ability to get married". Sing the song with the new meaning.. Look at me I'm Sandra D. lously with the ability to get married??? And believe it or not, I fell for it. (keep laughing...I know I still chuckle about it)

There was no talk about drinking (but my brother was a great bad example) or smoking (but I can't stand smoke so I guess they thought that was a given) or anything. How did I learn about condoms???? I found my brothers while I was snooping in his room. You know, they really don't make that great of water balloons....they always break!!!! But I will say this, he had a wide selection of them ....way back then......who would of known!!!!

So, I talk to all the boys. With AJ, since he is the oldest and has been thru and seen more, I am very open and upfront. We even swap gross jokes, of course mine are always better. FYI You don't want to know what a "Hot Carl" is...tooo grossss.

With Ashton we talk and I answer his questions to the best of my ability. I try to explain both sides so he can see the difference. He is wise for his years and I think this is good and bad. I am glad he can fathom things so deep but it makes me sad that he has first hand experience of it as well.

With Alec, well it's Alec and he is 4 yrs old, but we are still in the "good" vs. "bad" stage of life.

So........I can only hope that I am doing what is right...Isn't that the hope of every parent?


Blogger Aiden Witmore said...

well, we cant go anywhere yet. there is no point in moving yet, seeing as how we cant really.

i have searched the web for ghost stuff. but it's all bull. those people dont know anything unless they've expierenced it, and i believe that the people on the web havent. so i dont talk about it either. tho, i am right. i know i am.

crank is meth, and crack is cocaine. and acid and LSD are basically the same thing.
this is somewhat of a teeny book, but read Pure Sunshine by Brian James. it's about these three kids who go on an acid trip two days in a row. and since it keeps you up for hours on end, they are awake for two days straight. after their first acid trip they get like, and hour of sleep and go to school.
the book by itself was hard to put down. i loved it. not for the content or anything, just because i loved it. and brian james is amazing.
now, please dont take this the wrong way, but... why shelter your children? they might go out into the world and see someone shooting heroin and not know whats going on. they'll get scared, dont you think?
im not saying show them, im just saying like, sheltering is bad. like, really BAD.
im still sheltered from the harsh realities of highschool and other children, but thats irrelevent compared to what i've read, seen on tv, heard, and dug my face into. i mean, for such a young age i could probably run a mcdonalds if i wanted. (i can even drive! somewhat...) i just think that kids should be taught things as they grow up. like...huh...
okay, so when you hit like, 12-13, thats when most kids start actually going in depth with thei questions about sex, right? so, dont you think thats when you should start teaching them about it?
and when they get into their late teens, if they havent already found out, tell them about the REAL effects of drugs and alcohol. because that DARE program teaches these kids crap.
the two most addictive substances are sold over the counter. cigarettes, and alcohol. and sometimes you dont even need and ID to get those things.
you can abuse over the counter stuff! so the DARE program isnt doing parents ir children any good. it's just scaring the kids into thinking if they do these things, they'll go to hell.

i wanted to know the truth. and my mom told me the truth. she told me almost everything i wanted to know. and (she may see this) if she didnt want to tell me something, or there was something she left out, i eventually will, or have found out. i still dont know everything there is to know about things like this, but i could probably open a clinic to help these people.
i may just do that...

and yeah, the acid eats away at everything in your body. if you inject it, it eats at your bones and your skin, and ugh...it's gross.

thanks for the clarity. i mean, i just wanted to know. sorry if im a little nosy. i dont mean to be. i just wanted to know. i always just want to know.

the only thing i can guess is, yeah. you're doing a good job.

11/15/2005 10:51 AM  
Blogger peebugg said...


I think my version of sheltering and your version are not the same.

I am not keep knowledge from my children, I am actually teaching them and exploring with them. I am however keeping them out of the "strained environments".

I try and keep their lives as calm as possible. Meaning, no roller coaster rides. I don't allow smoking of any substance around them, I don't care who you are. Beyond me cussing at the dogs and bad drivers, I try to keep their hearing environment clean.

We talk about right and wrong the the results of making bad choices. They have seen all of this thru their dad, so I am up front about it all.

I'm not Joan Cleaver, but I am trying to raise them to succeed and not just survive in todays society.

11/15/2005 11:32 AM  
Blogger Aiden Witmore said...

no one is Joan Cleaver. and if you were Joan Cleaver, i probably would have never made a comment here.

i didnt mean sheltering like, the Cleaver household sheltering. now im not exactly sure what i meant.
but, yeah. i agree with smoking. it's nasty and unatractive and smells. my mom smokes and she's trying to quit. it's hard for her, and i see why you shouldnt smoke. it's a mental thing. you think you need to smoke. she doesnt need to, she doesnt want to. i guess it's something you just gotta do.

i guess i have a problem with people. i see a lot of kids my age who are naieve and clueless to the world around them. they think everything is always happy and wonderful. they dont see the real world, they see the world their parents have cooked up. that...Leave It To Beaver world that doesnt exist.
i feel bad for them. they are gonna grow up, move to a big city, and see what the world is really like then resent their parents for lying to them.
i guess i dont necessarily feel bad for THOSE kids, i feel bad for our generation in general. we're doomed.

11/15/2005 2:46 PM  
Anonymous Holly said...

I tend toward the "if they are old enough to ask, they are old enough for the truthful answer" even if it has to be reworked to be age appropriate. I believe kids need to be protected, but they also need to know some of the harsh and scary realities of the world. I was a bit over protected and I think my parents were more than a little naive about what was really going on. Most of my classmates were out drinking regularly from 8th grade or so on, but if you ask my parents they would have had no clue. I learned more about sex and female development from my friends and the library than I ever did from my mom. My son however has been told the truth from the time he first started asking about it. It's rather hard sometimes, as some of the questions he asks (he's 12) are very hard at this age, but I am always honest. Of course the fact also come with a talk about responsibilty, consquences and respect for self and others

11/17/2005 7:57 PM  
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