It's That Time of the Month/Year

Since blogspot was down yesterday when I wanted to do a post....I know have two. They aren't really related but.....I DO HAVE PICTURES!!!!!

Happiest First!
Go Scorps!!!!
We actually won a homecoming game. That hasn't happened in a long time. I can say however; that when I was in high school, we won homecoming every year...Yes, that was 3 years in a row!!!!!

Aren't they sweet!!!!

AJ's first pink shirt and he looked very handsome in it. Hard to believe he is a Jr. in high school. Man I am getting old.

Next on the list.......THE VISIT..........yes, we went down to Los Lunas again......

Front gate, there was actually a line. We got there at 8:30 am when visitation started. We had to go early because we had to get back in time to take homecoming pictures. People must of thought I was crazy taking pictures of a prison!!!!

It's wasn't as creepy going in as the first time because this time we semi-knew what we were doing.

Okay, we went inside. Alec had a paper for his dad and I remember quarters this time so we could get sodas and snacks. The guards there are really cool. They talked to the boys while we waited for their dad to come down. There was one guard with a shamrock tattoo on his arm that seemed to be "watching over us". He wasn't there on our first visit. He would come out about every 5 or 10 minutes and would only check on us. Very odd. Ex husband wasn't showing up so Shamrock Guard went and got him. So when Michael finally showed and Ashton screamed "Daddy" and ran across the room and hugged him. I noticed he had a fat/bloody-ed lip and a black eye. Not just a simple black eye...it was about 9 different shades of pink, red, blue and purple. He was trying to cover it up with his hair. I noticed but the boys didn't.

When we had a second alone I asked him what happened. He said it was a rough basketball game. I don't think so....that was fist contact or at least intended direct contact. But I didn't say a word. Personally I think he has been made some guys girlfriend and he tried to fight it. He wouldn't sit still at all. I know that is horrible to say, but the atmosphere wasn't as friendly as last time. No one would talk to him or us for that matter, the first time everyone at least said "Hi!".

After about 2 hours of visiting, it seemed like he wanted us to go. Last time I kinda had to get rude and tell him we were leaving. We just drove 4 hours to get there. I would like to let the boys at least use the max of visitation which is 3 hours. Shamrock guard kept checking on us. Very odd....anyway....

Then meth-man asked me if there was anything I needed.

Being the sas that I am, I said "A nice, cute single guy would be great."

"Well, I'm a single guy" he said

"No, you're married and I've been down that road"

"Come on Beth, you know we are destined to be together"

"There is a better chance of me dropping to my knees and giving that guard (Shamrock Guard) a blow job right here then there is of a chance of us getting back together."

Ex was shocked, guard smiled. I mean really. He is married(she is in prison now as well), in prison and pointed a loaded gun at me...and he wants to get back together....HELL NO!!!!

Well, that was a good ending note for a visit. I gathered up the boys, Shamrock Guard gathered up the ex and headed out.

Alec didn't cry this time, he just said "Daddy has to go back in time out?"

"Yes baby he does."

And we headed home.

Why are some formations black????