I'm Lost, Can you help me?

I just can't seem to figure out or find where I fit in. Logically you would think I would fit in at the church I grew up in and was baptized. Well, I am not rich so there is one strike against me. I am 35 and have kids so I can't really do the singles class, I am not mental and vindictive so I can't do the divorce class. I am divorced so I can't do the couples class. I could go to the old lady's class but I'm not on oxygen and I don't wear "depends" undergarments. Although they do have the best cookies and muffins in the morning. My parents go to the same church and of course they have to talk to all of their friends about my horrible marriage and all the gruesome details. So when I walk into the congregation part of the church, I have heard the nice people in my parents class say "that poor girl, and with 3 boys too". Great....gossip pity....that is always a cheerer-upper.

I do have great friends, but most of them have wised up and moved away. I try to hang with them when I can.

Let's try work.....I'm not going to the Methodist Church and I'm not a man so that pretty much cuts out management. I don't drink or like to talk about performing oral sex so that rules out the biker chick. I have not, nor would I ever if I had one, cheat on my husband so that rules out the biker chick again. I'm 11 years older than the newbie and I don't deal well with whiners. I really don't think dating with co-workers is a good idea. So work is out in all forms.

Let's try the social atmosphere of Farmington. Don't believe in DUI's so that rules out most oilfield workers. Sad but true. I am allergic to smoke and don't like to drink so the bar scene and the bowling alley are out. I have tried the mall, but teenagers are a little young for me....hahahahaha. Glo-Golf is way cool though, you should try it. What about the classes I teach...now there should be an assortment there!!! Well, that is kinda like church. There have been a few people that I could socialize with while there, but our paths wouldn't cross in life under any other circumstance so that is kind of a one time deal.

The internet, now there is a large melting pot. I am not into cyber sex or watching people play with themselves on cam, so that pretty much rules out the personals. Although they are quite entertaining at times. There is the guy that after 14 months of me telling him I will not go over to his house and "just have sex" that is fun to talk to when I am bumming...but I am just saying "no, I'm sorry, I can't" all the time. What about all those guys from Mecca, South Africa, Egypt and Muslim countries that keep IM'ing me.......aaaaggghhhhhh... I am even invisible on Yahoo messenger and I still get them. I did have a first the other day. Tim and Jan on cam in phx. EEEWWWW.....bad visual.

I did try the other parents at Ashton's school. They avoid me like the plague. Ashton in all his emotional drama has told all the kids at school that his dad is in prison. And even though we were divorced when this happened it seems I am guilty for it as well.

It seems to me that I don't fit in anywhere. AJ is in his Jr. year of high school and is not even open to the idea of moving. But where would I move??? How would I move???? I guess I should put my resume on Monster.com and start looking.

Any ideas??